Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy All Hallow's Eve!!!!!

Did you ever stop to wonder, How did this all get started? Well, here is a quicky for you:

The Celts of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany used to celebrate New Year's on November 1st and believed that the night before the dead returned to walk among the living. Being very superstitious, they would carve scary faces in turnips, light bonfires and wear masks that night before to scare away the dead. The practice was called, in Gaelic, Samhain. When they came to America, the Irish later discovered that pumpkins were a much better substitute for carving faces, thus our tradition today.
The Catholic Church, under Pope Gregory, moved All Saint's Day (also known as All Hallow's, or Holy, Day) to November 1st and this turned Samhain into All Hallow's Eve, now known as Halloween! All Saint's Day, and the day after which is All Soul's Day, are days to remember those in our lives who are no longer with us. Pray for them and there soul's that they have attained their heavenly reward.
And you all thought you were doing something so Pagan! : )

So, we're ready! Be still my Irish Celtic Heart!!!

Aidan loved posing last night. . .

Not so much this morning!!! A little stiff, wouldn't you say??

So our prayers will go up for a dear family friend, Joseph Young, who, through his incredible generosity, made it possible for us to complete the adoption of Aidan Josef Harrison! Thanks be to God for Joe!

Have fun tonight and remember to wear your mask to disguise yourself from those who have departed and now return to walk among us! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!!!!

We've been dropping into the 30's at night and only getting into the 40's during the day. . .and we have had some wind! We even heard the dreaded word- - -"wind chill" last night on the news. Winter coats came out and I had to go in search of the hats, gloves, etc., which hadn't seen the light of day since we were in Krasnoyarsk--soooooo loooonnnnggg ago! This weather is just for a few days, but it comes as a reminder that winter isn't too far off! We can have snow here before Thanksgiving--not unheard of!

Here is a sneak peak of Aidan in his costume for Halloween. It needs a couple of small tweaks, and he doesn't have his face done up, but you can see how it will look! Isn't he the most precious little cutie pie ever????
Today he is doing so much better. I can definitely say we are on the mend and getting back to normal. Thanks be to God! And Thanks be to you all for your prayers, great comments and understanding.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rough Weekend behind. . .Good Week Ahead

Pat and I have been home since Friday with Aidan. He had that surgery. Not very fun for an active two year old little boy! Or for Mom and Dad.

Friday, after the surgery, he seemed to be doing so well! However, he was still under he affects of the local and of the anethesia. Still, nothing seemed more than we could handle. He had a 4 1/2 hour nap that afternoon and then slept 11 1/2 hours that night. Great! Until we got up and had to change his diaper. . .He cried, cringed, and pulled his knees up and told me not to touch it! I started crying and Pat had to help me get Aidan calmed down enough to put the new diaper on. Man, that was bad.

But, he got so much better throughout the day that I thought we were going to get off easy and had already seen the worst of it. Not so much. The same scene played out Sunday morning and for more than the just the first diaper, too!

But, again, he was so much better by that evening, I was questioning whether or not he had really been so bad in the morning. We had our first bath, post surgery on Sunday evening and the bandages literally fell off. We put the diaper back on and seemed good. Then we got up this morning and he literally began to cry before the diaper was all the way off. He was so raw! Pat and I looked at eachother and confessed we were worried we had made a mistake. Of course, everyone has been wonderful, telling us we hadn't. . .and that a few years from now, when it will really make a difference in Aidan's life . . .we'll all be glad of this. Okay. If you say so! : )

I spoke with the doctors office, the surgical center and referred to notes from my dear blogger nurse friend Joy and all seems to be progressing as normal. Aidan is healing. We just need to be patient and not expect it to be overnight! We're doing vaseline in the diaper with neosporin on top of that (we don't touch him directly this way and he is happier) and it really does look better tonight than this morning. And Aidan even says "Better. . .it better, Mama!" My poor baby, Aidan!

