Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 31, 2009

Only two months to get it done

Well, it's coming up on that time again. Time to think about what is Aidan going to be for Halloween??? We must decide so that Mama can get the costume made in time and with only two months to go, we sat down to have a serious discussion of what that will be.

First, Aidan wanted to be a Monkey. He wanted to be furry all over and be able to go ooh ooh ooh ooh aah aah aah aah. Goofy kiddo!

Fortunately, he changed his mind. Not that I couldn't do a Monkey, but I really wanted to do something cooler and more fun! One of Aidan's favorite movies these days is Night at the Museum (can't wait till Part II comes out on DVD since he has been to that Smithsonian!) and he loves Rexie. And so, drumroll please, we are going to a Dinasaur! He wants to swish a giant tail and ROAR like Rexie. . .

Not quite like Rexie in the movie, but CUTE nonetheless. Dontcha think???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Update, and some other stuff

Today's ride to school features the Two Millionth viewing of Cars. . .I think I know it all by heart!

Aidan is doing really great at school. He met his new teacher for next year yesterday and will spend more time with her over the next week and a half. He'll be moving into his new class on September 8th, less than two weeks from now!!

Today is the second to last Water Day at school and he actually chose to wear his Lobster suit and shirt--something different than the shark suit and shirt! It's really cute, too.

In other news, Pat got a second coat of paint on the Foyer and the first coat on the Basement stairs last night while I bathed Aidan and played with him. Tonight I will get the edging done and begin the process of doing the trim work while Pat takes over Aidan. Tomorrow night we hope to work on the upstairs and let Aidan play in his bedroom. The plan is to be finished by the end of Labor Day weekend. So far, so good! And, it all looks really good, too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sharing Russia with my Russian son

I read on a friends blog recently that she was trying to figure out how to keep Russia a part of her new daughters life. I had been toying with that as well since we brought Aidan home. . .17 or so months ago! But, I think I finally have it started, at least.

First, I decided to publish my blog in smaller increments. The first will be from when I started it to the day we came home with him. . .ie. Citizenship Day! Then, I will do it by year: January 1 through December 31. I've started the editing and am including referral pictures, place pictures, etc. These will become Coffee Table books--for as long as Aidan allows his Mama to have them out!

Then, I painted one wall that is in my family room (it backs up to the stairs that go up) Red Red Wine. Turned out pretty cool, too!

It has white trim and the banister is wood. Then, I redid my picture collage on that wall and put up pictures of Russia: St. Basil's, The Kremlin tower, Christ the Redeemer Cathedral, Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church, the Krasnoyarsk Chapel, and some Rubles we had left over. Pat's first response: You're obsessed with Russia! Me: No duh! My son is from there! Pat's second response: You need more pictures on the left--maybe another multi-picture frame that goes up and down. Me: Now your talkin'!

Yesterday we painted our foyer a really nice golden tan color. The stairs down to the basement, the stairs up and the upper hallway will be the same color (it's all open and part of the same space). The upper hall will house pictures of Aidan in his school years. . .marching down the hall--I've always loved that look in other peoples houses! The basement stairs will have cool pictures of Aidan with special people: one of Aidan and Ellie (she came from the same orphanage) in front of the White House; one of Aidan and his cousins at the beach; and another which I have not chosen yet. In his room, I have an icon of Sts. Methodius and Cyril, the two priests who brought Christianity to Russia and it is next to a Russian Orthodox Cross.

We keep Russia in our converstaions a lot so that Aidan is used to hearing about it. As he grows, we add on to what we've told him. One day he will be old enough and mature enough to hear the whole story. But, that won't happen for a while. In the meantime, we just say things like, "When we brought you home on the airplane from Russia. . ." It seems to be enough for now.

I studied Russian history in college. So, I think/pray/hope that I will be able to talk to him openly, honestly, and with a lot of love so that he can see all of the similarities between his two countries. I don't know if it will all be good for him, but I will always show him what a special place Russia is to his Mama! : )

Monday, August 17, 2009

On being a Mommy. . .

