Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aidan has chores!

It is now Aidan's responsibility to give the bowls of food to the dogs. . .today he had his arm around each dog neck and said "Love dogs. . ." Very cute! I think we'll wait on the allowance, though!

Friday, June 27, 2008

My day. . .

So, today is my birthday. . .I'm 45. I don't get hung up on age, or at least the number associated with my age. I try to think more about how do I feel? How am I doing with life in general? Am I a good person? Am I kind and loving and generous to others? Well, because my birthday comes at almost the exact mid point of the year, I am afforded the opportunity to do a review of myself at six month intervals. It's nice in the sense that if I feel I am going off track somewhere, I can redirect without causing too much damage! I hope. . .

Anyway, I feel very fortunate this year because there is so much to celebrate and be thankful for: I have a wonderful husband; I now have the most precious and loving son!; We have awesome and loving families who are so caring and supportive of us; We live in a beautiful home in a beautiful town; we are healthy; and we're able to pay our bills timely and still have some fun! What more could a girl ask for?

I do try to be helpful to others, but I know I could do better at that. . .We are tithing at church, but I could give more of my time (I used to give a lot of time. . .). I could be more patient with Aidan when he gets whiny for no reason.

So, some things to work on during the ocming months.

Today I am getting off work a little early and then we, the three of us, are going down to Manassas to the Social Security Administration to order Aidan's Social Security Card in person. I just didn't want to send his birth certificate, our adoption decree and his passport through the mail! After that, we're heading back to Herndon to meet with Pat's parents for dinner tonight at a place called Sweetwater. Yum! Can't wait.

So, now I'm off to begin my day. . .Aidan is home with Pat today so maybe I'll be able to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee! A little birthday present for me. . .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sad little feverish boy!

Quick post. . .yesterday we had our first fever. . .it was so sad!

When I got home from work, I started dinner right away and we actually sat down to eat at 5:30--an unheard of time for us. I kept commenting to Pat that Aidan looked really tired. He seemed happy enough, but he really didn't eat much.

After dinner, Pat took Aidan up for his bath and then, because he was shivering, put some of his warmer PJ's on him while I did the dishes. I then fixed Aidan some warm milk--part of his evening routine each night. Pat then went on to bed to take a nap before going to work at 11:00 pm.

Aidan wandered off and I lost track of him momentarily. When I realized I wasn't sure where he was, I went in search of him and found him laying on the Living Room floor. His face looked flushed so I asked him, are you all right? He responded, "Aya (what he calls himself) night night." I immediately knew something was wrong. . .it was only 7:30 by this time!

I went to pick him up and he was just a little furnace. I took him upstairs and took his temperature under his armpit. . .102.6! And, I've heard you're supposed to add a degree! Needless to say, I was very worried. I gave him Children's Motrin, put a lukewarm cloth on his forehead and then rocked him for a while before putting him to bed. I was then up about every two hours checking on him all night!

I must thank my sister Amy, whom I called as soon as he was in bed. She totally reassured me and told me to do all of the things I had already done, making me feel so much better about what I was doing! Thank you, Amy!

The fever dissipated and did not come back, although we kept him home today. But, boy! His little eyes looked so sad! I did not like that experience at all. Poor little guy! Thank goodness it seems to have been one of those passing bugs that only affected him the one night!

I'm sure I'll have more experiences like that one again. . .I'm totally not looking forward to them!
But, hopefully they won't happen soon or even very often!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Overwhelmed by the Flood

I have been feeling morose and overwhelmed lately. I don't really kow why. Perhaps it is because Pat's schedule has been so crazy--he's on midnights now; or maybe it's my upcoming birthday--it's not a huge one, but it does end in '5'; or maybe it's been all of the bad in the news lately--gas prices going higher, the mortgage mess continues, the Russian adoption system seems to be slowing (while this does not affect me, I feel for all those still waiting), or maybe it's because my life has changed in such an incredible way. I don't know, but I'd like to feel better about things. Whenever I have felt this way in the past, my answer was to tackle some organization project in the house. So. . . . this weekend I will begin working on the closets. Mine first! Maybe that response is indicative of my feeling a loss of control in my life!

