Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laughter through Tears

Dana's funeral was last Saturday.  We went as a family and met others who came as families.  We were one in our grief, in our mourning and in our joyous reunion and recognition of Dana's resurrection.  We cried. . .and we laughed.  It was beautiful.  And it was sheepish.

Dana was a very special person and she graciously orchestrated and organized her funeral just as she did her entire life. 

She was dedicated to Jesus and she knew she was a sheep and that Jesus is our Shepherd.  Her license plate and her email were Mysheeep (hear the bleat of the sheep there?) 

The sheep thing happened while I mentored our EFM (Education For Ministry) group of which Dana was a part.  We had laughter. . .we had fun. . .we learned a lot.. .we became sheep.

The readings from Dana's service were as follows:
Isaiah 61:1-3
Psalm 139:1-11
Revelation 7:9-17
Psalm 27
John 10:11-16

If you read these, you will find an ever increasing revelation of Jesus the Good Shepherd and we, the people, as the sheep.  We are sheep.

Throughout the service up to this point, there were several songs sung, one of which is a particular favorite of mine. . ."For you oh God, my soul in stillness waits. . .Truly my hope is in you."  It's a particularly moving Advent song.  Love it.  It makes me cry.

Crying became a large part of my reaction to the service, up to and including the Gospel reading and even into the Homily.  At this point, the service had already gone on for an hour and I was mildly surprised at the patience of my young son.  And still he maintained his good behavior!  Even though we still had the Homily and the Service of Communion and the Committal to go!!  What a good boy he was/is.

The Homily broke down the why's and wherefores of Dana's choices in the readings.  It all relates back to the sheep.  After touching on the Gospel reading, Pastor Jeunee expanded on it all and explained the roots of our sheepishness.  And here it is, per Jeunee in a not so exact translation:

In late 2003, Stacy was attending Shepherd College in Shepherstown (mild laughter at this, mainly from the clergy in attendance due to all the sheep imagery).  She was required to go to a play directed and produced by one of her English Professors and roped some of her EFM group in to go with her.  Dana, Dana's husband Rob, Allison and Robin all agreed to go one Saturday night.  It was early December and the play was, "The Second Shepherd's Play."  (more mild laughter).  Stacy organized everyone into going in one car (HEY!!  MAMA!!  THAT'S YOUR NAME!!  my young son said VERY loudly.  yes, honey, it is. . .SHE'S TALKING ABOUT YOU!!  yes, honey, she is)

snickers abound. . .

When they arrived, they noticed the four piece band at the back of the stage.  They were wearing sheep hats.  Throughout the play, there would be a barely discernable sound. . .baaaaahhh!  After a while, it became clear that it was one of the musicians making the baaaaahhh! sound.  By the end of the play, the five were laughing uprouriously waiting for the baaaahhh to happen again!

The congregation was giggling loudly. ..

The five discussed it, laughingly, all the way home afterward.  Sheep were bound to become a theme with them. 
The next day, at church, Allison and Rob were LEM's and preparing to administer the wine at communion.  Allison said to Rob, "Wouldn't it be funny if, when Dana comes to the rail, I say, "The Bloooooood of Christ. . .The cup of Salvation."  Rob, horrified, said NO!  This is a Sacrament.  You must take this seriously!  So, when Dana came up, Allison said it as she should, to which Dana replied, "Baaaaahmen!" 

The congregation erupted in laughter.


Through tears.

What a special way to have remembered Dana.  What a special way to have been given the chance to lighten our hearts.

Thank you Dana for the wonderful memories; for the reminder to remain true to Christ; for the reminder to be His sheep.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Follow Up Call From The School

So yesterday, I marched with righteous (trying not to be self righteous, of course) indignation into Aidan's school.  Aidan was a little confused when I came with him past the entrance of the library, but seemed happy enough.  When we entered his classroom, one of the teachers said hello, you are Troy's gran. . .and the other teacher jumped right in and said Aidan's Mom!  Right. . .do I look like a grandmother?  Okay, I am old enough, but come on!!!