In order to be a Mommy, you need to be prepared to:

*Be a clown: you need to be able to cajole your child to eat/dress/go potty/pick up his toys or clothes/be quiet/speak up respectfully and in a way to show that child it's okay/fun/entertaining and informative. Your child needs to feel safe in performing these activities, too.

*Be a healer/comforter/maker of things that are right. All children get sick or hurt at some point or another. It's the law of nature. Mommy needs to be ready to take care of whatever that ails the child.

*Be a philosopher, ready to provide discourse on whatever questions (Why Mommy???) that may pop up. However, that discourse should be in terms understandable to the child or you may end up with one like mine who properly uses the phrase, "That's your perogative!" : )

*Be an Interpreter, ready to interpret what that whine/mumble/grunt/etc. might mean to other family members or friends.

*Be a good listener. You NEVER know when something will come back to hit you in the backside.

*Be the Fashioner Coordinator. Using input from the child, your fashion sense can shine and your child can always look well dressed and appropriate for the weather and/or occasion.

*Be the Planner/Scheduler making sure that the childs extra-curricular activities are appropriate, timely, and at the right time for nap/meal time/ or church.

*Be the Approver/Protector making sure that the child is able to make decisions on his own while also making sure the child stays safe.

These are such great and amazing tasks and responsibilities and mostly don't require a lot of thought or effort, just a lot of love. However, if Mommy should be sick or fall off her game even for a moment, all H E Double toothpicks enevitably strikes.

And, remember these are all in addition to being the good housewife/partner/lover to your mate!!

Life is good!! I love being a Mommy. . .

I have to add here something that has been bothering me: a friend recently made mention to me that having Aidan was probably not at all like I thought in that it isn't like having another dog. . .GASP!! What? Really? I actually never thought it would be anything close to having another dog!!! Good grief. . .

Friday, August 14, 2009

My heart is full!

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I was greeted in the back yard by my wriggling and totally wet son. He had been playing in the sprinklers with the neighbor girls and Daddy. After talking briefly with the neighbor girls' mom, I went on inside to tidy up the house for our friend who was coming to dinner and the football game.

When Daddy and Aidan came in, Aidan got very excited and grabbed something up, ran to me and placed some new jewelry on my wrist saying, "I made this for you, Mama!" How sweet!

Proudly, and with a very full heart, wearing my new bracelet last night and to work today, I can't help hearing that niggling voice in the background of my brain about the gallon jug of perfume that is coming my way in the near future. . . ; )

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yippee!! It's time!!

Tonight, the Redskins play their first Preseason game. . .woo hoo!! I'm so ready! And so is Aidan, of course. : )

My friend Allison is in town to help take care of my other friend, Dana. Dana is recovering so well from her surgery that Allison will be coming over to dinner and to watch the Redskins play the Ravens in Preseason Game #1. Now, Allison is a Cowboys fan (boo! hiss!)but we love her anyway!

We're hoping and praying that we're off to a good year with the 'skins.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crazy Summer, Heading Into a Calmer Fall

What a crazy summer!!! Out of the past 8 weeks, Pat has only been with Aidan and I 2 weeks: the week at the beach plus one other. The rest of the time he has either been working weird shifts or working in Kitty Hawk. I'll be glad when that is over--this week!! All told, it will be 9 weeks of time since the craziness began. Aidan and I are looking forward to it being over, even if it does mean that the end of summer is nearly here!

We've been holding up pretty good, though. Aidan has been a super sweet little guy lately. He has been full of hugs and love for Mama. He asks all the time where Daddy is, but he seems to understand why he isn't here.

I've been trying to make life fun, in the meantime. Tonight we're making chocolate chip cookies for a special friend who just had surgery. While those are cooking, we're going to make wrapping paper--Aidan will color and draw pictures on some basic brown paper wrapping that we will use for birthdays and Christmas. That should keep us busy!! And, just maybe, I'll escape another night of Dora and Diego! (please, God.)

I've enrolled Aidan for the next year of Preschool. He starts the 3 year old class on September 8th. Can't wait! I've also signed him up for swimming lessons at the Rec Center, which starts September 13th. Sign up for ice skating lessons should be this week or next. Aidan is looking forward to his new fall schedule.