But, Friday is Halloween! The costume is ready, tomorrow night ABC has "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" on and then we'll carve the pumpkins on Wednesday. . .It will be fun for us all!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Walk to the Park

So, I left work an hour early yesterday, at 3:30. It took me 45 minutes to get home. . .yes, I know a lot of folks make that kind of drive, or worse!, on a regular basis. But, if I don’t have to pick up the kiddo from Day Care, and I didn’t, it should only take me 10 minutes. The traffic was so backed up on King Street and down Rt. 15, all up the Greenway, and even down Rt. 7 and Market Street. It was an amazing sight to see all of these folks heading to the same place.
When I got to my neighborhood, the streets, all of them, were lined on both sides with cars and streams of people walking toward the park. The closer I got to home, the more intense traffic, vehicular and pedestrian alike! When I did get home, I was able to pull into my driveway and got out to see that the park was already full of vehicles (thus the lining of the roads) and there were sooooo many people over there! Several of our neighbors were outside and it quickly became a party-like atmosphere. One neighbor noted to me that people began showing up at 10:00 in the morning and the park had opened at 1:00 instead of the expected 3:00 and that it was full by 2:00! Amazing. . .

After getting inside and putting a lasagna into the oven, we ultimately decided to hang at our neighbors who looks out over the park. We could just barely make out where the stage was from their deck (it was clearly visible from my driveway in the morning, but not with all of the cars and people!) and could see the lines and lines of folks waiting to get up close after going through security.

About 5:00, Mark Warner, former Virginia Governor and now running for the Senate, began speaking. . .all about Change. . .and then Tim Kaine, our current Virginia Governor spoke. . .more about change. . .and then Senator Obama came on and spoke for 40 or 45 minutes. It was all over by 6:15.

During it all, we, our neighbors and us, began to talk about these candidates and what we think. I shared my theory that McCain may have changed his mind about running and thus the choice of Palin as a running mate. Seriously, had anyone, outside of Alaska, ever heard of her??? But, then there is the whole theory/speculation about Obama’s past. . .is he connected to ACORN??? What about Joe Biden, well we all kind of agreed that he was the only one among the group that seems somewhat normal. And finally, does anyone really think there will be change with either candidate? With today’s economy in the toilet, will we truly be better off in 4 years with either of these men?

And here’s a final thought that kind of sent a shiver up my spine: When talking about the inconvenience of having so much traffic in and around Leesburg, I had several folks say, with stars in their eyes, how much they admire Obama and what a “fan” they are of him and how envious they were of where I live. . .FAN????????????????????????????? Isn’t he running for President of the United States? Are people really fans of the President? It reminded me of the Kennedy’s back in the ‘60’s. . .Scary!

This morning the news indicated that the expected 10,000 folks ended up being closer to 35,000. Wow! I knew it was crowded. The park didn’t get fully cleared out until a little after 8:00.

And, the lasagna was good, by the way. When we went to the neighbors, we went back when the timer went off and turned the oven off. . .it stayed warm and delicious until we were ready!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My baby boy has his surgery on Friday. It's that surgery. It needs to be done, but I'm feeling a little (okay, maybe a lot) nervous about it. The doctor has assured me that all will be well and that Aidan will be feeling and acting close to normal by Monday. . .I'm worried about Friday afternoon and Saturday! My poor little baby! : (

Today I am getting off work an hour early and taking a half hour lunch today and tomorrow in order to make up for it. Why, you ask??? Well, let me tell you of the traffic nightmare that will descend upon Leesburg this afternoon!

First, let me explain that Northern Virginia has more that its share of traffic issues. We're only 35 miles, here in Leesburg, from Washington, D. C. so we have a lot of folks who live out this way who work down town. In order to get to D. C. from Leesburg, you have two options: You can take the Greenway, which will cost you About $3.00 each direction and then you get on the Toll Road, which is another .75 each way, and this will get you to Rt. 66 inside the Capital Beltway. Or you can take Rt. 7 (a highway that runs east-west), which is two lanes going each direction.

Leesburg lies at the crossroads of Rt. 7 and Rt. 15. Rt. 15 is a two lane road-one each direction-that runs north-south. Inside of Leesburg, Rt. 7 becomes Market Street and Rt. 15 becomes King Street. I live within the town limits one house off of King Street. Directly across the street is Ida Lee Park (She was a niece of Robert E. Lee, so the park will aaaaaaaaaaallllllwwwwwaaaays be there!). Our location is great because whenever there is a parade, it starts right across the street and we can technically watch it from our driveway-although we usually go down to the street to be with our community. OUr street is always blocked off during parades so that folks can't clog up our driveways by parking there. The police are very specific and good about sticking to this.