My righteousness deflated a little. . .

But, I forged on ahead.  My son had been wronged!  I will stand up for him!!  I stumbled through a little of the early story and basically said we didn't have the book that was missing and indicated that I felt Aidan had been confused about it because when asked he pulled out his legitimately checked out book.  I also told them that he felt like he would be in trouble if it was not returned on Monday, which was why I was there instead of having written a note.

The main teacher, Mrs. Taylor (who is the one who started to call me someones grandmother), jumped right in with apologies and assurances that Aidan wasn't in trouble and that we looked and didn't find it and that's all they can ask for.  All is well.  All is good.  And out the door I went.

Feeling a bit maneuvered!  But, well, okay.  I did what I had to do.  Onward to work!

Where I got a call about an hour later from the librarian at Aidan's school.  She had been out on Friday and had no idea of what was going on.  She had already found the book.  In the library.  She was horrified that we had been involved at all and offered to talk with Aidan with an an apology to him for his being involved at all.  Feeling pity for her, I said thank you but no.  We had already talked to Aidan and assured him all was well.  Let's all put this behind us and move on.  I thanked her for calling.

Lesson learned:  not all of the facts will be clear from the school.  Ask questions before getting upset with them.  They don't always know what is going on either!

Next up:  All of Aidan's Halloween Costume is here and we took pictures of him in it last night.  I'll post sneak peaks in a day or so, if you ask nicely!  : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

The First Call From School

It's not really a bad call, but I was dreading the first call from school.  It came on Friday morning. 

I received a message from Aidan's teacher, Mrs. Taylor, indicating that a little boy in his class had checked out a library book and then failed to return it.  His excuse was that he had given it to Aidan.  When asked, Aidan replied that it was on his book shelf at home.  The teacher simply asked that I check and let them know.

Well, without even checking I knew we didn't have it.  I check Aidan's backpack every day and knew what had come out of it and what had gone back in to go back to school.  And because either Pat or myself pick Aidan up at Day Care, we would have noticed something in his hands, which there wasn't.  Further, we read to him two to three books every night which means we are looking at his books every night. 

Realizing that there are three Aidan's (the other two spell it different, but it is pronounced the same) in Aidan's class, I called the school and left a message for his teacher asking her to call.  I wondered if perhaps they had the wrong Aidan.  Not getting a call back, I emailed her in the afternoon, thinking that she could possibly either call or email me after the children left for the day.  No response at all.  Either way. 

So, I asked Pat to double check Aidan's cubby at the Day Care to be certain the book wasn't there and then I double checked his book shelves when I got home.  Nada.

When questioned, Aidan pulled out the library book he had brought home on Thursday, which we had already read twice at that point.  Still thinking I would resolve this matter by writing a note and sending it to school on Monday morning saying we don't have the book and that perhaps they have been checking with the wrong Aidan, I heard my young son say, "Mama, Mrs. Brown (the Assistant teacher) said I would be in trouble if I don't bring the book back on Monday so we better put this in my backpack!"  Say what?!?!?!?

Needless to say, I will now be personally dropping Aidan off to his classroom today to give the teachers a piece of my mind!  Whether those were the words used by Mrs. Brown or not, it is definitely the impression Aidan had.  And it hadn't even been determined if he really had the book!! 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

According to Aidan

"Mama, you know what?  Some planes have lots of big jets to make them fly and some have japellers!"

And you know what?

"Tonight, if we have 'nuff time, maybe we can watch Panny McPhee."

And you know what?

"The finger skaters are still on the ice!"

And you know what?

"Daddy is going start the ferwheeler drive so I need my earspeakers!"  (said while covering his ears)

And you know what?

"I heard a fire truck going down the road with a loud siren this morning so I'm glad my school is safe cuz I want to learn lots of stuff!"

And you know what?

"Daddy said he wasn't going the speed lemon after he picked me up at Winwood today."  (Daddy!?!?!?)

And you know what?

