Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ironic World, Football, Bazooka Ball and Shoot Outs. . .

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day.  It wasn't really planned that way.  It just sort of happened.  Things just piled up and all seemed to come together on the one day.  I can say I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day. . .and I wasn't the one doing all of the activities!

It started with an early morning lesson with Hard Core Hockey in Reston.  Aidan spent an hour, one on one, working on some foot and stick skills.  He did really good and really enjoyed himself.  However, unless we can get into a group lesson, that was possibly the last lesson there until next Spring.  The private lessons are really expensive.  I just happened to get a great deal because they had a couple of openings and it was the end of summer.

Anyway, the funny thing happened off the ice. . .Right after we got there, a lady approached me and asked what my license plate meant.  Most people get really put out that it doesn't make any sense to them--it does to me, and that's what matters.  I explained that it is a shortened version of the name of the city my son was born in.  She asked, "In Siberia?"  Surprised, I said, "Yes.  Krasnoyarsk."  And she said Krasnoyarsk at the same time I did!  Then, she proceeded to point at her child and said, "That's where my daughter was born.  We brought her home in Fall 2006 from Baby House #3."  I told her Aidan came home in late Winter/early Spring 2008 and had been in Baby House #5. 

We talked for the next hour while our children, Kras babies, had their lessons at the same time on the same ice.  How strange and ironic this world can be!!!

After the lesson, we came home to rest for a couple of hours.  At 9:30, we left again for Aidan's football game.  His game was suppose to start at 10:30, but it was really closer to10:45 or 10:50.  Meanwhile, the boys had been out there for an hour waiting--because the coach told us to get there that early--and he didn't get there until closer to 10:00.  So, they lost 4-2 because they ran out of steam in the second half.  Further irritating me with the coach was that he rewarded some boys after the game and not others because of his perceived notion that some weren't giving it their all in the second half.  Really.  I didn't like that at all.  We won't go an hour before the game again.

In any case, my baby sacked the other teams quarterback 3 times!!  When I said that to him after the game, he said, "What does sack the quarterback mean, mama?"  Oh he is so precious and innocent!!

And you tell me if you can tell what the coaches are having these kids do????

Sorry I can't tell you which one is Aidan. . .I can't see their numbers and without that, they are all bobble heads!  : )

After the game, we got Aidan changed, in the car, and off we went to a birthday party with one of Aidan's buddies from school.  Jake is so cute!!  The kids all had fun at this place call Sport Ball Bazooka.  They had a game of tag with these guns that shoot soft balls in a zone like area and they also had some bouncy things to play on, all followed by pizza and cake.

These are some of Aidan's best buddies: Elliott on his right, Tyler on his left (Tyler is also on his football team!) and Jake blowing out the candles.  I think these boys will be friends all through school.  Aidan is started to look zombie-like here. 

Meanwhile, the moms were all in the background, in a frenzy, because teacher assignments were arriving in the mail. . .while we were at the party!!  Aidan got Mrs. Fuller, whom I hear is very good.  Fingers Crossed!!!

All dressed and ready for the Bazooka Ball part of the party. . .

The whole gang. . .it was girls against the boys. . .I think this was so cute because it was mostly the same four girls and four boys (plus one older sibling) who always seem to hang out--since Kindergarten!!. . .like their own little group already forming. . .already by Second Grade!  Wonder if these kids will stay good friends like this. . .I so hope so!!!

From the party, we headed to Ashburn Ice House for our final stop of the day: The Annual Capitals sponsored Shoot Out!!!  Aidan did really really good  There were 10 Shooters and 3 Goalies.  The top two Goalies would move on to the Second Round along with the top 3 Shooters.  Each Shooter got three shots per Goalie.  The top Shooter, Aidan's buddy Shane, scored 4 and then there were two who scored 3 each.  Aidan made 2 goals and then the cross bar.  If that one had gone in, there would have been a shoot out with just the three who made 3!  So close.  But the good part was that Aidan was the only Shooter to score on one of the Goalies who got in.  Way to go buddy!!!

Aidan and Shane waiting to go on the ice.  Next to Shane is Aiden Hopewell, the Goalie for Xtreme. . .Aidan knows him and I think felt a bit intimidated by him--he is really big--and he rarely misses a shot!  His save record is pretty awesome for such a young guy.

Aidan scores here the only goal on this Goalie out of all the Shooters!