Aidan continues to amaze me. He has learned so many words I can no longer list them all. He watches every move I make, too. He has seen me cross myself, in church and out, so many times that this past Sunday I saw him do a circular motion in front of his face with his little hand. It was so cute. That was followed, during the Eucharistic Prayer by him clasping his hands and saying a loud "AMEN!" with the rest of the congregation. I had to make myself not laugh outloud. But, I gotta tell you, I was sooooo proud of him! He is learning so many things we teach him at home! I just love this little guy so much. . .

Pat bought him a fish, a red Japanese Fighting Fish, and it has been named Kras. . .short for Krasneiy, which means red. We also have two hermit crabs now, unnamed. We have to make sure we feed Kras and the crabs their Num Num's each morning when we get up. It's now a part of our morning routine!

Aidan continues to cry when I drop him off at Day Care. I then drive to work each day with a lump in my throat. I know it will get better and that we are only at the two week mark of returning to work, but I DON'T LIKE IT!!! Oh well. It can't be helped. We have to pay our bills. . . .

Anyway, I'll try to be a little more upbeat next time.

Peace and blessings,


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stay or Leave. . .

In the words of our favorite Virginia son, Dave Matthews. . .Stay or Leave!

Okay, so here's a little rant for you. . .About every three weeks or so, I do a very selfish thing and go and get a pedicure. It feels good and it doesn't cost a lot and because I run it really makes my feet feel soooo much better.

Last night, I was enjoying the soaking portion of my pedicure when these two ladies next to me started talking about Virginia. They had come here from "somewhere else." They were talking about how they had come here about five years ago and that the cost of living here was too high and that there were too many people and that their alergies were now horrendous, and the people here are rude and so on and so on and so on!

Now, I confessed already I wasn't born here, but I have lived here for thirty years. . .since I was a kid. And, I plan to raise my son here. I have to tell you, I was slightly burning inside. I kep quiet though. I was thinking to myself, "well, those things weren't true until you all came here!" A few minutes later my lady came to begin the process of messaging my feet and making my toes look pretty again. She asked me, as she always does, where I live. . .Leesburg. . .how long have I been in Virginia. . .thirty years. . .she looked at me, slid a look at the ladies next to me and didn't ask me any more.

Please, people. Stay or leave. But, if you stay, be nice! Virginia is for lovers! Haven't you heard???

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Confessions. . .Part 2

I am an avid Football fan. I like High School Football, College Football, but looooooovvvvveeee NFL football.. . In case you weren't sure about where we live, where I have lived for nearly 30 years, it is right outside of Washington, D. C.. In fact, we live 35 miles from the city. Close enough to go in and do whatever, see whatever, and even catch a game every now and then. What game, you ask? Well, there are the Capitols. . .fun; Nationals. . .pretty okay; and the Wizards, not so bad. . .but really, the fun is at the football games where. . .. drumroll, please. .. .


Okay. Surely you saw that coming. . .I mean, really. Aidan was wearing the Redskin outfit outside of St. Basil's!

Anyway, preseason is just over a month away and I can't wait. I love football so much! A friend of mine just sent me an email today with the NFL music and I got chills of excitement. . .I think I'm going to move Aidan's easal to the basement by the big screen TV so I can begin the process of explaining the game to him. I know he's going to love it! I think he'd make an excellent linebacker. . .size is on his side! Have you seen his hands?????

Go 'skins!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I meant to post this sooner, but time has gotten away from me. Things have been incredibly crazy the last couple of weeks with the storms, storms again, and storms again! Since Pat works for Virginia Power, he has worked nearly round the clock since the storms got really rolling a couple of weeks ago.

So, on Sunday, Aidan and I got up early and had breakfast while Daddy slept, having had to work most of the night again. Aidan said grace with Mommy and even said Amen!

We then went to church where Aidan was exceptionally good! After church, Aidan had his nap and that is when Daddy got up. Grandpa and Grandma came over to celebrate Father's day with us and Aidan was very excited to show off the wrapping paper he and Mommy had made the night before . . .that was a lot more fun than the gifts!