Yesterday, when I left Aidan at the entrance to the library, he walked half way down the hall and then looked back at me and smiled!  This was a first.  He has not looked back at me before and always looks sad walking down that hallway all by himself.  Huge!!

And finally, I will share a story from the middle of the night hours at the Harrison house. 

I awakened to hear my young son get out of his bunk bed, walk across his room, down the hall and past his bathroom, into our bedroom, negotiate his way around both dogs and past our bathroom, around our bed to my side, climb up the side of our bed and then over me, get under the covers and then turn to me, putting his little hands on each side of my face and said in a very loud whisper, "Mama!  I have to go to the bathroom!!"    :  }

All of this is said to me with that cute little earnest face, sprinkled with freckles, and a slight lisp that I just can't correct yet because I just don't want him to grow up out of this stage yet!

I just love this kid!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini Mites Rock!!!

Saturday, Aidan had his second Hockey lesson in the morning.  He was less than enthused.  I am positive he was bored because they actually spent time marching.  Aidan learned to march on the ice back when he was in the Toddler skate class when he was two.  It was so bad for him that he was slow moving and usually last in line.  Like I said, less than enthused. 

Then we got to the rink for Mini Mites.  Pat and I were a little nervous considering how Aidan had been in the morning.  We checked him in and got his new Mini Mites jersey--Aidan is on the Yellow team (there are Red, Green, Yellow and Blue) and then went to wait for our turn on the ice. 

Aidan looked out at the ice and said, "Mama, look.  The Finger Skaters are on the ice."  : ) 

The boys waited and waited. . .and then finally, the zamboni was on the ice!!!

And then, they got to take the ice!!!!  The Yellow team played the Green team on one end of the rink while the Blue and Red teams played eachother on the other end.

Aidan is the one in the yellow jersey with the red and white portion of his socks showing.  He is crowding the boy playing Center on this start. 

Aidan loves Mini Mites.  He was always pushing to be first on the ice and even got a lot of ice time.  Out of the 60 minutes, I would guess that he played at least 35 to 40 minutes.  He won each time he was the one up for the drop of the puck, he chased after the puck and took it away from the other team (and from his own team mate a couple of times!) several times, he guarded the goal and deflected the puck away several times and he could be credited with many many assists.  He didn't make any goals himself, but he was really into it!

He showed an interest and enthusiasm that was really awesome.  I think we're going to pull him from the lesson and see about getting him into the Hockey Skills class instead.  That will mean two hours straight on the ice on Saturday afternoons into December, but I think he will be much happier.  And, it will make our Saturdays a bit easier too!

On the way out of the Ice House, we saw the Mites coming in to play next.  I think they are 7, 8 and 9 year olds.  Not sure.  Aidan looked at them and said, "I want to be one of those guys."  Okay.  If you continue to like it!!

Meanwhile, on the way home, Aidan crashed in the car and slept so soundly on the way home that we had to practically pull him out of the back of the car to bring him in the house!  Total exhaustion.

Mini Mites Rock!!!  Go AJ!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Will You Pat My Back?

This has been another incredible week.  While my friend Allison was busy helping coordinate the final days of our dear friend Dana's life, I was keeping Aidan busy while Daddy was finishing up his insane work hours.  Dana, I am sad to say, lost her battle to cancer Thursday morning.  She was a special and dear person and will be missed by all of us whom she left behind.  I know that she is no longer in pain, and that is a good thing for the last few days of her life were filled with pain.  Her personality was such that she would find happy in everything.  "Isn't the sun really sunny today?  Aren't these dark clouds just beautiful?"  She was always upbeat and always wanted to share responsibilities.  For and about everything. 

Wednesday evening, we had some thunderstorms coming through heralding our change from late summer to early fall weather.  I knew that the end was near for Dana and that we were looking at mere hours.  Trying to keep him occupied and not focused on the storms, I asked Aidan to draw Dana a picture of a rainbow.  He wanted to know why a rainbow so I explained it is a nice reminder of Gods promise of loving us.  This is what he drew:
Children absolutely amaze me with their understanding of things.