That advantage will become a decided disadvantage today. Why, you ask? Well, it seems one Senator Obama will be holding a rally at the park this afternoon. In fact, they will open the Park to the expected 10,000 or more folks about 3:00 this afternoon and the speach will start about 5:30. Did I mention that my house is one house away from King Street? And, did I mention that I can see Obama's stage from my driveway? I imagine I'll be able to hear his speach from my deck. . .if I can get home! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . . .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yogurt Treat!!!

We've been working on teaching Aidan how to say Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat! So far, we think we are doing okay. When you say "Happy Halloween" to Aidan, he will respond with "Hayoeen!!" Pretty good. Then when you say "Trick or Treat!" he responds with "Yogurt Treat!!" What????? That's right, he says "Yogurt Treat!" We don't know why. So, we're hoping no one will notice. . . : ) I think it's kind of cute, anyway, and it makes me laugh every time!

The weather this weekend took a turn for the much colder. Yesterday morning it was in the low 30's and never actually got out of the 50's. It would have been the perfect day for a fire in the fireplace. . .we just never got around to it! After nap, I took Aidan outside to ride his bike and he insisted on pulling the hood of his sweatshirt up over his hat to keep his ears warm. Our little Siberian doesn't like to be cold! With the hood up, doesn't he remind of the newspaper kid from "Better off Dead" who rides his bike around yelling "I want my two dollars!" Funny!

Pat's mom and dad came out to dinner yesterday. We enjoyed our time and had some stew and cornbread. It was nice to visit with the football game playing in the background (they won, but they sure didn't play well!) During our talk, my mother in law told me they had discovered that they had a mouse. . .they had found a couple of apples with some bites out of them. . .Aidan sized bites! Apple fiend strikes! Anyway, Pat and Aidan took them home later in the evening. When they came home, Aidan had an apple he was munching on that he had helped himself to at Grandma and Grandpas. . .No problem, really. . .

Except that Mosby likes apples, too!

No trace of the apple exhisted 2 seconds later. . .

We've decided to plant an apple tree in our side yard. . .

Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks to Halloween and One Year Ago. . .

Two weeks to Halloween!!!! Are you ready? Some of the neighbors are frighteningly ready with the decorations they have going. . .

We're nearly there. The costume just needs the mane to be created and sewn onto the hood. I'm hoping to get that done tonight. As indicated, we went to Pumpkinville last weekend and got our pumpkins. Aidan loves having them. He keeps saying, "Punkin outlide!" Yep, that's where they belong!

A couple of weeks ago, I made, by hand, some ghosts that we then hung up in the cherry tree outside our front door. They are hanging from fishing line, so they kind of look like they are floating under the tree. I was impressed with myself. Aidan not so much.
Then, a couple days ago, we were leaving for work/Daycare and Aidan stopped and pointed across the street and yelled, "MOMMY! LOOK! Hayoeen!!!!" Yes, you guessed it. Our neighbors had put up one of thos big round inflatable things that has pumpkins and a witch inside. Aidan loves it. I still like my ghosts better!
The other day, Aidan got a little cut, very little, on his thumb. I cleaned it up and put a bandaid on. Of course, I had found some bandaids with the Nascar theme. . .they have BB's on them. So, then yesterday, Aidan said he had an owy on his finger and needed BB's on it. He is obsessed with cars and trucks!

Tomorrow marks one year since we got a phone call from our Social Worker telling us only that a child had been identified for us. There were some potential health issues, which were all explained to us, but that, and that the child was in the Krasnoyarsk region, was all we were told. After discussing it and researching the potential health issues, we called our Social Worker back (the next day) and said we would like to pursue adoption with this child. After calling the main office of our agency and advising them of this, she was then told that the child was a boy, 17 months in age. The only travel information we were given at that time was that our first trip would likely be before the end of the year. We didn't know when we would meet him. But, that was the day Aidan was born in our hearts. He became a reality, even though we didn't have a picture or any medical information other than that which was provided verbally. But, we had a son.

Incredible how much our lives have changed and been enriched in the past year!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Aidan stories . . .

So, if your wondering about the absence of "Hail to the Redskins," well, I'm a sore loser. . . : ( But, at least the Cowboys lost too! : )

Today's news is full of bad news, including the loss of the Redskins. . .so here are some fun Aidan stories for you that will hopefully put a smile on your faces!