Daddy was very happy because he got a new Hammock and a note saying to not work so hard and take some time off from all the projects and enjoy his son! I think he was happy about that!
So, this week we were back to work and Day care. I guess it's okay. Aidan seems to really like the Day care and he is getting on a better schedule: going to bed about 8:15 giving Mommy a little bit of free time in the evening! He is learning so many words now, it's amazing and hard to keep track of them all. Today, on the drive home, we came across a tree that was down on the road. I said, "uh oh. Tree's down!" and Aidan said, "Tree's down!" He is just copying everything he hears, using the same tone and inflection.

But, big excitement! Tonight, he asked to go on the potty. So, I put him on the potty and he went! We celebrated with a small handful of M & M's that Nana brought last month! When Aidan asked for more M & M's, I told him he could have some more when he goes on the potty again! He said, "Okay." or something kind of like it.

That's it for now!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pictology of Aidan

Look how much he has grown and changed!!!

November 2, 2007

March 30, 2008

April 12, 2008

May 18, 2008

May 20, 2008

June 12, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Class of 2024!

Class of 2024???? Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you just say I'm old!!!!! Isn't he just the cutest?? : )


Okay. So, I had to say something about this, on this day, Friday, June 13th, 2008!

The origins of triskadekaphobia can go back to the Last Supper in which Judas was the 13th person to sit at the table for the Seder. However, that doesn't mesh with the fact that he was replaced by Matthias nor does it mesh with the 13 attributes of God enumerated in the Torah. . .

Then, there was that unluckiest of nights of Friday, October 13, 1307 when the Knights Templars were betrayed by the King of France and the Pope himself. . .Of course, there are some great books and movies out now that touch on the myths surrounding these same Knights. . .

But, Pat and I happen to think that the number 13 is in face a very lucky one. . .

We were married on December 13, 1986. Every few years, it falls on a Friday, making it even more special. Good things have tended to happen to us on the 13th day of any given month. But, one big thing was that last year we got our Petition to the Court on December 13th. The Petition to the Court is necessary in order to file the paper work with the court in your Region in order to get your Court Date. Most importantly, this petition has the Russian name of the child which is needed in order to file that paperwork and to begin the process of changing the name to that which was chosen for him or her. Further, we returned home from Russia on April 13th. That means that Aidan became a US citizen on April 13th!

And so our tradition continues. 13 is indeed a very lucky number for the Harrison family.

Have a great day!


Oh, and by the way, there are 13 letters in my name: Stacy Harrison!!! And 13 letters in Aidan's name: Aidan Harrison!!! Weird. . .

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More new experiences: Beach and Back to Work

What's this stuff?
Daddy left me on the beach. . .whoa! Look at those waves!!
Oh. . .cooollll!! I love the beach!