After that, we headed to Anitas for dinner and home for our pj's and tv. . .Aidan wanted desperately to stay up late, but he fell asleep on the couch.  I'm truly surprised he made it as long as he did.  As it is, it's almost 10:00 in the morning and he is still asleep.  I'm hoping he sleeps most of the day!!

Last week of Summer Break coming up!  And then we are back to school!!!  Aidan is ready and excited.  At least that's what he says right now.  We'll see what he says on September 3rd! 

Have a great week.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pictures and Stuff

I don't know what's been wrong with my phone--aside from the fact that it is an iPhone 3 and is in desperate need of replacement--maybe I'll wait for the 6. . .but I haven't been able to send messages, except text messages, with or without pictures since we went to the beach in mid-July.  I finally got it fixed yesterday--still don't know what was wrong or how I fixed it, but it is working again.  And I have downloaded some pictures to share that I've taken since then.

This is Aidan and Preston after a ColdRush practice.  Preston was on Aidan's travel team last spring.  shhhh. . .Aidan' a better skater.  : )

This is Aidan and our neighbor Zach.  I took the boys skating a couple of weeks ago to just have some fun.  Aidan showed off a bit, but he really had fun.  I did this again this past weekend with another little friend.  I MUST remember to take Aidan more often so he can just have fun on the ice.
Look at his smile!!

The boys were being lined up for football pictures  They did really good and listened well.  Aidan was off to the side waiting to be told where he should stand.  They were so cute!

The boys were ready to play this scrimmage.  They went where the coach told them and actually did the moves they practiced.  That's my baby. . .#11 with his hands on his hips.  Looks like he knows what he's doing, right?  : )

And here's Aidan's latest road rash. . .on his nose!!!  The picture doesn't show how bad it really looked. . .to me, that is.  Pat didn't think it was that bad.  But, seriously.  The kids went to a water park yesterday with Winwood.  I arrived at 4:50 to pick Aidan up and they weren't back yet.  Really!  There were parents waiting around in the lobby for the buses to arrive.  No one called or emailed to say they were going to be late--usually, they try to arrive back by 4:00 from field trips.  I had heard nothing.  They finally arrived at 5:00.  Aidan got off the bus and that is when I found out about his nose.  Yes, Aidan was running on the wet concrete where he wasn't supposed to, but still.  No phone call to tell me about it!  Nothing!  And then, they had the audacity to tell me that I would have to wait to sign the report that hadn't even been written up.  I told them I would sign it later.  Aidan said it didn't hurt and he understood he shouldn't have been running.  But. .  Not a happy Mama.  Luckily for them, Pat will be picking Aidan up today. . .

The porch roof is up!!!!  We'll be buying the screen doors and a ceiling fan this weekend!!!!

Aidan has a loose tooth!!!!  Finally!!!  It's the beginning stages of being loose, but it's loose!  I can see it wiggle a little!!!  He's excited.  Okay, so am I.  ; )

I don't know what to do about my mom.  I talked to her again yesterday and she said she still hasn't seen a doctor about her knee.  She's been in the hospital since Saturday.  She said her doctor is on vacation.  When I suggested that there are a lot of orthopeadic doctors that could help her, she blew up at me.  And anytime anyone of us suggests that she come to one of our houses, she gets really angry.  I ended up getting a bit mad at her and told her we aren't trying to make her move, we're simply trying to get her better so that she CAN go on living alone.  I don't know how much longer I can be gracious and understanding with her.  She is acting like a child. . .and I know!  I have one!  I don't want in in their 7's and one in their 70's!!!  Okay, yes I do.  Frustrating. . .

Okay. . .I'm better.  Thank you for listening to me rant.  I will be kind to my mom.  She has had it rough this summer.  I'm not sure I can be understanding, but I'll try really hard not to let her know that.

That's about it.  We're waiting on pins and needles to find out who Aidan will have as a teacher next year.  That should be arriving in the mail later this week. 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Weeks Until School Starts

This past week was beyond busy.  I don't think I like weeks like that.  We were hustling every day.  But, but the weekend, we w it down and this week should be much much better.  Until Saturday, that is.

Aidan was at Hockey Camp this past week.  Pat was able to take him on Monday and Tuesday and then picked him up Monday through Thursday.  I took him on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and picked him up on Friday.  It worked out for our schedule.  Aidan has his regular Cold Rush lesson on Wednesday morning, too.  All I can say is that we are glad there are only two more of those lessons left! 

The Camp was good, though.  Aidan saw some of his friends from last years House League and a couple of friends he went to Preschool with.  I saw him skate a little on Friday when I went to pick him up and was suitably impressed with what he is doing.

