Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Humid Holiday Weekend

Summer arrived this Memorial Day weekend.  We had three days of hot humid weather.  So we spent our time looking for ways to remain cool.  Saturday we went to the ice rink and skated for about an hour an a half.  Saturday and Sunday we spent at the pool.  And this is how happy Aidan was!

What did you all do???

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Big Bedroom Reveal

I've been talking about this for months and I am finally ready to let you all see what we have done. . . yes, it's the big reveal on Aidan's bedroom!!  But, first, let me remind you of where we started. . .

Okay, so there isn't any furniture to speak of in these pictures, but remember we were all Noah's Ark before?  There was a small twin bed with no frame, a bookcase, dresser and a couple of nightstands. 

All of the Noah's Ark stuff was taken down (what a pain that was!!!  No pasted borders for me again!!!)  The paint had to be sanded in a couple of places and then touched up.  Then I put up the new wall paper border (peel and stick this time!) and voila!  The room began to take shape. . .then, new curtains (much more boyish blue panels), new quilts of navy blue and white stars and, of course, the new furniture!!

And here we are:

It's all so much more boyish, isn't it??
And then there is the really cute space motif wallpaper border. . .

And, of course, the planets. . .  We know the planets.  In their order.  From the Sun (which isn't hung yet, but will be) Oh what fun!  You may think it's cheesy.  But, it's really easy.  Let's begin!  First there's Mercurey, then there's Venus. . .

Earth. . .

And Mars. . .

Jupiter. . .

Saturn. . .

And Uranus. . .

Neptune. . .

And Pluto. . .

That's the end. . .Let's do it again!!  : )

Aidan loves his new room.  He is really getting an education by it.  I think we'll venture into the land of telescopes for Christmas. . .

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Questions Are Starting

We are being very open with Aidan about where he came from, etc.  However, there are still instances when I realize he is only five and doesn't really understand.  We need to sit down, Pat and I, and discuss exactly what, and how, to share Aidan's story with him.  The questions are beginning.
Last night, we were watching Charlotte's Web. . .again, for about the millionth time--we LOVE this movie!!  The Mama pig was lying there with the ten piglets feeding them.  And then there was Wilbur who could not feed.  Ten teats and eleven pigs.  Aidan pipes up and says, "Mama, is she dead?  Is that pig dead?"  No, honey.  She just had eleven babies and is now trying to feed them all.  That's why she is lying there.  "Could you not get up either when you had a baby?"  Oh.  Well.  I didn't have a baby.  "Yes, you did Mama!  Me!!!"  Oh.  Well, sweetie, we had to go and get you, and it was so exciting that, yes, I could hardly stand up.  "Okay." 

Hmmmm. . .What better thing could I have said?  Part of the problem is the whole idea of having a baby.  A five year old boy is not old enough to really understand the full concept.  But, he fully understands that he came from Russia. . .and at the same time, he sees some teachers and other mothers with large tummies and has been told that there is a baby in there.  Naturally, he is starting to want to know about himself.

I do have a couple of really good books about adoption.  One is called, "Tell Again About The Night I Was Born."  It doesn't really touch on the special nature of an International Adoption, but I might give it a try and see where it leads us.

The main thing I want Aidan to know is how much I love him.  And I have since the moment I knew about him. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wacky Weather Wednesday

I promise to share pictures of Aidan's room soon.  It's mostly done.  The furniture is in place and everything is up with the exception of the new Planets.  In the meantime, I will leave you with some beautiful pictures of the flowers we have been fortunate to bring inside:

These recent summer storms have been wicked.  The pounding and torrential rain has been been tearing up my flowers.  But, we are so fortunate that that is the worst of our damage.  We're praying for everyone in the midwest.  Between the tornados and the Mississippi flooding, it just seems as though the midwest is under attack. 

In other news, Aidan continues to do really well in school.  He reads me one of his Bob Books each evening before bed and then I read him another book of his choice.  He continually surprises me with what he knows when we are doing his homework.  He is truly smart!  His Pre-K graduation ceremony is set for June 16th.  And then we'll be really getting ready for Kindergarten!

I purchased our tickets for Disneyland the other day.  Two all day passes for each of us (two days, all day at one park) at a small cost of $438.00.  Sheesh.  That's a lot more expensive that it was when I was a kid!  But, I know we'll have a blast.  We just need to rent a car, finish saving our spending money and set up the limo to the airport.  Then we're set!

The pool opens on Saturday.  Pat is working Saturday and Monday for this long weekend, so Aidan and I will likely go ice skating on Saturday and then hang out at the pool on Sunday with Pat.  Monday will likely find us back at the pool again as it is expected to be about 90 degrees.  I am sooooo looking forward to having a nice long weekend!

