Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of First Grade

Well, it finally happened.  My little boy turned into a big boy and went off on the school bus to school. . .all by himself.  And then he came home, too.  All by himself. 

He picked out his clothes, all by himself, the night before and had them laid out on top of his dresser.  In the morning, I had gotten up early enough to work out and then make some doughnuts and sliced strawberries for him.  And we just talked about what his day would be like.  I explained where everything was in his backpack--all of the pencils, dry erase markers, folders, tissues, etc. . .I even put his Student Code in a special pocket of his lunch box and his bus number in a special pocket of his backpack.  And then we just talked.

And then it was time to go.  I had to have my annual porch picture, though!!

And for comparison sake, here is when he was three and heading off to his first day of Preschool!!
See what I mean?  He's not a baby anymore at all!!  : ( 

Anyway. . .

We headed up the street to the bus stop, which is really close.  And began our first day of school wait for the bus.

Aidan kept looking for Charlie, our neighbor and then she got there.  What a sweetie!!!  First thing she asked was if he wanted to sit by her on the bus.  How cute is that?
And then the bus arrived and the kids got on and headed off for the day. . .

I, choking a little on the held back tears (Aidan is so calm and matter of fact about things!), headed home to keep myself busy.  I cleaned out the front bedroom that has all of the craft supplies, wrapping papers and small holiday decorations.  Then I cleaned out my closet and discovered I have ten bags of clothing to give away between what I got from my closet and what I had gotten a few weeks ago from Aidan's closet--they come to pick that up tomorrow morening.  Then I cleaned the floors (yes, Sofia came on Friday), then I did some laundry and ironing while I watched a two hour movie--needed to fill some time.  Then I updated our Norton Anti-virus and balanced the checkbook. 

And then it was just about time to go back to the bus stop to wait for the kids to come home.  Pat got off work on time and was able to join me, that was really cool!  So, off we went. . .and here came the bus!!

 And there was my little dudely!!!

I was so glad to see him. 

Back at home, I unpacked the backpack where I discovered that Aidan hadn't eaten much of his lunch (okay, big worry here!  No more Winwood lunches where he eats 2 to 3 servings every day!!) but I will have to let it go and hope he gets hungry enough to just learn to eat.  The school lunch is $3.00 so I have told him he can buy it once a wek. . .haven't seen a menu yet, though!

And, I also discovered my annual mountain of paperwork to fill out and sign.  Check!!  Completed it and am sending it back to school today in the backpack.

Statistics on Aidan as of 8/27/2012:

48 3/4" tall--if you're keeping track, yes, that's another inch taller since the beginning of July!
53.4 pounds.
Clothing size:  7
Shoe size:  1 1/2
Proof positive that my baby has in fact turned into a boy, one who is growing by leaps and bounds and is getting incredibly smart too.

And there you have it.  The beginning of another school year.  One in which I know my kid will continue to grow and learn and continue the process of shaping into the person he will become. 

Thank goodness for pictures which will help me remember him how he was!! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Teacher, Football, Alarm systems, and New Glasses

Although I have been working really hard lately to get us more organized, I feel more disorganized than I have felt in a long time!  I think it's just because we ave been so busy doing things we don't normally do.  Hopefully, with the advent of school, things will settle down into a groove that will begin to feel normal and my organizing efforts will really begin to take effect.

We did get the freezers cleaned out and organized and now we will go to Costco next weekend and stock up on the meats we are low on and will then be prepared for several months of only needing to buy breads, fruits and vegetables.  Good deal!!

My mother in law fell again and popped her hip out on Wednesday evening.  So, our plans changed for Friday.  But, that's okay.  I've been suffering from a cold for the past week so it was actually good for me to take it a little bit easy on Friday--sleep in and do quiet things with Aidan.  Not very exciting for the kiddo, but he survived.