I ended up being the caretaker of caretakers.  I have tried to be there to listen when Allison came home and needed to talk about Dana and things going on there and I tried, on Wednesday to make sure that Rob, Dana's husband, had a priest available to talk to when and if he needed it.  I am grateful that our priest at St. James' help me out tremendously in trying to make sure that was covered. 

Dana's funeral will be huge.  It will be held at St. James' on Saturday, September 24th at 11:00 am.  It will be presided over by Bishop Johnston of the Diocese of Virginia and there will be a plethora of clergy there.  Dana was a part of the first group of folks to ordained Vocational Deacon, a very historic event in Virginia. 

The storms continued all of Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.  It was a tough sleeping night.  Aidan woke up several times and wanted me to pat his back.  I did so, and couldn't help remembering my mother patting my back to help me fall asleep.  There is something so comforting about Mama patting your back, you know?  Aidan did ultimately end up sleeping part of the night with me.  I am pretty sure I fell asleep patting his back.  : )

Tuesday night was Back To School Night at Leesburg Elementary.  There were several sign up sheets to bring party supplies and to come and read.  I would love to come and read to his class.  I have a conference for the end of the first quarter already set up.  Perhaps I'll see if there is something still available for me to sign up for. 

I had been concerned about Aidan always saying he is bored and that he doesn't really like school.  He seems to like Mrs. Taylor and he is making some friends.  I have been thinking it is because he is bored.  I think was was right.  Mrs. Taylor said, without me even asking, that some of the children, like Aidan, are more advanced because they have had the benefit of an excellent Preschool.  Some have not.  They are trying to bring those who have not up to speed which makes things a little slow for those like Aidan.  It should even out.  In the meantime, they are giving the children like Aidan a few extra things to do and Aidan's Day Care teacher is also giving the children some things to challenge them as well.  That will all help.  And Aidan is still loving Library Day!!

Speaking of Library Day, Aidan is now getting homework each week.  It comes home in the backpack on Mondays and is due back on Thursday--the same day the library book is due back.  That's awesome because it is something more for a Mom to remember, but at least it is the same day as something else I have to remember!  Mrs. Taylor was hilarious as she, knowing how things work at most homes, even said it would be one less thing for the Moms to remember!!  : )  Aidan's first homework assignment was to trace his name three times and then write it three time.  Simple enough, however the Loudoun County schools use a specific handwriting technique that he has not learned.  I gave him the option of saving it for another night or doing a little bit each night or doing all of it on Monday. . .he opted to do it all on Monday night and we handed it back in on Tuesday!!  Awesome kiddo!!  And he did pretty good, too.  Now we need to start trying to be consistent on that style of writing.

We have been thinking about going on a short trip to celebrate our Anniversary this year.  I've never actually been to Williamsburg, so I think that is where we are going.  It should be pretty neat as it will be decorated for Christmas.  We'll leave on a Friday morning and stay in Williamsburg until Saturday afternoon; then we plan to go to the Great Wolf Lodge and stay there and enjoy the water park until Monday afternoon.  Aidan will love that!  Then we'll come home, send Aidan back to school on Tuesday and we'll have the day to ourselves to do some Christmas shopping and have a nice lunch somewhere.  I'm really looking forward to this time with my family!! 

And now, on to decorating for fall.  Afterall our temperatures have dropped and we are now in the 40's in the morning with highs in the 60's. . .love it!!

If only I could find my black wreath hanger!!!

And now, today, we are off to the ice rink for lessons and then Mini Mites this afternoon!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering and Protecting our Normalcy

I have posted before about where I was and what I was doing 10 years ago when the attacks happened.  So, I won't restate those now.  What I will write about now is the days after.  How strange it was to not hear airplanes and then to all of a sudden hear an F16 fly over.  Being so close to Washington D. C., the fear here was palpable.  We were afraid because one of the planes had taken off from Dulles Airport, 13 miles from where I live.  And the FAA tower for the mid-Atlantic is located right here in Leesburg.  I believe at least two of the planes were tracked there.  Mt. Weather is just to the west of us about 20 miles up the road and Camp David is about a 1  1/2 hour drive north of us, straight up Rt. 15.  With D. C. and the Pentagon 30 to 35 miles to the East, we felt too close. 