Hope to have those room pictures for you soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lotsa Stuff!!

Whew!  What a Week!! and We still have Friday to go!!!

On Monday I took Aidan to the pediatrician for his Five Year Old check up.  He is doing really well.  The doctor came in saying, So you think Aidan is ready for Kindergarten?  And she left agreeing with my assessment that my major concern is that Aidan will be bored. . .  He was 46 pounds--84th percentile and 45 inches tall--91st percentile.  Not really sure what the percentiles represent, but I know my boy is healthy and tall.  He is right on or ahead of all of the developmental targets for his age.  He is doing very well!  Now to send in that report to his new Elementary School to be added to his Permanent Record.

On Wednesday, I finally got word that Aidan's bed, the one we bought back on President's Day weekend, is finally in--13 weeks later!!  I called and the first Saturday delivery available is not until mid-June!  So, I'm taking my lunch break tomorrow, Friday, to come home and accept the delivery of said bed.  I just couldn't wait another month!  This will be great.  We can get his room completely reorganized over the weekend!  Can't wait to share some pictures. . .when it is finally all in order.

Tomorrow night is Parent's Night Out at Aidan's school.  Pat and I are going to take advantage of this.  We're exhausted by this week becuase:

*we have had several nights of very bad thunderstorms.  Bad enough that Aidan would only sleep if it was in between us. . .in our bed.  In fact, the sky is cloudy this evening and Aidan has already asked if it's going to storm!  Okay, there really was a lot of lightening and hail yesterday, but really.  A Mama could really use some good sleep without toes in my face or my back (must remember to clip Aidan's toenails. . .)

*My Mom has had another Cancer scare.  She had a biopsy that was inconclusive and the sample was sent to be tested elsewhere.  Not sure what to think about all of that, but I am praying fervently for some good news on this one.

*  I did finish Travels in Siberia.  Very good book.  I totally recommend it for anyone who has adopted from Russia, and especially for you all, who like us, have adopted from Siberia.  You'll love it!

*I started Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.  Wow.  I really recommend this as well, for anyone with children.  Make sure you have an entire box of kleenex!

*My nephew Tyler had a birthday this week and we sent him a book on the History of Manchester United as well as a Tshirt with the logo on it.   I think he liked them.  : )Manchester United is his favorite sports team so Aunty had to make sure I got him something he would like!  : )

Today I went and got my hair cut and then came home to this scene:

Go AJ Go!!
The kid is a natural on skates. . .(the helmet was in the car I was driving, thus why he wasn't wearing it!)

By the way, did you hear the one about how the world is supposed to end this weekend?  Really.  Isn't it more Biblically accurate to say that we don't know when Jesus will come again?  And how could we know for sure anyway?  What year is it really?  Was Jesus born in year 0 or was it 1 or was it 33?  And then there is the whole switch to the Gregorian Calendar, which happened sporadically from 1582 to 1919 and even so the Orthodox Church never switched.  So, anyway, we wish you all well in this time of uncertainty.

Monday, May 16, 2011

5th Birthday, part Dva

So, to continue our weekend long celebration of Aidan's fifth birthday, Aidan got up early. . .all excited. . .and wanted homemade pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Cool.  Mama can do that.

In the early afternoon, we packed the car with all the gifts, birthday cake and a change of clothes for Pat and Aidan and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to do a little yard work and then do the family celebration.
We had an early dinner at On the Border and then headed back for cake. . .

Trying to get him to hold up his hand to show he is now five. . .

Bustin' a move on the rocks in front of the restuarant. . .

And now it's cake time!

After the cake, it was off to the Living Room to open gifts from the family:

Grandpa Dave gave him some really cool shirts and a rhinoceros from South Africa. . .

I love presents!!!

Aunt B and UB gave him a couple of really cool books and a John Deere tractor tray!

Aunty Amy, Uncle Todd, Kendall and Tyler gave him the most awesome astronaut costume...  someone has already decided to be an astronaut for Halloween!!

Nana gave him a really cool Lego helicopter to put together, a neat shirt, PJ's and some jean shorts. . .awesome!!!

And htne we were onto the present from mama and daddy. . .what could this be???

Sidetracked momentarily, due to  a thunderstorm. . .loud noises remain an issue.

Cool!  Inline hockey skates!!!  He can wear these on the pipestem to play street hockey!

And finally, from Grandma and Grandpa. . .

A full set of hockey pads!!!!!

After all of that, we were all exhausted.  We headed home to have a bath and get to bed early. . .