Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, May 30, 2008

A few more pictures

I'm still working on getting the birthday pictures in here, but here are a few of our kiddo at his Baptism and with his cousins:

Our sweet and innocent little boy. . .

At the Baptismal font after the service with Fr. Rob. St. Matthews did a fantastic job! I could not have asked for a nicer and more personal Baptismal service for our son! I still get choked up thinking about it all!

Trying to make an escape, but caught by cousins Kendall and Tyler!

Loving life while playing with Tyler. . .

Being with Kendall is like walking in sunshine all of the time!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bragging, contemplating and pictures. . .

Our little guy. . .When we first put the sandles on him that go between the toes, he freaked out! Now that he realizes that Mommy and Daddy wear those too, it's all good!
Our temperatures soared to near 90 degrees the other day. ..normally not so bad for summer (although it is still May!) but hard to take after the cool 60's for so long! Aidan loved playing in the sprinkler and did what all kids through the years have done. . .tried to get wet but ran around the edges of the sprinkler! It was so funny! The dogs had fun, too!

I don't profess to be a good flower arranger. . .in fact, I generally just put them in a vase and then set them on the table. But, the other day, I had bought several different flowers and actually took the time to arrange them. When I was finished, I picked up the vase to take it all into the Dining Room. Aidan took one look at the flowers and said "Whoa!!!" I had to take a picture of the flowers then!!!

Of course, that prompted me to take a picture of my Peonies mixed with daisies arrangement! : )
My guys. . . .Aren't they handsome?????

Aidan continues to do really well. He is so good about our schedule, which has been so changeable lately! We've had family coming and going for visits for a few weeks now. One more and then we'll just be us for a long time. Aidan just rolls with it and really only gets whiny if we don't get ourside or go at least one place each day. Outside is fine as long as it isn't raining, so that usually works.
Aidan has discovered gnats and ants. We have decided that there really is a reason God put those particular bugs on earth. . .so Aidan can study them closely and then squish them! I'd feel sorry for the little bugs, but they are bugs afterall!
I'm a little frustrated with the medical system. . .I hadn't heard anything about Aidan's blood work and where we stand with his vaccines so I called the Pediatrician yesterday. They hadn't received the report from the lab and when they called the lab, there was no record of Aidan! I, of course, have the benefits explanation out this morning and will call again, but really! I will not put him through having blood drawn again! But, I need that information so we know what to do about his well baby care, vaccines and for the Daycare provider! Grrrrr!!!!
I've been contemplating the difference between the God shaped hole in my heart and the Stacy shaped hole in God's heart. I have come to the conclusion that they are not mutually exclusive. Let me explain: Of course there is a God shaped hole in my heart. . .I need to fill that hole with God-his desires and not mine and to do the work he has given me to do on the earthly plain, and not do the things that Stacy wants to do. Wanting is not bad, as long as the ultimate purpose serves God. If I go off and do things that are of my own purpose and not God's, then the God shaped hole is open and not filled with God. The Stacy shaped hole in God's heart exists because I need to come to God of my own Free Will. He can not make me come to him, nor will He because He wants me to come to Him of my own Free Will. I can be drawn away from God, thus leaving the Stacy shaped hole empty, but when I am truly conscious of God, doing His work, and Loving Him with all my heart, soul, mind and body, then the Stacy shaped hole is filled. . .more on this later as I contemplate it more.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A couple more pictures

Play date with Catherine
Shop Weary!!!

All American Kid!!!

Growing and playing and learning new words

It's not raining!!!! Yay!!! I love the swings!!! Mommy's cutie on the swing at Catherine's house.