Even having grown up in the Cold War, this felt different.  This was not the old comfortable enemy.  This was some strange new breed of enemy. . .one many of us weren't really familiar with. 

I did think about the events of 10 years ago yesterday, but I did not watch the tributes and memorials.  I found myself avoiding television because I think some of the images would have been too much to explain to Aidan.  He already asks if the bad men who crashed the planes went to see God.  I have talked to him about what happened, but I think too much is too much for a 5 year old.  But that does not mean we didn't pray for all those affected by the tragedies.  And we prayed for our country, the United States.

One happy thing about yesterday, I discovered that Aidan is learning the Pledge of Allegiance!  I didn't know that!  I was impressed and really really happy.  When he gets it all, I will record it and put it on here.  It's really cute.

And, now on to what's up with Aidan:

I had been really worried about him all last week.  On Friday, I took him to McDonalds for a Happy Meal, the box of which ended up on his head.  Perhaps the box was inspiration for he told me about the boys whom he is befriending in school.  They have been playing together and getting up to some antics in his Kindergarten class.  He sounded happy and content with these boys, of which he says there are about 10!  I explained to him that he would likely go to school all the way through high school and possibly college with these boys and he said, "Maybe we'll be police men or firemen together, too!"  That's right, sweetie!

Also, Aidan started his hockey lessons on Saturday.  I had signed him up for a class I thought would be challenging for him.  It is for 7-9 year old boys.  All the way to the rink he was complaining that all he wanted to do was Mini Mites.  I explained he needed work on stopping and that I really think he should do the lessons to be better in Mini Mites.  Complaining continued, though, all the way there.  Then we got there.  We put on the skates, helmet and gloves (pads, etc. will be for Mini Mites only) and he got on the ice.  You should have seen him smile!  He was so glad to be back on the ice you could just see it!  He was at least a half head shorter than the other boys and much smaller in size--big as he is.  I'm thinking most of the boys were an older 7 and possibly 8 or even 9 years old.  But, Aidan out-skated them all!  And he learned some new tricks on stopping so it was a good exercise all the way around.  I think he was glad afterward that he had gone.

Saturday afternoon, Catherine came over and we walked over to a playground where the kids played for about an hour.  We had been home a short time when one of the neighbor kids came over and invited them over for a water balloon fight.  Awesome!  Aidan and Catherine headed over and had a blast getting soaked!!

Sunday I took Aidan to church and then he went to Sunday School.  He loved it!!!  After he told me the whole story of Moses with Pharoahs daughter and Moses' sister Miriam.  It was awesome.  So, between Children's Chapel, Sunday School, and the stories I read to him, maybe Aidan will get a good religious education after all!  : )

Once home, Aidan decided to try on his Halloween costume that Aunty Amy gave him for his birthday.  He is going to be a really cute astronaut!!  All we need to get are the gloves, helmet and boots. . .to be ordered next weekend.  And, I have plans to turn the wagon into his rocket ship!!!  Fun!!
But, those pictures will have to wait until the whole costume is here.  : )  Aidan is soooo excited for Halloween!!!

Finally, we did actually sit down and watch the Redskins play the Giants.  I have to say, they were pretty impressive!  I might even watch more again!  Aidan wore his Redskin shirt, which I will need to buy a new one of, but has been a bit brainwashed by my friend Allison in that he kept saying Go Cowboys!  Now, if you know us Redskin fans, you know that that is practically treasonous sacrilidge.  I'm going to have to work on this boy.

