Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, October 13, 2014

This Is Travel Hockey!

Almost as if the mood and vibes of the parents had enshrouded them, Aidan's team has not been doing very well lately.  In fact, a week ago, they had an extra practice on Sunday afternoon, after a disastrous game against one of our rival teams.  Their coach was so upset with them, he actually yelled at them, something he has sworn not to do.  He worked them really hard at that extra practice.  In fact, it seemed like a scene out of the movie "Miracle."

Blue line back, red line back, blue line back.  Again!  Again!  Again!  Over and over and over.  Those boys were some kind of tuckered out when they came off the ice!  But they were listening and really paying attention to him.

I could almost hear Aidan's first travel hockey coach, "This is travel hockey!  If this is not what you signed up for, you need to get off the ice!"  Yes, it was harsh.

But, in a good way.

Yesterday, the boys played a team in Odenton, Maryland.  It's an hour and a half drive from here.  I always have to think about that because it just kills me to drive three hours round trip for an hour game.

We arrived an hour early, as requested.  Our boys did their pre-game warm up and then came out to watch a little football on TV.  Actually, someones cell phone. . .
They were very cute.

But, I don't mind telling you, this mama was some kind of nervous!  I kept pacing and I was fidgety.  One of the other moms is a physical therapist and she offered me a message to help calm me!  She has an older boy on this club so she's been here before.

Finally, the boys went in for their pre-game talk with the coach.  And then they took the ice.  Their warm up drills looked good. . .

Don't you love our new goalie????  He's huge!!!  He's going to be an awesome addition to our team!!!

And then the game started. . .butterflies in my stomach and prayers on my lips, I watched as my baby came out and went after the puck, dug for the puck, worked his legs and his mind and scored the first goal of the game!!!

After that, the flood gates opened, and our boys were on a rampage.  The final score was 15-0.  Aidan did score a second goal and came off the ice smiling like crazy.

This is right after the final buzzer.  Our goalie had left the net and the puck went in.  Our boys stormed the ref to be sure it didn't count.  It didn't!!

Aidan was so happy, he waved up at me!  I was so proud of him!!!

What a difference a week makes.  I'm so glad for these boys.  They were really getting down about things and that was affecting their play even further.

Today, the coach emailed telling everyone he wan'ts to work with the A2 team alone on Tuesday and the A1 team alone on Thursday this week.  They all will also work on Wednesday as usual.  This means one less practice this week, but more individualized coaching on the one day  for each team.  When I read the message to Aidan, he gave me a frowny face and said, "But I like practice!"  Okay then.  His coach has not worked him too hard.  Yet!

Have a great week!

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