First, more on the Daredevil:
I previously told you about the daredevil ride on the trike. Well, the other day, I was watching Aidan play and he dragged his wagon up to the top of our neighbors driveway (slight incline that ends on our pipestem and is edged by our back and side yard). Well, he got up there and just as I was wondering what he would do next, he climbed in and took off for a wild ride down their driveway. I stood there, frozen in horror, as I watched my two year old son, wide eyed and mouth wide open, fly down that small hill. He ended in our yard, jumped out and squealed with delight at the fun of it all! My heart in my throat, I went and calmly hugged him and said it was time to go inside for dinner. Daddy went and got our little daredevil a helmet the next day!

More on the Apple fiend:
Saturday evening, we went and had dinner with Pat's mom and dad. We went for chinese, which was awesome. Aidan didn't really eat much and was a little terror, hitting me and Pat during dinner. But, he became a nice little guy again once we got back to the house. . .where he found my mother-in-law's stash of apples. . .before we knew what had happened, there were bites out of two apples! At least he loves something healthy. . .if he would just eat one at a time! He did sit still long enough for us to get a somewhat good picture of the three of us, though.
Yesterday, after church, we went to Pumpkinville, which is really a local Farm Market that transforms itself into a kid's Halloween dream land. Aidan is really a little too young for the stuff they had, but we did get our pumpkins and a few other things. After we picked out our three pumpkins (originally, we were going to get five because Aidan wanted them for Moby and Maggie, too), we went inside the market to see what else they had. There were some locally grown apples, which I picked out a few, and some Apple Cider, which we also got. On the way to the register, I heard Pat say, NO! Turning back, I saw Pat taking an apple away from Aidan. . .close call, but he didn't bite into it! One second later and it would have been too late! Then, next to the register, was one of those animated witches that cackles and stuff. . .after looking like he was going to cry and run out of the store, Pat picked up our little "daredevil" and helped Aidan realize that the witch was okay afterall!

Once home, I turned on the game and Aidan said (yelled) OOTBALL! His version of football. . .

Good times with my boy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whiney boy, not so gone!

Well folks, today I caught a glimpse of the normal Aidan. . .

We came home, happy and content, and proceeded to go "outlide" as soon as we got home. Of course, the dogs came with us. Aidan has this thing about lining up all things: trucks, cars, cushions. . .so when we got "outlide" and he had finished his cookies and milk, he took the cushions off the deck furniture and set about lining them up! Well, he was fine until Maggie decided to lay down on the cushions. . .then we had tantrum boy!

Needless to say, we needed a redirect!

So, off to the trike we went. . .

Happily, triking away, down the hill of the neighbors driveway while Mama bit her lip! Daredevil boy!

And, then, after dinner, Daddy came by in his Bucket Truck and Aidan got to get in! Do you want to see a happy boy????

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The changeling!

Someone has switched my monster boy for this little angel who has been residing in my home the past few days! Seriously, Aidan has been soooo good lately, cheerful and is eating really good again. Pat and I suspect the Amoxicillan has done the job and given us back our good little boy. I think our last timeout was last Friday. . .can you believe it? And this was the boy who was doing at least two timeouts before we would leave for Day Care! What a difference feeling good makes. . .

On Saturday I took Aidan to Costco to do a little shopping. While there, one of the items I picked up was a container of apples. When we got home, Aidan pointed at the apples and said, "Aya wan dat!" So, I moved the container to the island, got an apple out and washed it, and then sat Aidan on one of the island stools with his apple. I went about the business of putting things away and then turned back to deal with the rest of the apples. . .and this is what I found:

Needless to say, Aidan and I had three apples, sliced, for lunch!

Pat has been putting Aidan in the blanket sleepers lately. It's cute and since the weather has cooled off so much, Aidan is really liking it! He really loves to have his warm milk, with a Hoyoeen cookie an warm milk after his bath in his pj's wit toos. (This translates to Halloween cookie and warm milk in PJ's with shoes.) His favorite color is green, so he always wants the green cookies!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tagged. . .times three!!!

Okay, so I've been tagged again. This is the third time: the first time I didn't respond (sorry Joy), the second time I was somewhat negative; and now I promise to be more positive!

Okay, so this is to let you know six little known things about me. So, here goes!! Are you ready???