Until next time, have a great week!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Mixed Bag

We have had a mixed bag of everything this week.  It's been cool and fall- like and it's been tropical including deluges of rain.  In fact, it's been raining for darn near a week now.  We have been under flood watches in Loudoun County for the last couple of days--most of the streams and creeks are over the banks.  Areas to the east of us are under water completely, having already been saturated from Irene.  We had the remnance of Lee and now an outer band of Katia is drenching us, thereby extending the flood watch until this afternoon. 

Perhaps because of the weather, Aidan has seemed down about school this week.  He is unhappy and upset that he has to go.  He is so much more mature than even a year ago that when I explain he has to go, he dries his tears and puts on a brave face and then gets ready to go.  I think it's a combination of things:  he misses Winwood and asks if he can just go there all the time; and he is bored at Kindergarten.  Things are taking off slow because the teachers want to make sure they know where the kids are and they apparantly don't want to go to fast for those not ready.  We have our Back to School night next Tuesday.  I think I'll talk to the teacher and see what's up.

Meanwhile, we did talk to the teacher at Winwood and she will try to do some curriculum types of things with the kids--apparantly they are all acting the same as Aidan--so that their little minds will stay on top and stay sharp.  Poor little guys!  They are used to being challenged and now they are not. . .in fact, I suspect most of them are way ahead of their classes. 

Someone mentioned having Aidan tested to move up into first grade. . .while I think he is big enough and smart enough, I don't think he is emotionally mature enough.  Our schools cut off the age when you can start kindergarten on August 31st.  Aidan's birthday is May 15th, making him a young 5 in his class.  And he is only 5. 

On a brighter note, Aidan has been hands down the best behaved little boy I have seen in forever this past week.  He is sitting through dinner (mostly), not questioning our authority, enjoying games with Mama and Daddy (we had a really fun family Wii night the other night), and going to bed without any fuss at all.  Truly an angel.  Makes it even harder when I know he isn't happy about the school situation. . .Thank goodness for Thursday's Library Day!  He loves that. . .

Last weekend we were able to go for a playdate with Catherine for a while.  Somehow the kids even got to play outside a bit, in between downpours.  We're trying for another one this weekend at some point.

Hockey lessons start on Saturday morning and then next week we add in Mini Mites in the afternoon.  I think Aidan will be happy to be back on the ice!

My friend Allison arrived on Wednesday evening.  She has come to be with our friend Dana until the end.  I guess Allison will be staying with us until that happens.  The latest on Dana is that she is on Morphine round the clock and has had to have a couple of Dilaudid's as well and is still in some intense pain.  She has, so far, refused hospice care.  Although she knows she is at the end, accepting hospice care is likely like putting the period on the sentence.  Meanwhile, many of us have volunteered to take meals to her husband Rob and we also try to have him over about once a week for dinner--providing a place he can come and talk if he wants to or not if he doesn't.  He and Pat hang in the mancave and smoke cigars and watch sports.  Good male bonding time and good rejuvenating time for Rob.

Aidan has grown another half inch. . .he is closing in on that four feet tall marker!  Defintiely before he turns six. . .one of the teachers at his school thought he was a first grader because of how tall he is!  : )

That's it from this mixed bag.  Hoping and praying for a little sunshine to come back into our lives!  I think we'll have a beautiful fall. . .

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A First Week of School Review

We have had a great, but exhausting week!  Aidan is really enjoying going to Kindergarten.  At first I noticed that he wasn't really talking about it much.  Then he would talk about it, but seemed to be mixing things up between the Kindergarten classroom and with Winwood.  Then, by the end of the week, he had it straight.

He has quicly become very independent.  This little boy would cling to me every day when I dropped him off at Pre-K.  He would pout and tell me he didn't want me to leave him.  Now, I walk him into the school and leave him by the library where he then walks all the way down the hall and then around the corner to his classroom.  He told me that he wants me to drop him off at the curb starting next week. . .sniff.  we'll see!  Next he'll probably tell me he doesn't need a hug and a kiss!  (note my whiny voice in that statement). 