I still don't have the capability of adding pictures from the camera, but here is one from my cell phone from the other day. Aidan just loves to play outside!
He is such a hoot! I realized yesterday, that he is telling me when he is finished by holding up his bowl and saying "All gone!" Also, I got mad at him (briefly for throwing a toy at Maggie) and then we made up with hugs and kisses and he said to me "It's all good!" He is copying everything I say! It's soooo funny! Lori was right, I'm sure he got "Oh cool!" from me!!!
We seem to be going through food stages. What I mean by that is that the things he loved last week he won't touch this week. I don't know why! In fact, lately, all he'll eat is macaroni and cheese or pieces of string cheese. I did get him to eat a scrambled egg yesterday and that was good. I'd like him to eat some meat, though. He is almost an entire inch taller than when we got home (six weeks ago, can you believe it???) but he hasn't gained any weight. His tummy is slimming down. . .but we still have our chipmonk cheeks and short little legs!!! He is such a cutie. He can still wear the 18month pants, although they are starting to get a little short, but the 24month pants are perfect. The 2T's are actually too big, especially if there isn't at least some elastic across the back! We put some shorts on him a couple of weeks ago to wear to church that didn't have any elastic and they ended up at his knees by Communion time. . .no more of that!!!
Since my mom left, Aidan has been pointing to the chair she sat in at the table and looks at us and says "Nana?" He is wondering where she went! How cute is that?
My dad arrives next weekend and will be here for five days, then we head off to the beach for a couple of days before I go back to work. . .
We have found that Aidan does not suffer from the Attachment Disorder that we were strongly warned about. In fact, it is actually the opposite that is true. I'm sure this is pretty typical of two year olds, but he absolutely freaks out when one of us leaves him. That is to say, if one of us walks away. If he is taken out of the room, it's not a problem. But, if I just, say, go to the bathroom, he screams and cries until I get back. Something to work on!
No word back from the pediatrician yet on his blood work. I'll be calling them on Tuesday, I think.
More soon!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tagged twice--Okay! I'll play!!

So, I've now been tagged for a second time. I didn't play the first time (Sorry, Joy!) and now that I've been tagged a second time, I feel really really guilty about not responding the first time! So, here I go, telling you all 7 things about me that you might not know (although I suspect some of you do know these things!)

1. The only person I truly and fully trust is my husband Pat. I love him to death! He is kind, sensitive, sweet and always forgiving (no matter what I've done!) and he is the only one who has full power over my heart (outside of God, that is!). We were married in December 1986 (I always wanted to be a Christmas bride) but have known each other since early 1984. He is the one who keeps me sane and always knows how to diffuse me when I get revved up. I can't even begin to imagine life without him!

2. Adding onto that, I hold grudges. I can't help it. I can forgive and I am usually nice to folks, but my inner circle of friends is small and tight. If you cross me, disappoint me, or (god forbid!) hurt me in some way, you are out and I will never let you back in again. Harsh, I know, but I have been hurt pretty badly by a couple of people over the years. I guess it is my way of protecting myself!

3. Adding onto that again: I am very sensitive. Sometimes I will cry just from a look from someone! I always try to harden up, but my feelings are on the surface of me just waiting to be rubbed the wrong way or plucked at! When I get my feelings hurt, I slide into my shell and I don't want to come out. Sometimes it takes a while until I do. Usually, people don't even know they have hurt my feelings because I go into my shell so quickly! : )

4. Probably part of the above: I love being home. I am such a home body that I actually sometimes count the hours until I can be there again when I am away. Let me tell you what kind of a slow torture being in Russia was!!!!! However, that was a joy on so many other levels that it really didn't count once we got Aidan! Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and I want to see more of the world than Canada, Mexico and Russia, but I just love being at home! Pre-Aidan, my favorite past time was to sit by a nice fire on a cold day and read an historical fiction book with Schubert, Dvorak or Corelli playing in the background!

5. I am an absolute clean freak. I sweep the floors about three times a day. I would vacuum more, too, if I had more time. I can't stand messes or disorganization. It makes me crazy! In fact, my current project is to clean out the refrigerator, freezer and pantry and reorganize it all! I just finished doing our budget through September, so I feel good there, and after the kitchen stuff, I'll tackle closets! Having a 2 year old little boy in the house is testing me!

