Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Gotta Fast Car

Well, because of the heavy rain yesterday, the car show was not well attended. . .so Pat and Aidan didn't go. Aidan was bummed at first, but truly he'll survive. He is so into cars! Daddy has a '73 Corvette affectionately known as "Daddy's Cool Beep Beep." I think Corvettes are his favorite--KK and Rob each have one--red and blue respectively--and then another friend of ours has a yellow one. Whenever we drive down the road and Aidan yells out "Cool Beep Beep!" we know that there is a Corvette near. . .sure enough, five cars up and to the left, or something. . .he never misses them.

There will be another Car show and Aidan will enjoy it just as much as he would have today.

After the pathetic excuse of a football game that the Redskins sort of played at, we went over to Pumpkinville and bought a couple of pumpkins, some apples to make Apple Butter, and some Apple Cider. Aidan loved it there! Now we have to go back and take him on the Hay Ride and the Moon Bounce. . .

While watching that pathetic game, I was able to get the hood of Aidan's costume done. The body is mostly done--I just have to do the elastic in the wrists and ankles--and then make the hands and feet. Still a month to go, so plenty of time!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can you say "Whew!!"?

Whew!! What a weekend!! And it's only 1:00 pm on Saturday!

Last night, a friend of mine came over to dinner and then she and I played Scrabble while Aidan watched a movie--Cars, of course. We had a blast! We used every tile and came up with some fantastic words. I can't wait to play again and am promising myself to read up on my dictionary to have even better words next time.

This morning, we were up early and started cleaning house. Most of it is done--just my bedroom, the kitchen and the floors left. Then, Aidan had an appointment at 9:30 for his annual flu shot. . .not fun!! Two suckers later, he finally stopped crying. He not only survived, I also got him on the list to be a first recipient for the Swine Flu vaccine. With him only being 3 and with his lung issues, he gets to be one of the first. Thanks be to God! I have to admit, although I'm not panicky about such things, I was a bit worried because so many of these folks getting that flu end up with pneumonia. That is NOT something I want Aidan to ever experience if I can help it! I've already stocked up on his albuterol and have his Nebulizer plugged in and ready, just in case.

When we got home from the doctors, I cleaned some more and then it was time for our third swimming lesson. Honestly, Aidan is doing soooooo good at this! If he would just stop, listen, and be patient we could get even further. . .right. . .he is a 3 year old boy! : )

After swimming lessons, McDonalds. And here is a happy boy:

Tonight, we have a sitter coming and Mama and Daddy will be going out to celebrate our neighbors 40th birthday. Fun!

And then there is tomorrow:

Church, then Sunday School and then Daddy is taking Aidan to a Car Show (more on that subject next time). . .then, after nap (during which time Mama will be holding her breath while watching the Redskins play against Detroit), PUNKINVILLE!!!!

Thank you God for weekends!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aidan Self-Portrrait

When I went to pick up Aidan the other day, I was handed this fantastic self-portrait that he had done--with help, of course. It is life sized, of course. His teacher drew the outline of his head and body and then he drew the face and the rest.

So, here is our conversation about the Aidan Self-Portrait:

Mommy: Aidan, what is this?
Aidan: It's Aidan!
Mommy: What is the green here on your hands?
Aidan: Playdough, Mama!
Mommy: What is the green stuff here on your tummy?
Aidan: It's Yummy Nummy in my Tummy Tummy!
Mommy: I really like your smile.
Aidan: Thank you, Mama!

Aidan also has learned how to recognize his name spelled out. He has to find his own seat at school which has his name written out on the back of the chair. He's doing so good at school. . .

With Aidan's help, Mama put the Aidan Self-Portrait on the wall of Aidan's room. It looks really good there, too!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

For that past 12 hours or so people have been saying: Well, they won. A win is a win. Yes, okay, that is true. However, they played the Rams for goodness sake and didn't even score a touchdown! If the defense had been as lackluster as the offense and the kicker had an off day, then what??? Really, people, this is Professional Football here. You get paid millions to do this. It's your job!! Jason Campbell and Jim Zorn are two really really nice guys. . .but they do not belong in Professional Football. . .college, yes. Pros, no. And what's the deal with this Haynesworth guy??? They paid millions for him and he is just lumbering around!! Zorn said something about how he'll play when they get him into shape. . .haven't they already played two games of the regular season??? When they get him into shape??? Really???

They play Detroit next week. . .truthfully, they'll probably lose--everyone beats Detroit, but I bet the Redskins will lose.

The last time the Redskins played this badly, 1998, Pat and I bought a new house. . .please, please, please pick it up guys!!