Adding to that already hectic mess, Aidan had football practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  He really didn't want to go because he was so tired.  Poor little guy.  And then on Wednesday, he told me that he really doesn't like football.  Why buddy?  Because there are so many bugs!!!  (Gnats and mosquitos love him)  It didn't occur to me until the next day that he doesn't usually have bugs--there aren't any in the Ice House!!  We'll be taking bug spray this week.

Saturday, I took Aidan to the Reston rink to do a lesson with a different group.  He really liked this one.  And, it was really cool because they video parts of the lesson and review it with the skater, pointing out what was good and what needs work.  All very positively presented, too. Then, they email the video to mom and dad.  Pretty cool!  This coach told Aidan he has a very excellent top shelf wrist shot!    : )

After the lesson, we high tailed it back to Leesburg for football pictures which was followed by a scrimmage and the Fun Fest.  Aidan looked really cute in his uniform and scraggily hair!  And he did really good at blocking and stopping plays.  I bought him some tickets to play some at the Fun Fest, which I had avoided last year.  But, he earned it with all the work he did this week.

Once home from all of this, I fed him a PB&J sandwich and then he napped for a little over an hour.  Then, I took him to see Smurfs 2, which I have been promising all summer.  All I can say about that was that the popcorn was good.  The movie?  eh. . .

We went to bed very early and he slept a little more than 12 hours.  He needs more rest, so we really didn't do a lot on Sunday.  We did go skating for fun with some friends, but then were back in bed early Sunday night. 

This week will be a little easier.  He will be at Winwood Camp so he'll have some quiet time.  He'll still have his Wednesday morning lesson and football three days (don't you think 7 is a little young for 3 football practices a week???) but the days will be a lot easier for him.

The porch is progressing.  The rafters are all up an the inside has been stained.  The roof was supposed to go up yesterday, but it rained and our contractor was sick.  Hopefully, today. 

My mom isn't well again.  Now she has broken her knee cap in six places.  It's a long story, but I really think she has not had the care she has needed with these doctors out there in Vegas.  So, my sisters and I are working out a plan where she will come to one of our houses to heal and get herself back to a better place health wise.  It's very obvious to us that she is not getting what she needs there.

I have to admit, I think I am ready for school to start again so we can be only a little crazy with our schedule!

I have some pictures, but I can't seem to get them from my phone to here.  I'll keep trying and hopefully add them later.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let The Fall Schedule Begin

Well, this summer is certainly moving right along.  Isn't it?  It's been cloudy and rainy a lot, though.  But, I can't complain about the heat.  We really have had a lot fewer 90+ degree days than last year.  So, my annual August grumbling about the heat really doesn't have any foundation.

I'll still be glad when August is over, though.  It's just not one of my favorite months.  Aside from the fact that one of my most favorite people was born and later married in the month, that is!!  (Love you Amy!)

Aidan just finished the last of his Ida Lee Camp experiences for the summer.  I'm kind of glad.  Although he has had a blast: swimming every day; bowling a couple of times; outdoor water park; basketball; arts and crafts; music; etc., etc., etc.  I have had to pack lunch and two snacks plus drinks each day.  Not that I am complaining, but it was just a bit of extra I had to do.  Three lunches a day, plus two snacks a day. 

But that is now over for the summer.  We are moving on to the second week of Hockey Camp.  I will still need to pack two snacks each day (easy peasy, comparatively speaking), but he is buying lunch at Pomodoros each day.  The Ice House arranges it.  Aidan picked out what he wants from the offered menu, and I just give them money.  Works for me!

Last Sunday, we took Aidan to pick up his Football helmet, shoulder pads and pants.  We paid an extra $10.00 and got him a pair of practice pants, too.  Monday, we took him to the evaluation mini camp.  On Tuesday, we found out he was on the Spiders team.  He had a practice on Wednesday and Thursday evening 6:00-7:15.  Talk about messing with my planned dinner schedule!!  But, we made it through and I have adjusted my plans for next week.  He will have practice, same time, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This will happen one more week and then the last week of August we go back to Wednesday and Thursday for the remainder of the season. 

I also got his game schedule yesterday.  Not too bad on the times.  The earliest is 8:30, but most are at 10:30.  That will be really great.  Especially once hockey starts!

Aidan cracked us up after he got his helmet and pads.  He stood in the parking lot with them on and said:  "Boom!  Boom!  Fire Power!!!  (have you seen Night at the Museum 2?  You'll understand if you had!)