Thursday, I took a two hour lunch and went and picked up Aidan from Winwood.  After a quick lunch at Chik-fil-et--which was insanely crowded!!--we went over to Aidan's school and met his new teacher, Ms. Jenkins.  We really like her a lot!!!  She is sweet and young and seems to really care about the children.  Now, this is a first impression, but I really feel good about her!!  Aidan found his new desk--he actually has a desk now!!--and made me laugh a bit when he said, what is this box thing? (his desk) Too funny!  The boy is used to just have a table and a cubby. . .not an actual desk!  We also found his mailbox and I filled out a couple of forms and brought home more homeworkto fill out.  When we got home, I got his back pack all packed up and ready and now all we have to do is get him and his supplies to school on time on Monday morning. . .the bus will do this this year!  : (

Thursday night, Aidan participated in the Opening Ceremony for Central Loudoun Football League.  It was held at Tuscarora High School, where he will eventually go.  We gathered by one of the end zones where the boys just played and were like a pack of puppies just having a good time.

And then they got to run onto the field. . .being cheered on by the cheerleaders!!!  Cute.  Our Knights were chasing the Dragons, being first and second respectively.

Aidan is a fast little runner!!!

Friday night, we had planned on going out to dinner--which we did eventually do--after Aidan's practice.  However, it was delayed because we bought, and had installed, a new alarm system!  It's pretty cool.  It's monitored by Vivant.  It has police, burglary, glass breakage and fire monitoring.  And, we have a silent monitor on the Man Cave door--preparing for our teenage years with a room where there is alcohol.  It's really cool because I can monitor it through my phone while away and can adjust the house temperature, check the camera feed (watching the dogs is pretty funny) and turn a light on in the Living Room.  I can even arm and disarm it while away.  And I will get a message on my phone anytime anything happens.  Cool!  I just need to get a certificate showing what we have and then we'll get a nice discount on our Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Because of the Alarm System installation, we didn't get to bed until really late on Friday.  Fortunately, we didn't have to be at the football feild until 9:30 on Saturday. . .where the Knights played the Dragons in the first game of our season.  They lost, but it was 4 to 3 and Aidan scored the first touch down for the Knights!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  It was really exciting.  Aidan played really really good on both Offense and Defense and, actually, stayed in the game the entir time.  For the most part, I think the boys had fun and the coaches were pleased that they were really coming together as a team.

The afternoon was spent at the eye doctor where all three of us has our prescriptions updated. . .big money!!  Thank goodness for insurance and Care Flex!!  Poor Aidan, though.  Miserable little guy by the end of that long appointment.  We will plan that differently in the future! 

And now today it is going to rain all day.  This rain is not Isaac, but I think we will have rain for a few days because of Isaac keeping our bad weather front here.  No playing outside today.  : (  Fortunately, we had already planned to go ice skating this afternoon and then Aidan and Pat will go to a Stick and Shoot to practice some moves in preparation for Aidan's evaluation skate--this coming Thursday!!! 

That's about it for now.  Next up:  First Day of School pictures!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Football and Super Heros

Aidan's first football scrimage was a success.  There was a last minute cancellation to the pictures, so we got to sleep in an extra hour and not have to be at the field until 8:30. . .small favors.  The boys had fun, although I can't help feeling that the coaches are trying to teach them some pretty complicated things.  It would probably be wiser to begin simply and then build from there. . .in any case, here are some pictures.  I forgot my camera--can you believe that???  so thank goodness for smart phones!!!  I won't bore you with the videos I took. . .

That is Aidan leading the pack. . .he had some really great runs.  I was stunned and very impressed by the effort I saw on his face.  I mean he was really working it!!

In years past, Pat and I counted down the weeks until Pre-Season football.  With Aidan being so involved in hockey, our focus has shifted quite a bit--almost all to hockey.  However, I think with Aidan being involved in football now, in addition to the hockey, perhaps our focus will now shift back a little again to football.  I think we're into the Pre-Season now for NFL.  I guess I need to start paying attention again and get Aidan to watch some of those games!  What did I do with that Redskins schedule????  : )

We did get his teacher assignment:  Ms. Jenkins.  I haven't heard anything about her and neither has our neighbor who has had two kids go through first grade at our school.  So, this is a good thing.  We will meet her on Thursday.  The classroom shouldn't be as crowded as last year as she will only have one group of students rather than a morning group and an afternoon group and only half of the alphabet comes for the Open House at a time. 