So, our trip to the beach was a huge success! Aidan absolutely loved it! When I took him out into the waves, he just laughed and laughed! We had to keep an eye on him the entire time because he just wanted to explore everything. We even took him to the pool at the hotel and he loved that, too! In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would think he had had swimming lessons at the orphanage. When told, he would put his face in the water and blow bubbles and he would kick his feet. I think he's a natural! (Yo, Adam! When should he start ont he team??? : ) )
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. . .after being off three months, I returned to work yesterday. It's not so bad, just hard getting back into the routine of it. Aidan, though, loves his Daycare. He did cry and he did the death grip thing on my neck when I dropped him off yesterday (I made Pat do it today! ) but he settled down quickly and enjoyed himself. He even smiled today, I was told. When I pick him up, he yells out MOMMY!!! That is excellent. . .I love that part of the day.
A funny side story: When we got into the adoption process, our neighbors told us that poop would take over our lives. . .we would talk about poop, think about poop, clean up poop, and throw poop away and we would even discuss it at the dinner table (texture, color, etc. . .) Well, folks, I gotta tell you. . .it's true. Poop has taken over our lives. . .For instance, this morning I was nearly ready for work when I heard Aidan wake up. I like to listen to him on the monitor for a while so I finished getting ready before heading into his room. He was saying, " Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy. . ." in a sing song-like voice. I was laughing as I listened, it was so cute. So, I went to his room and opened the door and he jumped up and did his little squeal of delite and said MOMMY!!! with a big smile. Then I smelled it. And I smiled back and said, " Do you have a poopy diaper??" And he whispered, "Ka ka" (we haven't quite gotten that one out of the vocabulary yet). So I went over to pick him up and immediately saw that we had a problem. I picked him up and carried him straight to the bathtub saying "Don't move your legs and DADDY!! HELP!!" It was everywhere! Needless to say, the bed was stripped and changed and a bath was given to Aidan and everything went into the wash. Mommy's worst nightmare come true! And all before 7:30 in the morning!
So, a quick mention that today is the Russian Independence Day. We're holding out for July 4th to celebrate. . .
And, my dear blog friend, Joy, found the info on making a book out of the blog! For all you bloggers out there, the info can be downloaded from I'm going to work on mine this weekend and forget about the usual baby book thing! This will have ever so much more than a mere baby book!
Aidan says some funny words occasionally and we're not sure if they are Russian or if they are something made up. A couple of them are "Doby" and "Beot" (spelling is questionable). My sister Amy found out that "Doby" means happy. That I just love because he will sometimes say "doby, doby, doby, doby!" over and over! But, what in the world is Beot?? He has been saying this since the orphanage and sometimes it is BEOT!!! Who knows.
A final quick story: While at the beach, we went into a store to buy some salt water taffy--a must, you know. While there, we saw some pictures of dogs that had been put onto wooden plaques. There was one that looked remarkably like Maggie so I pointed it out to Aidan and Pat. And Aidan said, "kitty cat!" Hmmmmm. . .we may be onto something here. . .
Next time I may do a picture comparison of when we got referral pictures to how he looks now. Might be interesting!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thunderstorms, tornadoes and timeouts!!! Oh My!!!

Aidan with Grandpa Dave
So, my dad was here all this past week. He left on Friday. We had planned on doing quite a few things but thrown off because of some wicked thunderstorms that hit on Wednesday afternoon. I had just gotten Aidan up a little early from his nap when I decided to look out the front window and check out the sky, the color of which I wasn't too keen on. I had just gotten to the front of the house when the storm hit with full force. . .it was like a wall of water slammed into the house! Aidan was with me and he started crying immediately. I picked him up, turned to my dad and said we needed to go to the basement. He was already up and on his way, having already come to that conclusion! We barely got downstairs when the power went out. The power stayed out until Thursday around noon. It came back on just in time to kick the air conditioner back on when we were just starting to need it, too! During the storm, which lasted a good 40 minutes or so, Aidan curled up in a ball on my lap and only seemed happy if my arms were around him. He didn't cry or whimper, but I know he was scared, the poor little guy! Pretty much, since then, Pat has been working double shifts (Serviceman for Virginia Power). Sigh. But, we are still heading off to Virginia Beach tomorrow morning for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to a last fling before heading back to work and I'm glad we're able to do it!
But, while dad was here, we were able to get over to Arlington Cemetery and into D. C. for a little sightseeing. Here are some pictures of our fun!

Starting our tour of Arlington Cemetery:

Krasnoyarsk stroller comes in handy again!
Changing of the Guard at

Tomb of Unknown


Dad with Aidan at


In front of Mr. Henry's on Capital Hill. This was Joe's favorite hangout. Joe was a dear family friend and is the one who inspired Aidan's middle name-Josef.

The Harrison family in front of the White House!

After the White House, we headed on home.

Because Pat worked so much this week, he hasn't had much time with Aidan. In fact, pretty much no time at all! So, mommy is tired. . .and Aidan has had a few timeouts more than he probably would normally get. Partly it is Aidan testing to see how far he can go, and partly it is because Aidan is two ( a number he can say and can almost show with his fingers!!), and partly it is because he hasn't had daddy time in about a week! But, today we should be getting back to normal again.

I head back to work on Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to it! Not that I don't want to work, but I'm going to miss being with Aidan all day. . .but I know it will be for the best. He needs to be around other children. . .not just mommy!!! : (

Beach pictures in a couple of days!!