Aidan, cutie pie that he is, still insists (even though he was grumpy due to no nap yesterday)on saying over an over "Go Redskins!" Even during the Giants-Coyboys game! ; )

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Awesomely Busy Weekend Looms

Last night I hired a sitter, for only the third time!, and went out to dinner with some girlfriends. . .awesome! I was only out for a couple of hours, but it was nice to have a conversation without being interrupted a million times and having a little person clinging to my leg. And when I got home, he came squeeling out of the house and gave me a huge hug, which I was totally ready for!! The only hiccup was that Daddy came by in his work truck just as he was drifting off to sleep and so the "going to bed" process had to be restarted after he left. Otherwise, good fun for all.

Today, I am having some fairly minor mouth surgery. After having the discussion for the fourth time, I think my husband understands that he is needed at home tonight to help with little man. I'm just not sure how I'll feel tonight. I should be good to go tomorrow, if eating soups, which is a good thing because:

Saturday we have our second swimming lesson which will be followed by a birthday party for a neighbor boy who is turning 4. He and Aidan will be in the same grade in school when they start in a couple of years.

And Sunday we have Church and then Sunday School and then an enjoyable lunch with Grandma and Grandpa, whom we haven't seen for a couple of weeks (schedules, you know.).

And so we start another busy weekend. I'm told this is the norm. : ) How awesome!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Redskins!! Please???

After working for quite a while on it, Aidan was finally going around all weekend saying, "Go Redskins!!" He even was yelling it during the Cowboys game ; ). . .very cute. And, although he hung in there with Mama for a while during the actual game yesterday, this was his real reaction to how they were playing, or rather lack thereof:

Soon after, Aidan could be found outside with Daddy riding his bike.

I'm sure the Redskins have some kind of plan. . .I just can't even begin to imagine what it is. . .why in the world is Jason Campbell still the Starting Quarterback??? He is so not a leader on the field!

Swimming lessons went great! I was never too sure what Aidan got out of his lessons last year, but he actually remembered everything as well as many things we had taught him throughout the summer. He'll be a little fish in no time!

Sunday found Aidan helping Mama at her Parish Historian booth during the All Parish Ministry Fair. We arrived at church a little after 8:00, attended the 9:00 service (Aidan spent the first part in the Nursery and I then went and got him in time for Communion). We then had our first Sunday School experience (jury still out, but he didn't hate it at least!) and then played for a while on the church playground. We then went back into the Parish House for a final bit at the Ministry Fair. About 12:00 noon, Aidan asked me, "Do we live here Mama?" At that point, I realized this poor child, who had been exceptionally good all day, had had enough. So, we packed up and went home to hot dogs, naps and football.

What a great weekend! What a great kid!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

What a busy week we had! Aidan started his new class on Tuesday and is doing really great. He transitioned so easily, I keep wondering now if maybe we're past all of the attachment issues. Probably not, but at least we have made major progress in that Aidan easily adapts to change.

He is learning to recognize alphabet letters (he knows the alphabet, but I wasn't sure he new the actual letters). While playing on the Smart Cycle last night that Grandma and Grandpa gave him for Christmas, he demonstrated that he actually does know his letters. Amazing. He zoomed right through on the alphabet game! I think we're going to have to see if Santa can bring the next level of game cartridges.

Aidan is also learning his shapes, colors and numbers. He already knows his colors and how to count to 15, but shapes was another area we needed to work on. This month we're doing circles and the color red. I'm not sure what we're working on for numbers. I guess I'll find out. Back to School night (Aidan's--and thus, mine too--first!!) which is September 24th.

His demeanor in the evening has been so much better since we started at this school, it is amazing. His time is structured during the day and now he doesn't mind, as much, when we put boundaries on him at home. thanks be to God!

Today we start swimming lessons. After how much he learned playing in the pool in the summer, I am anticipating that this will go much smoother than last year. I had to cancel his spring lessons because of double ear infections, but he did really well anyway over the summer. I think he'll really pick it up this time around. Needless to say, because of Excited Boy syndrome, I didn't tell Aidan about the Swimming Lessons ahead of time. : )

Daddy is working all weekend so Mama will be taking Aidan to swimming lessons and to the Ministry Fair at church tomorrow--more about the Ministry Fair some other time. Sunday School starts tomorrow as well, so Sunday will be pretty tiring for all. But, later in the day, excitement!!!! Redskins v. Giants!!! Woo Hoo! And so it begins. . .

We're so busy all of a sudden, I guess I shouldn't be so upset that my Beginning Knitting class got cancelled.

I was trying to find the pictures of Aidan from last year at the hunting camp. When I do, I'll post a comparison. But, for now, here he was last Monday, all decked out, and hanging out with Daddy and the guys. . .

Thanks to the Deep Woods Off, they didn't come home with any ticks--Yeah!!!! Chiggers, which resulted in a call from the preschool, but no ticks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years...

9-11-2009 Wow. It's been eight years! Today is one of those days that kind of creep up on you and then you become nstalgic for the days of innocence that ended eight years ago yesterday. . .at least for my generation, that is. I pray that my sons generation can achieve a more peaceful world: if his personality has anything to do with it, it most definitely will.