Saturday afternoon we met friends at the Franklin Park pool where the kids played for a couple of hours.  We then went to thier house for pizza.  Pat had to work, but he came by in the bucket truck and gave the kids rides in the bucket--huge hit!!  After, we got pictures of the boys being super heros.  : )

This will be a short week for us.  Aidan's day care is closed on Friday so I have the day off and Pat is taking the day off.  We're planning to go up to Baltimore for the day and go to the National Aquarium and then have lunch at the Inner Harbor and then head back.  Next weekend we all have eye doctor appointments and then we need to go to the grocery store and Costco and stock up on school lunch supplies.  I cleaned out all three freezers this weekend and pantry shelves too in preparation.  I am hoping to stay organized (right) and prepared for all three meals every day (I hope and pray).  I've got to at least try with our crazy hectic schedule!!! 

Finally, yesterday was the last day at our church for our priest.  It was sad. . .and happy for him.  They are moving on to a church in need of his skills in Falls Church.  I'm sure his skills will help them grow on many levels.  It was a sad day for those of us at St. James', but I also think this will be good to help the people there know that the work being done there is not about the priest but about God.  Change is never easy.  But, it is usually necessary.

Have a great week!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot and Cold Activities

It's Friday!!!

Another crazy week.  Aidan's football schedule is twice a week until school starts and then it will be once a week.  He is really liking it.  He's having fun learing some of the moves and how to play the game.  It is flag football, so he's having a hard time remembering to not tackle.  Fortunately, he hasn't tackled anyone yet, which is a good thing because he is one of the biggest boys on the team.  He would probably flatten some of the little guys!  Here are some pictures from this weeks practices:

Learning blocking techniques.

The boys are really having a good time.  The two dads are good and knowledgable but tend to try and teach the boys fancy moves.  Kinda funny.  They look at him and say, What do you mean, Coach??  They'll get it and they are having fun.  That's what counts. 

Our team is the Knights.  Aidan has his pictures tomorrow at 8:00 and then his first scrimmage at 9:00.  I think the coaches are nervous!  : )  cute.

Pat's work schedule has been insane lately.  He has been filling shifts left and right for a couple of weeks now.  He's off today, thank goodness, and will go and help his parents with some things at their house.  Hi mom popped her hip out again yesterday and had to have it put back in under anesthesia.  She seems to be recovering fine.  However, it happened when she just bent down to tie her shoes!  So, slip on shoes are the order of the day, I think.  : )  She's doing well and it does not appear that this added any problems for Pat's dad, which is a good thing.  Pat works double shifts tomorrow and Sunday, so we're hoping to go out to dinner tonight and get in some family time.  We are also planning to go to the mall to buy my sisters birthday present. . .got some ideas!

Aidan has his last Mini Mites game for ever last Sunday.  : (  sniff.  I'm going to miss those little guys!!  He has two weeks until the Evaluation skate for Mites but we'll likely go to the rink to practice skating and do a Stick and Shoot or two.  I'm sure he'll practice on the Pipestem, too.  Here are pictures from the last ever Mini Mites game:

Watching and waiting for his chance to steal the puck and skate away. . .if he just wouldn't steal it from his own teammates!!!  : )

Today is our last big payment to Winwood and then next week we will start the Afterschool Care fee.  Yippee!!!!  One week left of Summer Camp.  This week they went to a Water Park on Tuesday and then the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum on Thursday.  Aidan was excited to see a Space Shuttle up close and personal. . .although he was a bit surprised that it wasn't bigger.  He's had a great summer.  Next week they have Reptiles Alive coming and and place called Mad Science--making chalk and Floam.  Then they have the big end of summer party on Thursday and are closed on Friday.

We should be getting Aidan's teacher assignment tomorrow or Monday.  Next Thursday, I'll take a two hour lunch and go get Aidan and take him to meet his new teacher during the Annual Open House.  I don't know anything about the teachers so I just hope he gets someone interested in teaching and loves being around children. 