There has been a few days of paperwork associated with Kindergarten and I have set up Aidan's online payment center in order to pay the $20 a month in snacks.  There has also been a couple of evenings of homework--we had to find a picture of Aidan reading a book and then we had to do a page that included a picture of Aidan, a picture drawn by Aidan, and a story about who he lives with, pets, hobbies, sports, etc.  I think these assigments and paperwork have been designed to make sure the parent remains in a constant state of panic making sure he/she checks the backpack every night!  Did I check it?  Did I do everything I was supposed to ?? 

Wait a minute!  I'm not back in school!  Aidan is!  Right??  Okay, I'm the parent so I have to remain responsible.  I get it. . .  : )

A wonderful side effect of the school thing has been bed time.  This is amazing.  While in Pre-K--even through the summer--Aidan had to lay down on his cot from 12:30 until 3:00.  Yes, 2 1/2 hours.  He didn't have to sleep, but he had to be on his cot.  It's a rule of the Commonwealth of Virginia that requires all children in Day Care classes designed for children up to Kindergarten that they have to be on the cot for 2 1/2 hours.  Aidan lays down, he's going to go to sleep.  Especially since we have to have the pillow pet and blankie and Tigger with us each day--everyone else has theirs Mama!  I did take a Quiet Bag--activites that he could do, quietly, on his cot.  I then asked that if he fell asleep, please get him up by 1:30 and no later!  For the most part, I think the teachers did get him up, but sometimes maybe not.  In any case, up until the end of last week, we were lucky if Aidan was in bed and asleep by 9:30 at night.  I get him up at 6:45 in the morning.  With 2 1/2 hour nap/quiet time, that's a lot of rest!

This week, I am so very happy to report, we no longer have naps--we were no longer doing them during the weekend, either.  And, drumroll please, we have a new bedtime!!!!!!!  7:30!!!!!!!!!!  And, he sleeps now until 7:00 the next morning!!!!!!!!!  Truly amazing!!!!!  It does create a little bit of pressure to get home and do dinner, bath and have some fun family time before he is off to bed, but it is working.  Bedtime and book time have become quiet and relaxing.  It is no longer a struggle to get him to settle down--poor little guy just wasn't tired before!!!!  On Friday, I let him stay up a little longer, thinking he'd sleep a little later.  He came to me at 8:30, crawled in my lap and said, "Mama, I'm really tired.  Can I go to bed now?"  Who is this child???  : )

The other really cool thing about last week is that Aidan was introduced to the library at school.  I am terribly ashamed to admit that I have not ever taken Aidan to the library.  And we have a beautiful one right across the street at Ida Lee!!!  : /  I know how it sounds.  Honestly, I didn't just not do it, it just didn't happen for some reason!  We have lots of books.  But, I always buy them--I have never felt that a book fee was a frivolous expense.  Okay, I am lame.  I know.  I will need to change my ways.  Aidan LOVED the library!  He goes every Thursday at school and gets to check out any book he wants.  We then read it at home.  Fun!  So, now I need to plan a day when I take him over to the Ida Lee library and get him a library card. . .

We have not done much this weekend--Daddy is STILL working insane hours.  We stayed quiet yesterday, much to Aidan's dismay.  I had a horrendous sinus headache that made my forehead and face feel huge.  It's much better now, just a little residual pain in my eyes and that seems to be going, too.  I have promised Aidan he could play on the playground at church today.  Hopefully, it won't rain.  Tomorrow we have plans to have a little playdate with Catherine and her mommy and I can get caught up. 

We have crazy times coming:  my friend Allison will be arriving on Wednesday to stay with us for a week.  Our friend Dana is giving up the fight on her cancer so we are all gathering to say our goodbyes.  Terrible.  We also start hockey next weekend with Aidan, so the crazy weekend schedule is about to get going. 

The geese have been gathering at the park across the street.  The sun is definitely coming up later and going down earlier.  The leaves on the Cherry Tree out front are beginning to change.  Fall is upon us.  A few more weeks and we will be raking leaves and having fires in the fireplace.   These are some happy family times. . .tinged with a little sadness. . .but still happy times.