Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life's Little Highways. . .

We've been busy navigating the highways of life!

First off, we went to the Herndon Festival last weekend. Not so fun! We used to know everyone at the festival. . .now we don't know anyone. So much for the small rural town of Herndon!

We now have a new front door. Yeah! It is not only in, but we have a new door knob!

Today I told our sitter that Aidan will be going to an all day Preshool. It was hard. It was very hard! That's what happens when you let your friends be business I guess. I had a very hard time telling her that Aidan would be leaving. It's for the best, though. Aidan will be getting a fantastic education at this Preschool. . .he'll learn math, science, Spanish, Latin. . .and he'll be working on a computer beginning in the fall. Next year he'll be reading some and writing. . .enough to write in a journal! Wow. . . And so, it was time to let our sitter know. I had put Aidan there because I didn't want the Institutional thing, having just come out of the orphanage. But, we've been out of the orphanage for a year and we're looking at preparing for Kindergarten. . .so, we have to think about Aidan's future education. Time to worry about his foundational education!

And I leave you with this picture of Aidan. . .he loves Daddy's fourwheeler!!!


Joy said...

That must have been a very hard conversation that you had with the sitter. I can just tell that Aidan is a ton of fun and she will miss him.

Troy and Rachel said...

I had a hard time letting our sitter know we were changing Daniel also, but it was for the best. His speech literally exploded in the new setting!! I'm sure Aidan will benefit greatly!! Daniel loves his Papa's 4 wheeler too. These boys love things that go!!

Robin said...

Stacy, He is getting so big and cuter by the minute! wowser!

Tiger & Kar said...

Awesome picture!

Ilya LOVES his daycare and has benefited tremendously being around the other kids and learning from them. I'm sure Aidan will have a blast but I know the conversation with your sitter was difficult.

Can't wait to meet you in a few weeks!