What a strange summer this has been. . .I whined about the heat all during July and really dreaded August, which hasn't been too bad--so far.  And this summer has really zoomed by.  We've been incredibly busy, but have had some good times.  One more week and we're into our fall schedule.  It just seems to be going so fast.  I guess that's what happens when you have an active kid!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Interlude

I have to share a good chuckle that I had that also included a bit of hilarity and heart squeezing.

Last week, while driving Aidan to Winwood, I decided to begin the process of preparing him to ride the Big Yellow School Bus.  I told him I would take him to the bus stop each morning and then he would get on the bus with the other neighborhood children and go on to school.  The afternoons he would take the Winwood bus over to Winwood.

That seemed to go well.  At least at first. 

The trouble started when I said he would take the Big Yellow School Bus home on the first day of school and then start taking the Winwood bus the second day.

"So, I'll be on the bus with Charlie, Ava, Scottie and Logan?"  Well, yes, but not Ava because she will be going to the Midde School this year.  "Won't she be Charlie's sister anymore?"  (???)  Well, yes she will.  But, she will just go to a different school.  She'll still live at home right next door and Doug and Lia will still be her Mama and Daddy and Charlie will still be her sister.  "When will I go to that school like Ava?"  Not for a few years, sweetie.  "Will Ava still be there?"  Well, no.  She'll be at the High School by then.  But Charlie will still be there.  "So, Ava will then go on to College and get married?"  Well, yes, after she finishes high school.  "When will I get married and have children?"  Well, after you finish high school and go to college, then you will get married and have children.  "So, everyone is going to be a grown up before me????"  oh my. . .Well, not everyone.  It will all work out okay, really.  "So, Daddy will be a Grandpa when I have children???"  Well, after you find a wonderful lady and want to marry her and then you have children then Mommy and Daddy will be a Grandma and Grandpa.  "But, I don't WANT that to happen!!!! (sobbing now)"  Why not, sweetie?  It's really okay.  Honest.  "But, then Grandma and Grandpa will be with God in heaven!!!!  (wailing)" 

And all because I thought it would be a good idea to start talking about taking the Big Yellow School Bus to school.  That'll teach me!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally Friday

Here we are at the end of another week.  I guess my blog schedule now consists of updating here once a week.  I am determined to have some place where I save the little things that Aidan does and says--I don't scrapbook or keep any other kind of book for him.  I do journal, but that really is more like a prayer journal and not primarily about Aidan. 

Anyway. . .

When I left off last, we were heading out for school shopping on the tax free weekend.  We did really well on our excursion!  Friday night, we went over to the outlet mall and went to the Nike store where Aidan and I both got new shoes.  I knew his foot had grown from the 13 1/2 shoe that he is currently wearing so I immediatly went for the size 1.  Shoe on and I ask, "Aidan, how does it fit?  Where are your toes?"  At the end of the shoe, Mama.  "Really???"  I touch the end of the shoe and ask him to wiggle his toes and sure enough, the toes are really at the very end and probably crammed.  So, we got a size 1 1/2.  Much better.  A little room left.  So we bought those.  And now I am thinking we may be buying new shoes again by October. . .should have gone for the 2's.

And yes, I know, that a boys siz 3 is comparable to my ladies size 5 1/2. . .not much longer before he passes me. . .

Off to Target for the supplies.  I am pretty sure there is some kind of conspiracy here between the maker of the supplies, schools and the stores selling the supplies.  We found everything we needed right away except the Dry Erase Markers:  5 in blue and 5 in black, low odor chisel tip.  What does the store sell?  a package of four: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 black.  Right.  I could have gone with it if it was a package of one color!  But no. . .so, I went online and purchased a box of 10 each, blue and black, on  Check those items off the list for next year, too!!!  : )  All told, we spent about $50.00 for supplies alone.  Sheesh.

On Saturday, we got up at a leisurely pace and then headed out for a nice fortifying breakfast before hitting the mall.  Last Saturday was Central Loudoun Youth Football League day at Dick's Sporting goods.  Great deals!!!  And we had coupons!!!  We bought Daddy some new shoes, Aidan's football cleats and mouthguard and a little case for the mouthguard.  At normal prices, these items would have been about $180.00 but with our discounts and coupons we spent $73.00!!!  Woo Hoo!!