I've signed up for a knitting class at the Rec Center. I've always wanted to learn and this seems to be a great chance.

Meanwhile, I called a neighbor girl last night and scheduled several nights for her to babysit--a couple of times for the knitting class, and for a date night for me and Pat before school starts. This will be really great.

And, so, like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Shopping I will go. . .A Shopping I will go. . .

Tax Free Weekend is here!! Tax Free Weekend is here!! A shopping I am going!!!

I picked up Aidan from school and off to the Outlet Mall we went. We live in Leesburg and we have our very own Premium Outlet Mall. Sweet! And, as an added bonus, Virginia offers a weekend where sales tax is not charged on all clothing, shoes and school or office supplies provided the individual item is less than $100. And, because of the economy, most stores are offering very deep discounts. So, it's the perfect time to supplement Aidan's wardrobe in preparation for fall and winter. . .

When we got to the mall, we walked over to Carters where everything was 50% off! that's right! All of the new fall and winter merchandise was 50% off. Then, we headed over to Gymboree. . .same deal!! Our final stop was Eddie Bauer. . .again, same deal! And, I had a $10.00 off coupon for Eddie Bauer. . .I came away with so many nice things for Aidan and a couple of Christmas presents for not that much money. I'm so excited about it!

Tonight, I got online and bought Aidan's new winter coat and snow pants from L. L. Bean. . .again a great discount and no tax! It's a nice coat, too. One that will last him two years like his last one did.

Tomorrow I am off to Dulles Town Center where I will head over to Baby Gap to see if they have any sweaters for Aidan and then off to Macy's to spend the $50. gift card I got from my dad for my birthday.

I'm not someone who really enjoys shopping, at least not physically in the store, but I love getting good deals like this. And to have gotten a great deal online (my preferred shopping method) it has added to my excitement and sense of shopping satisfaction.

Okay, so now I need to know when is the latest it is appropriate to have a garage/yard sale. . .I've got a lot of things/Aidan's old clothes to get rid of--I've given a lot away and still have a lot!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Day, New Month

Another Monday morning. Another new month. Back to work and school. Aidan is doing really well these days with school and seems to be really enjoying it. And, it has now been a week and no sign of the Swine Flu! I think we're out of the woods on that one. . .

He does still miss his old sitter, though. I took Aidan to church yesterday and he cried when I tried to drop him off at the Nursery. Dawn wasn't there. So, rather than have him cry like that, I took him into church. Right after the Procession of the Cross, I looked up and there was Dawn coming up the side aisle. She got to our pew and motioned that she could take Aidan. I asked him if he wanted to go and he ran to her and jumped in her arms! I had a happy service and Aidan was now happy in the Nursery. Yippee for all of us! I would normally have gone to get him in time for Communion but decided to leave him this time. He was very happy when I went to pick him up so I think it was the right decision.

After church, I went to sign up as a Sunday School teacher-something I haven't done for a few years, but have previously done for six years. I signed up for Aidan's class! Lucky him. ; )

Two years ago this month, our dossier was sent to Russia. Two years! To me it seems just like yesterday in some ways. And in others, it seems like Aidan has always been with us. As of tomorrow, Aidan will have been with us 16 months. Amazing. Someone recently said that Aidan hadn't changed much in the past year. On the contrary! I think he has changed enormously! He is no longer a baby. . .and in fact, I think he is even out of the toddler stage already! Just look what happened in one year!

Aidan at the beach-June 2008

Aidan's first day of Preschool-July 2009

Sigh. . .I know they are supposed to grow up, but does it have to happen so quickly??

P. S. Plese join me in saying a Prayer of Thanksgiving for my Blogger friend Joy. After two years in the process, she went to Court on Thusday. She received her "Da" after 5 hours, yes 5 hours!!, of questioning which included a 15 minute conversation where she had to promise, not once but twice!!, that she would not let her daughter play with sharks!! You gotta love it. . .Thanks be to God, Joy!! And Congratulations on completing that stage. Now for motherhood! : )