6. I was born in Southern California. In fact, I am a third generation native Southern Californian on my fathers side (my grandmother was born in Los Angeles in 1911 and my Dad was born in Burbank in 1938). However, I love the east and will probably never move back west again. When I was little, I didn't know trees changed color in the fall and then dropped off! I think I missed the east when I was little even though I had never seen it. I moved away from California in 1975 and eventually came to Virginia in 1979 and have been here ever since. I love Virginia and the south. My mothers family are all southern people and so I grew up hearing southern accents. I think I can do an incredible southern accent that would impress all you all (plural for you all)! But, I was actually born in Newport Beach, California. Sorry!

7. I have a degree in History and English Literature. But, I also completed a four year certificate course of study in theology offered by the University of the South at Sewanee. While in college, every one of my research papers were based on some religious or theological aspect of history or literature. I guess you could call it a passion of mine. I read historical fiction all of the time and I'm always referring back to my school books to place things I read into time and place. I drive people crazy with some of the detailed information that I know (Pat calls me Rainman sometimes). Someday, when Aidan gets older, I would love to take a trip to some of the places in Europe and the Middle East to really follow the footsteps of some of the theologians of the past! How awesome would it be to scuba dive in the Red Sea and be able to say I was at the place that Moses walked the Isrealites across to freedom?

Okay, so I guess I need to tag three more: Amy, Kim, Dana. There! I did it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tragedy and sorrow. . .

I pray the Chapman family can find peace after the loss of their daughter Maria and also find a way to help their son heal and be able to go on. I can't even imagine the pain and sorrow they are experiencing right now. As I look at Aidan, my throat chokes up thinking of what they must be feeling. . .they will all be in our prayers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Celebration Overload

Wow! What a week!

Since I last wrote, our computer crashed so I can't upload any pictures right now. As soon as we get the regular laptop back up and running again, I promise to post pictures of Aidan's birthday and baptism.

So, my mom has been here for two weeks now. She leaves today. Poor thing has been working like crazy to help me out. I'm sure she'll be glad to go home so she can rest and get back to her own routine!

Aidan's birthday was a huge success. Pat's parents came out and we all went to Blue Ridge Grill for dinner. Yummy! Afterward, we came home and Aidan opened his birthday presents. The Little Tykes tent we gave him and the Little People Bus mom gave him were huge hits. He also received a lot of books that he has been looking at and that I will begin to read him at bedtime. I know he'll like them all. And he received a table and bench set and soccer goal that he loves! Right before his birthday he got a trike that he has been wheeling up and down the pipestem on and loving every minute of it. Now if it was be sunny for a while!!!!

My sister Amy and her family arrived on Friday and we celebrated Aidan's birthday a little more. Then, on Saturday, my sister Gini arrived and we celebrated Aidan's birthday a little more! Then, on Sunday, we went to St. Matthew's in Sterling for Aidan's baptism (awesome! and the sermon was all about Aidan and his baptism!) where he screamed during the baptism but I got to pour the water on his head! Wow! I was so choked up during the entire ceremony! We had an Open House following the service and Aidan received many more gifts--all of them very special! After Aidan opened his Baptism gifts, we celebrated my nephew Tyler's 9th birthday! I'm a little concerned that Aidan will think life is a little boring once all of the celebrating ends!

My sisters left on Monday and my mom leaves today. We will then begin the process of getting back to a routine and trying to get organized! We have one more person coming to visit before I return to work. My dad arrives on June 1st and that will be a nice quiet visit so that Grampa Dave can get to know his youngest grandson. After that, to the beach for a couple of days and then it's back to work for me!