Off to Gymboree I went where I was able to outfit Aidan with several pairs of jeans and several shirts.  Underpants purchased at Gap Kids and we were done with the clothes portion.  Since it was still early, we headed over to Yankee Candle to replenish our candle supply.  We did look at the Man Candles, which are too funny.  One is Grass Clippings which really smells like freshly mown grass and another was 2 X 4 which really smells like wood.  But, Pat opted for Mountain Lodge which has a scent like a wood smoke, pine scented air, fresh and clean air kind of aroma.  Very nice and very Man Cave like.  I like his choice.

Our final stop was at a Sleep Number mattress store.  Pat has been wanting me to try one of these things out for years.  I have resisted.  I know myself.  I knew if I laid down on one of those mattresses I would want it.  It's like test driving a car.  If I test drive a car, I buy it.  I have bought every car I have test driven.  Don't test drive the car. . .don't lay down on a mattress you know you will love.

Well, we were all happy and on a shopping high and I got coerced into the store. . .where I laid down on one of those mattresses and the girl began working the control and I found my perfect level. . .and I didn't want to get up.  I WANT THAT MATTRESS!!!!  (Pat is so laughing at me!)  And so, we will likely purchase one of those mattresses. . .next month.  We're just saving up the cash--no debt for us!!  With all of the overtime Pat has been putting in, it will take a couple of pay periods, but we will be paying cash for that wonderful mattress!!  I can't wait.  I can't wait.  I can't wait.

The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning house and entertaining Aidan while Pat went off to work.
Sunday was a very lazy.  We just did laundry and played until Aidan's hockey.

On Tuesday after work we packed up the car and headed down to Harrisonburg.  I had a class on Wednesday and Pat and Aidan went with me so they could head over to my sister in laws house.  After dropping me off for my class, the boys went on over and spent the day helping Becky and Bob, playing with the Alpacas and what not.  At the end of the day, they picked me up and we went to dinner before heading back home, with Becky.  We got home very late--2 hour drive--and I was absolutely beat after 10 hours in the class.  But, it was all worth it.

Thursday we were back to our normal schedule.  I had three lunches to make and Aidan went to Great Country Farms for the day trip to look for gems. . .which he brought home several of!  After work, Pat scrambled to go to the bank to get Aidan's birth certificate--which we just found out the football league needs to confirm his age (unorganized league!)--and then picked Becky up from our house then ran to Target to get Aidan some sports shorts--forgot that on our shopping spree!--and then headed over to the field for his first practice.  I met everyone there and took over where Aidan was concerned while Pat ran Becky to their parents house.  Too hot and tired after all of that so we ordered in, gave Aidan a bath and then Pat headed to bed to nap a bit before going on the midnight shift. . .I hope he rested but I don't know because right when he went to bed, thunderstorms rolled in and they have been going on all night!  We did even lose our power briefly.  Poor Pat. 

And so, here we are at another weekend.  I have absolutely no plans except for Aidan's last ever Mini Mites game and hopefully church.  The rest of the weekend will be spent allowing Pat to sleep as much as he can and playing outside or in the basement. 

Finally, I still haven't received any information about Aidan's teacher for the coming year.  I hate last minute stuff. . .and with two weeks until school starts. . .I do know that we will have a meet your teacher time on the Thursday before school starts (two weeks from yesterday) so we'll know before then.  I'm off the next day, Friday, so we may plan a day trip up to Baltimore.  I'm hoping Pat can get the day off.  It would be nice for us to do a little family get away before the craziness of school starting!

Until next time. . .

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Friday Frolic

We have really been enjoying the Olympics.  The swimming, the diving, the gymnastics, etc.  Our only complaint is that they come on so late!  So, we started DVR'ing the entire day and are now playing it back.  Works nice because we can now see other things and fast forward and really watch what we want.  I never saw synchonized diving before.  Love it!