One note, without looking back too much:

I take exception to the headline in a newspaper to the north which reads, "On this date every year we are all New Yorkers." No offense to New Yorkers. I know they had a huge tragedy. But, that takes away from the tragedies that occurred on the same date at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania. And it takes away from all of us who had fighter jets doing manuevers overhead for weeks afterward. And it takes away from all of the families across this great nation who have lost someone due to the tragedies of that day. And so, I say:

On this date every year, we are all Americans.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wiggles. . .

2:45 AM MAMA?????? (What is it about that time?)

Aidan, it's still night night time. What's wrong?

Can I come sleep in your bed? Okay, honey. But, don't wake up Daddy. . .

wiggle. . .wiggle. . .wiggle. . .squirm. . .squirm. . .squirm. . .Aidan, lie still please and go to sleep. . . .

wiggle. . .wiggle. . .wiggle. . .squirm. . .squirm. . .squirm. . .Aidan, honey, please go to sleep. Okay, Mama.

wiggle. . .wiggle. . .wiggle. . .squirm. . .squirm. . .squirm. . .You got any oatmeal in here??? No, honey. Are you hungry? yeah.

After having a cookie, we went back to his room and rocked for a while. . .You got any orange juice in here??? Aidan, sweetie, Mama promises that you can have oatmeal and orange juice for breakfast. But, right now it's night night time. I'll get you some water and then off to bed, okay? Okay Mama.

Needless to say, I'm a bit tired this morning. I'll live, though, and I think I'm going to start giving Aidan a bigger pre-bedtime snack!

Monday, September 7, 2009

No rest for the weary. . .

Labor Day! We're off work and school. . .and yet, we were awakened at 5:45 by "Excited Boy," who we rather recklessly told, he was was going up to the hunting camp with Daddy today. Sigh. So much for sleeping in!

And so, we got him all dressed in his camoflage, head to toe. After he was fed, snacks packed, they were out the door to head up to the camp to scout and set up the trail cameras and tree stands in anticipation of Hunting Season, which doesn't start until the first Saturday in October. No guns today. . .and no guns for Aidan for a few more years--and after he takes the Hunter Safety Course!

But, here's my little cutie all dressed and ready to go--He was really anxious to get out the door!

Daddy took a really awesome picture of the kiddo at a Spring at the camp last year. He's planning to take another one in the same place this year. I can't wait to compare the two!

But, back to the being awakened early by "Excited Boy." I'm beginning to be a little worried about Christmas. If Aidan gets this excited about going up to the Hunting Camp--and he isn't even hunting yet, exactly what time will he be getting up on Christmas morning??? I'm don't think we will be going to Midnight Mass this year!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of summer. . .

Wow. It's the end of summer! Ordinarily, July and August drrrraaaagggg slowly by for me--I don't like the intense heat and humidity that we usually get at that time. But, this year, we were so busy during July and August that all of a sudden it's September! I hardly even noticed the heat this year. . .

Aidan's last day of Preschool II was on Thursday. His school was closed on Friday so that the teachers could get re-organized and ready for the new year. He starts the Pre-K class for three year olds on Tuesday.

I took the day off Friday to be with Aidan and we really didn't do a whole lot. Really just played, ran errands and had a good time just being together--just Mommy and Aidan. Then, that evening we went to the Mall with Daddy and bought some more fun clothes and then went to dinner.

About the clothes. . .remember I went clothes shopping for Aidan at the beginning of August during tas-free weekend??? Well, we had some really cool nights last week--down into the 40's!!--and we actually wore a couple of the new PJ's--long sleeves and long pants. The first night, Daddy gave Aidan his bath and then we all went down to the Rec room to watch TV. I took one look at Aidan and said, out loud, Uh Oh! The brand new PJ's just barely fit! Oh my Gosh!They are supposed to be snug, but just looking at him I knew they weren't going to last the winter!! Ooops!

So, we went into the Laundry room and measured Aidan. Just look at how much he has grown!!

That is 1 1/2 inches since his birthday in May and 7 inches in the 16 months since we've been home! Yikes!! I think he'll be over 6 feet tall when he's finished. . .

Friday, Aidan and I took Maggie to the vet. She is healthy and well, just a little over weight. . .87 pounds. I think she probably needs to lose at least 10 pounds and possibly 15--that's 3 of us for the new fall diet we start on Tuesday! While there, Aidan stepped on the scale and he weighed 39 pounds!! Only one more pound to go before we switch to the booster seat in the car. . .But, no diet for Aidan. He and Mosby remain the slim and trim two of our family.

I sure hope he doesn't outgrow the Halloween costume I cut out for him last night before he gets to wear it next month!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Attitude at 2:45 AM

"Guys??? The light is OFF!" He said, with major attitude. . .

Pat and I sat bolt upright in bed, turned to look at eachother, and burst out laughing. I then said, "Daddy, shame on you! You turned the hall light off!"

All laughter aside, I'd like to kick whoever's booty who told Aidan about monsters. . . snarl. . .: {