Don't you just love all that gear with the flip flops???  LOL!!!

Back to hockey for a moment:  Aidan has three weeks left with Cold Rush lessons on Wednesday morning.  He loves the lessons, but really hates one of the instructors.  She hounds him constantly.  It's to the point where I am ready to really say something to her about not taking away his fun!  Since it's cloudy today, we're going to go over to the Ice House and go to Free Skate and just skate for fun.  I think that will help.  And, I'm in the search process for a new lesson.  There is one in Reston that I would love to get him in.  If I can get a Saturday time, that is!!

In other news. . .the porch has started!!!  In fact, the beginnings of the walls started to go up yesterday!!!  We have some yard clean up to do this afternoon and tomorrow and then I expect next week some major progress will be occurring.  I will share pictures once it is all complete.  I'm planning a picture progress from start to finish.  You'll be amazed at the transformation.  I already am!

I can't wait to buy mums to decorate my new porch!!!

3 weeks till school starts?!?!?!?  Yikes!!!!

Have a great weekend and next week!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Home Alone

Although I have been away from Aidan a couple of times, I have not be home alone for more than a couple of hours in 5 1/2 years.  And this weekend, I am Home Alone! 

The boys left yesterday afternoon to spend the weekend with a friend of Pat's down at Lake Anna.  They are boating and fishing and generally have a grand Guy's Weekend away.  And meanwhile, back at the house. . .

It is tax free weekend here in Virginia!!!!  So, mommy has been shopping and have a grand Girl's Weekend at home!!  Hey, 6% savings is nothing to sneeze at!!

Yesterday, after work, I went straight to Target and bought all of Aidan's school supplies plus two packs of socks

I'm always amazed as some of the supplies we have to buy:  10 glue sticks; 3 dozen latex free wooden pencils; 4 black marble composition books. . .at least this year we didn't have to do any Quart sized zip lock baggies!

I then spent the rest of the evening watching chick flicks!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!

Today, I was up and left the house at 9:30.  In addition to tax free weekend, I had 20% off at Dicks through Central Loudoun Youth Football League--good only for today.  So, I went off to buy Aidan's cleats and some things for football. . .and his sneakers that he picked out last weekend. . .size 3 1/2!!  I think they might fit me. . .

After Dicks, I headed over to Gap and Gymboree to get a few things to supplement what still fits from last year. . .

Finally, I went to Yankee Candle to buy some candles to supplement the ones I needed. . .no, these don't get the tax free discount, but I had a $15.00 off coupon!

And now I'm exhausted!!!  I'm planning to spend the rest of the day balancing the checkbook and then heading downstairs to finish the laundry and watch another chick flick!!!

But, first, let me tell you what else has been going on around here:

Aidan has one more week at Ida Lee Camp.  He enjoyed his week at Winwood Camp with the day at Cub Run Water Park and a day at Skyline Caverns--so awesome.  And then this past week he was swimming every day at Ida Lee with one day at AV Symington Water Park.  This week, he'll be bowling and spending another day at AV Symington Water Park at Ida Lee Camp.  After that, we'll have a week at Hockey Camp, a week at Winwood Camp and then a final week at Hockey Camp and then it's back to school!

Aidan continues to do really well at the Cold Rush lessons on Wednesday morning.  He has a few things to practice off ice, but otherwise he is doing really really well.  I found out last Wednesday that Aidan is being groomed for Xtreme.  If he continues to work like he has been, he shouldn't have any problem making it for his birth year next Spring.  I'm fairly certain he'll make the Select travel team this Fall/Winter as well as next Spring, which will only enhance his chances of making Xtreme.  As well as making our lives pretty hectic with two hockey teams to deal with again!!

And finally, the kids in our neighborhood have been doing Talent Shows the last few weeks.   So cute.   However, I am going to have to ask that they limit them to Friday and Saturday.  We did one this past week on Tuesday and it was just too much and too late. . .the kids got too riled up and Aidan began crying (he was overtired) when he got hit by a stray ball. . .and then he told me at bedtime, "Mama, I'm breaking up with Zack."  : 0  Oh!  Okay, buddy!!

Not to worry!  They have played together since then!  : )

And, on that note, I think I'll head downstairs to finish that laundry and plug in a good chick flick. . .one I don't usually get to watch with boys around. . .not sure which one yet, but I know it will be good!! 

Have a great weekend!!