This past week has been awesome for Aidan and his English vocabulary. He says the usuals: bye-bye, more, love you, peas mama/daddy, night-night. . .but he is also now beginning to sing the alphabet song, says "oh cool!" (where did that come from???), stop that! (to the dogs), Amen, and a host of other words. He understands so much already that he will respond to anything we say. He constantly asks what things are by pointing and says "Da" and we tell him and you can see his littel mind working to memorize the words. It's incredible.

I'm kind of glad we aren't going anywhere this summer. It will be good to be quiet and be homebodies for a few months. Next year will be soon enough to take Aidan on a longer trip and to begin seeing more of the country. For now, we'll concentrate on getting into a good home routine, getting his social security number and US passport and learning more English.

More soon!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to a new American Citizen!

Quick post. . .and I can't believe I didn't mention these two items yesterday!!!!

Today is Aidan's birthday! He is now two. So, the terrible two behavior we have experienced is now legit. : ) We bought him a cake with the Cars theme on it because he loves cars and points to "B B" 's all the time. I can't wait to see his reaction to opening presents and being sung to! All that after we take the family to dinner at Blue Ridge Grill. I'm looking forward to it.

And, the second thing is that we received Aidan's Certificate of Citizenship in the mail. It is very cool. Although he has been officially an American since April 13th, this certifies it. Perhaps we will frame it and hang it in his bedroom. . .we haven't decided yet.

More later!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finding things to do inside. . .

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted! Time is flying!

Since the last post, my mom has been here for a week and will be here for another week. She is helping me a great deal. We have been stripping wallpaper in the kitchen and will paint it today. It's going to be really nice.

Aidan had his bloodwork done last week. We haven't heard the results yet. The experience was earsplitting-he screamed, but not as bad as we had thought-he had obviously been through something similar in the recent past. When we took him into the room where the blodd would be drawn, he seemed to know exactly what was going tohappen. The poor little guy started whimpering right away! When the nurse walked in, he started crying. The screaming started when the tourniqit band was put on his arm. Poor little guy! I don' know who cried harder, him or me! Afterward, when we asked what had happened to his arm, he whispered "kitty cat." So, we knew all was well!

We met with our sitter also and Aidan loved it there! In fact, he really didn't want to leave. The kids there all seem to get along great and there are a lot of cool toys to play with. He is going to do great!

Since last thursday, we have had 7.23 inches of rain! Fun! Aidan hates being cooped up and we have not been able to get out at all! Today will be nice, so we will get over the park this afternoon. The worst of the weather was on Mother's Day (my first and it was fantastic!) and on Monday, during which time we got 4.68 inches of rain within about 30 hours. Crazy! Flooding and power outages everywhere! When I saw it on the weather, it was a classic N'easter. What it would have been if it had happened in the winter!!!

My sisters come this weekend and Aidan's baptism will be on Sunday with an Open House following. Can't wait. I'll try to post more pictures by then.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Learning and Lying

That's a biga belly!!

Aidan is learning so many words these days! I taught him to say "Please, Mama." last night. It comes out sounding something like peas mama, but I know what he means! He definitely says Stop It! Mostly to the dogs, whom we tell to stop it all the time when they bark! He points to everything and says "Da", which I think he means "that" and is asking me to tell him the English word for things. He'll do this for about 10 minutes or so at a time and I know he is learning everything he can! He no longer says "nyet" opting for the English "no" which is, um, over uses. : ) Other words he knows are up, car, dog, daddy, and of course kitty cat.