1. I am a clean freak. Perhaps the people who know me in person know this, but my blogger friends don't (I say a little defensively!) I am a clean freak. I need to have a clean house. All the time. It drives me crazy if things get messy. I hate walking in to a house and things are strewn about! So, the toys are in the basement, where I don't see them when I walk in and I strive to keep the kitchen (the room I walk in to) clean and clear of clutter so that I come home to a clean house. I am sick, I know! It's really an OCD situation. I won't tell you about how it used to be when I vacuumed because someone would be giving me advice about a psycholigist. . . : )

2. I am obsessed about my weight. Yes, that's right, I am. I weigh myself twice a day. I grew up a little chunky with a mother who isn't even 5 feet tall and barely weighs 100 pounds. So, you can imagine the pressure. I get upset about 1 or 2 pounds of weight gain and lately am up a little more than 5 since we came home from Russia. I know it's because I am eating really good (I want to set a good example for Aidan and don't want him to have an eating complex!) so I will swallow my horror of my weight gain and go on with life. Okay, another OCD situation!

3. I can't decide how to wear my hear. Should it be short? Should it be long? I have gone through both and think I like it short best. . .and then I get it cut and think it should be long. . .and then I want it short. . .Another OCD situation? Maybe a trend. . .

4. Do you all know why we chose Russia to adopt from? Well, breaking from the emerging OCD complex discussion that I started above, here goes: we went to Russia because I loved the Russian culture. . .truly. . .I studied history (my degree in college) and fell in love with Russian history. Kind of interesting for someone who grew up in the Cold War, right? Well, I always wanted to see everything there and when we decided to adopt, I immediately said let's go to Russia. Pat didn't disagree and we got Aidan, so it must have been also God's plan, right?

5. I run. I run a minimum of 3 miles a day Monday through Friday and was up to 4 miles a day until we went to Russia. While in Russia, I ran once. . .for 2 miles. . .that was it. It has taken me this entire time since we have been back to get back to 3 1/4 miles on a consistant basis. But, I am doing it again. And I am glad. My pants will be happy not being so filled out, too.

6. I have changed my mind about what I want to be when I grow up about 6 times over the last 10 years. I wish someone would tell me what to be, but I think I have to figure it out for myself, or something! If I could be a professional Mom/Student/Redskin fan, I would. But, I don't think the pay would be enough for our budget. . . : ) In all seriousness, I would love to be a teacher. . .probably a Social Studies teacher for Middle School. However, that means more schooling and I don't think Pat could handle supporting us solely again for the next year and a half to make it possible. So, I will continue in the Insurance Industry. It's all good!

It's outside the six, and something that you all probably know already, but I'll say it anyway: Pat and Aidan and the best things in my life and the best things that have ever happened to me. I don't know what I would do without them and don't even want to think about it! Thanks be to God for both of them! Happy Anniversary, guys. We've been a family six months!

Love, Mama


1. Lori
2. Gini
3. Amy
4. Nancy
5. Dana
6. Allison

4 and 1!! Woo Hoo!!

Woo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

We're 4 and 1, baby!!!! Aidan is loving it, of course!
I've been tagged again. I promise to respond this evening!
Way to go, Redskins!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rumble Rumble Boom Boom!

On Tuesday evening, when we got home, a front began going through our area. It was the kind that you knew would end whatever was left of summer and usher in true fall weather. It did! It's gorgeous and cool outside. However, we had some rumblyness first. . .

I ran out front and took these from the driveway. The picture is facing almost due west at the park across the street. The Catoctin Mountains are the hills on the other side of the park:

Then, while Pat and Aidan were playing with the dogs, I ran to the back of our house and stood on our deck and took these pictures: they are facing more northwestern but the park and mountains are still in the same general place.

The storm took most of the evening and night to pass through with thunder and lightening off and on. When I put Aidan to bed, he was afraid, so I stayed with him and sang him my version of the Rumble Rumble Boom Boom song. . ."Rumble Rumble Boom Boom, Rumble Rumble Boom Boom, It's just God sayin' I Love You! I Love You!" This is a variation of a song Pat's mom made up to sing to him when he was little. Well, folks, it works. Aidan was actually smiling when he fell asleep (I normally don't stay with him untill he falls asleep, but when he's afraid, or sick, it's necessary!)
In the morning, the crisp cool air had come in and Aidan said " Boom Boom all gone!"
This morning I noticed that the leaves are beginning to change and even starting to fall some. I can't wait for Aidan to check out full fall colors! I think he'll like it.