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two Months and a lot of progress

Wow. It was two months ago today that we got Aidan out of the orphanage! I can't believe that was two months ago! In some ways it was just yesterday and in other ways it seems like he has been with us forever! He has changed so much since then: he says Mommy and Daddy all the time now; says "Love you too!" ; He says Please Mommy, more, stop that, amen, bear, Cleo Kitty Cat, Doby (which is Mosby), Maggie, go bye-bye, night-night, book, play, Aidan (which actually comes out Aya), two (and he even tries to do two fingers, although his muscle coordination isn't quite there), and a host of so many other words! He still has some issues going to sleep, but once asleep no problem!

Pat told me the other night that he really loves coming home now (I tried not to be hurt by that!) He later clarified that he loves that Aidan screams out "DADDY!!!!" and runs to him for hugs. . .I do understand, but really! didn't he love coming home before???? : )

We went to the Daycare provider this morning to take the paper work she needed along with a case of Huggies and a case of Wipes. Aidan starts going there next Wednesday when I return to work. . . : ( I know it's best for him to be around other kids, but I am going to miss being around him all day everyday! On the positive side, I won't have to worry about private bathroom time during the day. . .

We went to D. C. the other day and got some good pictures in front of the White House and we also went to Arlington Cemetery and got some pictures in front of the Tomb of the unknown Soldiers during the changing of the guard as well as in front of JFK's tomb. I know it wsn't exciting for Aidan, but how cool is it that he is only two and has been to Capitols for two gret Nations???

Oh, and here is a picture that was sent to me in memory of the Devil Duck on Red Square:

Thanks, Lori! Thanks a lot! : )

By the way, does anyone know how to order the blog in book format? I saw that in someones blog recently but didn't write it down. I no longer remember which blog I saw it in! Help!



Sunday, June 1, 2008

June, devilish things, and things that drive me crazy!

June! I love June. . .It's the best month of the year! Besides summer starting and vacations happening, it's the month of my birth! I'm a weirdo about my birthday. . .I love it! I don't much care for the number of years anymore, but that's an issue I can, and do ignore! : )

Have you ever had a song or thing get stuck in your head and about 6 hours later you were so sick of it you never wanted to see or hear it again??? Well, let me tell you a story. . .

After we landed in Moscow, our young, sweet and innocent son stole an item from Ellie, the little girl adopted by the Jergers. It was a duck that played a song by Vivaldi, a muscian and music that I dearly love! The duck has five buttons on it. . .the center belly button plays the entire sequence of the song while the two hands and the two feet break down the song into Violins, xylophone, drums, and horn. Aidan would push one of the buttons and then we would all hear the entire song or part of it. . .over and over and over and over and over (you get the picture). This kept him happy, but we got to listen to this for the three or more hours we were stuck in the van on the way to the hotel (some kind of accident on the highway-go figure!) Then, the next day, the same story. . . and the next. . . and the next, ad infinitum. Aidan even had the thing in his mouth, drooled all over it, got tons of Moscow and Red Square dirt on it and, wouldn't you know it? When we tried to give it back, the Jergers kindly declined to accept it!!! So we brought the devilish thing home. . .only to have mommy hide it! : )

However, that is not the end of the story! One day last week Aidan found the devilish duck! And it has resumed it's place in our lives. . .until such time as mommy can dispose of the evil little thing and make it so it won't resurrect itself! And, you are wondering, what does such an evil thing look like? Well, here it is. . .

And don't try to tell me how innocuous it looks!!

Finally, I am borrowing a page from Lori and speaking my mind about something that has been troubling me for a quite a while. Let me preface this by saying, while in Russia, one thing I did not miss at all was the constant talk about politics and the race for the Presidency. In fact, I found it almost shocking when we returned at how much time is spent discussing/reporting/tearing about what people have said to whom and when! It almost seems self absorbed! So, I ask you, when did it become okay for three top Senators, elected and paid by the people of this great Nation, to basically devote all of their time and money, while continuing to be paid for a job they really aren't doing anymore, and run for an office they may or may not get for a period of more than two years????? This is driving me crazy!

Next time I won't rant. I promise!

Dad is here and tomorrow we will take Aidan to Washington to see Arlington Cemetery, the White House and the Capitol. Dad thinks we should get pictures of Aidan in front of the White House and the Capitol. . .afterall, we "got pictures of him in front of that church in Red Square!" Too true. . .pictures on Red Square while still a Russian and now pictures in front of the White House as an American! Pretty good idea!