Now, about kitty cat. . .we have a cat. Her name is Cleo, but has only been called kitty cat since we've been home. She isn't too fond of Aidan, although truth be known, she isn't fond of any kid, and scratch him a little on the hand one day when he tried to "pet" her (maul her). That has not deterred our fearless Aidan from trying to get up close and personal with Cleo. He will chase her around and will crawl under the desk to get to her. I continue to try and discourage this behavior, but to no avail. There has been a funny side effect to the whole kitty cat thing and that is that any time there is something that hurts Aidan, it is kitty cat's fault! For instance, I had to pick his nose the other day to get the hardened snot off (lovely job that moms get to do!). It hurt him a little even though I had softened it before hand. He flinched and then looked at me solemnly and wispered "kitty cat." I tried not to laugh. But, then later, he was picking a scab off his elbow and I said to not do that and again he looked at me and very seriously whispered "kitty cat." Later in the evening, he was running with the dogs and fell flat on his face. He immediately started screaming and I ran to pick him up, checked to see if there was blood and then began to comfort him. Having not seen what happened, I asked him, "Aidan, what happened?" He replied, in a whisper "kitty cat." I burst out laughing! I couldn't help it! I know it is the early stages of lying that he is blaming every bad thing that happens to him on the cat (Poor Cleo!) but it is just too funny!

I know he really unerstand English as he will follow our commands completely. Yesterday he came to me with one of his sandals ( he had his slippers on at the time) and wanted me to put it on him. I told him to go and get the other sandal and I would put them both on him. He came back with them both and began to take his slippers off so I could put the sandals on him. I did so and then handed him slippers and told him to go and put them on the toy chest in his room. Later, when I went back in to make his bed, I saw that his slippers were in fact on his toy chest! What a good boy!!

Well, were off to have a bunch of blood work done (fun!) after we go and vote for our town elections.



Saturday, May 3, 2008

We have a total!!

Well folks, I must be suffering from post-paperpregnancy blues. . .I actually sat down this evening, after Aidan went to bed, and added up what we spent to get him. It was just over $50,000. This was more than we expected to spend, but less than what we feared it would be when we returned a couple of weeks ago. I should say that that does not include souvinirs or the additional apostille and mailing fees we will incur during the postplacement report process. . .

A final note on fees---TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! We would do it again in a heartbeat. We cannot imagine our lives without Aidan!!

Crazy house, fun house

I always feel like I need to post a picture when I post a blog! So, today it is of Maggie, playing with Cleo kittys toy. . .There is a small ball inside this blue ball and Maggie sticks her nose inside the blue ball trying to get the small ball out! It's hilarious to watch her run about the house with this stuck on her nose! Aidan took the whole thing away yesterday. . .I guess he got tired of it. . .or maybe, being a part of the pack, he wanted to try his hand at getting the small ball out! Anyway, when I went to put the wash in the dryer last night after I put him to bed, there was a horrible racket--like there were sneakers inside or something! Okay, I actually thought Aidan had put someones shoes inside the dryer. Well, it turned out to be the blue ball! I got it out and Maggie took off, playing with it again! What a house. . .

Incredibly, yesterday marked 4 weeks since we got Aidan out of the orphanage. I can't believe it's been 4 weeks! And yet, can it really have been only 4 weeks??? He is such a part of our lives now that it is hard to imagine him not being there.

Bill and Tamara Holsinger-Robinson are back in the US as a family of four now. Yippee!! I know they are glad. Tamara suggested a bonfire for the clothes worn in Russia. . .I looovvvee the idea! However, and if I can pry the Sloppy Joes shirt off Pat, I'll have to give that to Lori!

I have discovered that private bathroom time is a treat not to be taken for granted. . .When I am alone and have to go, I get to be in the room with Aidan and two dogs. What fun! Privacy? What privacy!

One of Aidan's test results came back. He has Giardia, which is very treatable and he'll go on some medication for a couple of weeks beginning on Monday. He'll be ready for daycare and swimming when the time comes--but no nursery at church for a while. This is something I read about on one of the blogs last week. Another couple adopted a little boy a few weeks before us from the same orphanage and he had it too. So, I was not surprised when the pediatrician called about it. Hopefully, his other tests will come back clean.

Yesterday I tried to plant some nice annuals in my pots around the deck and patio. However, after the third pot had to be redone and dirt added, I gave up. I guess that is something to do during nap time!

More later.