Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fun Christmas Traditions

Yesteray was St. Nicholas day.  So, it was entirely appropriate that we had a visit in the evening from the guy in the red suit. 

Each year, our fire department takes Santa Claus, Rudolph, and Frosty the Snowman around all the neighborhood of the town.  They used to be able to do this in one night--about 20 years ago when we first moved to Leesburg.  However, now it is about an eight night adventure.  And last night was our night. 

Pat and I knew it was going to happen--I had looked it on the fire departments website--so we planned and evening of activities in the family room so we could hear them coming.  Around 7:30, we started to hear the sirens. . .they kept getting closer, and closer until finally, just before 8:00, we got Aidan into his slippers, coat and hat and ran outside!!!  And just in time, too!!!

As with the last two years, Aidan was upset that he didn't get a candy cane. . .he keeps forgetting that that happens during the parade. . .which is this Saturday!!!  : )  I just love how excited he gets for these little town traditions.

Speaking of traditions, Steopa the elf arrived last Saturday.  He brought our usual Advent Calendar filled with goodies.  Aidan is allowed to open one pocket each evening after dinner--just in case it is a sweet treat that day.  Although, there have been other treats this year:  Day one was a brand new green mouth guard for hockey!!!  And I'm pretty sure I felt some hockey tape and even a new outside puck. . .Yesterdays was a new ornament of Black Beard.  Aidan was hanging it on the tree when we started to hear the sirens for Santa!!!

Steopa also brought another really cool Avent Calendar.  It may become a tradition now.  It is a Lego Advent Calendar.  Aidan opens one box each morning and puts a lttle something together.  Eventually, there will be a whole Christmas Village.  Pretty neat!

Finally, last Sunday, some friends came over to bake Christmas cookies.  I made the Martha Washington Candy--108 peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate!!  And my friend Kim made these interesting sugar cookie cups filled with nutella.  Very sweet, but very yummy.  We had a cookie exchange at work on Monday and I think it was a success.  Just a lot of cookies to make!  And the kids got into the act by making and decorating sugar cookies.  It was a lot of fun. . .if a bit messy!  : )

Next tradition to experience will be the parade.  We're looking forward to it!  We were in Williamsburg during last years parade so this one will be extra fun! 

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Joy said...

It is even more exciting then last year. I know you are loving this time with Aidan.

One of the towns next to ours the fire company sells Christmas trees and then Santa brings it on the fire truck. The kids go crazy.