Aidan has been really cute with these Olympics.  The other day, I told him that the Women's gymnastics was on and that the USA and Russia were expected to be battling it out for the gold.  He said to me, "I'd like to root for Russia.  Is that okay?"  Of course it is!!  You can root for whomever you want.  It's okay.  "Will you root for Russa with me?"  Of course I will.  I'd be happy to.  "We can root for the USA, too!"  : )  I love my boy!!! 

Aidan's flag football begins practicing next week. I'v heard that they have two practices a week until school starts and then just one a week for the eight week season.  I've been a bit preturbed with this league because they have not been very forthcoming with information.  For instance, they sent out a big message saying when equipment pick up would be, this Saturday and the times.  And a list of equipment people need to buy. . .for tackle football.  Nothing for flag.  So, I finally emailed and found out that we are to buy a mouthpiece and cleats and they will provide the rest. . .I assume when we meet for practice. . .I guess we will find out soon when and where the practices are.  All I told Pat was that Aidan's hockey will take top priority for this fall over football.  We'll do the football, but any conflicts will go in the favor of hockey:  $100.00 for football v. $100.00 x 11 for hockey.  You do the math and tell me which one you would focus on!!

Speaking of Hockey, Aidan finished up his last Mini Mites Skills Class this past Wednesday.  He has two more Games: this Sunday and then the one after.  Then, he will be done with Mini Mites!  Forever.  (sniff)  All of the coaches say Aidan is definitely ready for Mites.  He is borderline on age, but he is big for his age and his skill level is definitely there and at times higher.  He has his evaluation skate for team placement on August 30th.  I'll probably feel like Aly Raisman's mom during that skate!  : )

Here's Aidan with his fellow Mini Mites:

He is in the front row sitting on the ice and is the first white jersey from the left.

Yesterday, President Obama was here in Leesburg giving a speach at Loudoun County High School.  If you will remember, he came to Leesburg back in 2008 during his initial campaign and spoke at the park across the street.  This was so much nicer because, while several streets were closed, none were main arteries so traffic didn't get backed up.  And, he flew in and out over our house!  Aidan went out on the driveway and waved. . .cute!  He was very excited by the President being so close.

Summer Camp is moving along.  I can't believe Aidan only has three weeks left!  But, he's been having some fun.  He went to Volcano Island at Algonkian Park in Sterling this week and then to a Carnival at Frying Pan Farm Park.  The Carnival was fun, but I think the teachers and kids may have gotten a bit over heated.  Aidan apparantly had an upset stomach after one of the rides and so they all sat down for a water break.  I've been thinking we might try something a little different next summer. . .but we have the winter to think it through.  We'll see. . .

Today begins Virginia's Tax Free Weekend!!!!  We're going up to the Outlet Mall this evening to buy us all new shoes and then to Target to buy Aidan's school supplies.  We may also go to Kohl's, depending on the time, for jeans and socks.  Tomorrow we will head over to Dulles Town Center for the rest of the school clothes: shirts, pants, underpants, etc.  We will also go to Dick's Sporting Goods for those cleats and mouthguard.  And, I'll order the new backpack from LL Bean that Aidan has requested.  By tomorrow night, Aidan should be completely outfitted for school. . .at least until Christmas which is when I will likely have to replace jeans again. . .  : ) 

I also plan to go to Yankee Candle to replenish some of my candle supply.  I love that place and their candles!  I saw an add recently for some Man Candles so I thought I might buy Pat one for his Man Cave:  Grass Clippings or Garage or something like that.  Amusement value alone will make it worth it!

The only other thing going on with us these days is that we have decided to deactivate our Facebook accounts.  We had made a family decision to not go on it when we are with eachother and I found I could really only go on there a couple of times during the day.  I found it somewhat annoying because of so much politics. . .which is fine, but we get enough of that on TV, phone calls, emails, etc.  It usually put me in a bad mood anyway.  So, this seems like a good decision.  We didn't delete it, just deactivated it.  To see how it goes.  Haven't missed it, though I may go back on for Hockey season!  My friends and I like to talk about it.  We'll see. ..

This is the second weekend without the house keeper.  In addition to shopping, I'm hoping to finish the corner shelves in the office and clean out my closet.  That's the plan.  I'm hoping to stick to it!  I'll be glad when Sofia comes back. . .