Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff. . .

Well, it's certainly been crazy around here.

Pat was supposed to be on the day shift until June. However, Virginia Power oferred early retirement to a lot of folks and, if they took it, they had to be gone by April 1st. So, because a lot of the guys he works with retired, back to shift work he had to go. For almost two weeks he's been on the 3-11 shift. Kind of makes life hectic. I always really feel a lot of empathy and sympathy for single parents when that shift ends! I do love it in a way, though, because Aidan and I will usually do things and eat things that we wouldn't normally when Daddy is home. . . : )

The Capitals still lead Montreal Canadiens 3-2 in the Quarterfinals for the Stanley Cup. They haven't seemed like themselves, though. Almost sluggish. I don't blame them for being tired. Except for the Olympic beak, they have played several times a week for 7 months. That's a lot.

Speaking of sports, sorry folks! I'm going to be back talking about the Redskins next fall! It's so exciting! We have a new coach-Mike Shanahan and a new Quarterback-Donovan McNabb. And we got what the team wanted during the draft. It really seems like it will be a much more exciting year this year! Can't wait!

Last Saturday, our Order of Reference came from the County. Our Social Worker is now filing her report with the County and then I will file our Final Petition along with the form to request Aidan's Virginia Certificate of Foreign Birth. I'm hoping that this will all be completed by summer. How cool! And the best part, this only cost us $51.--$39. for the Initial filing and $12. for the birth certificate! This re-adoption process has been super easy so far!

Aidan is doing really well. I will try to take some pictures of him today with my cell phone. We're hoping to get a new camera in the next week or two. I'm sure the pictures from my old camera are all over Russia by now! Aidan continues to grow and amaze me. His group got changed--AGAIN!!--at school. I was pretty ticked since I had just talked to his teacher about that. I did let her know I was not happy about not being told beforehand. The reason he got changed was a good one, though, so I have to let it go: he and several other kids were moved into two groups that will be moving up to Pre-K in September. There is one group who will stay in the 3 year old class. They also had to separate some of the boys for behavior issues. . .she didn't say it was Aidan who had a behavior issue so I should be happy about that! You can see more pictures of Aidan at the Embassy by going here The kids were so adorable together!

I have Aidan's birthday party all planned. He has chosen to go back to the Ice House. Awesome. They will have us in a room for all the kids, provide balloons and a Tshirt for Aidan. There will be pizza and sodas, cake and then a 1/2 hour skating lesson for everyone following by a little over an hour of free skate time. We've invited 8 kids from our neighborhood, two little girlfriends from around here, 6 friends from school, and "our new friend we met last weekend"--Anna! That will be 18 children, including Aidan. Glad I won't have to entertain and clean up after that!!! It really is reasonable and they do a fantastic job.

I'm sure everyone has a favorite radio station they listen to most of the time. Pat listens to a Classic Rock station; I like a few--when I'm cleaning house it's Classic Alternative, when I'm work it's Classical--as in Paganini, Mozart, Chopin. . .and when I'm driving, I like this local Christian Rock station-WGTS 91.9. Aidan likes all of these, but he has been humming and singing along with the Christian Rock music lately. In fact, the other day I heard him sing along with the station when they announced the call letters. . .WGTS 91.9!! It was really cute. I love that he likes this so much. . .but I will say he still likes Lynard Skynard--Turn it Up! and he got very excited the other evening when he heard We Will Rock You by Queen. . .funny little guy! At least he will be well rounded in his musical tastes (shhhh! I am hoping to keep the Country out, though!) : )

One last thing, and then I'll close: I'm going on a business trip this coming week. I leave Monday morning and will return on Wednesday evening. I'm very sad and nervous about it! It will be the first time I have been away from Aidan overnight ever. I tried to talk to him about it the other day and he just started crying and hugged my arm and said he didn't want me to go. Oh man. . .this isn't going to be easy! I keep telling myself this is a normal healthy thing. . .but why does it have to feel so bad???

Well, that's about it. My little man woke up early today, climbed in bed and hugged me around the neck and said "I love you Mama!" I need to get in there and fix him breakfast!


Troy and Rachel said...

Yay for the re-adoption moving along - very easy process once you have the forms :) !! We got Daniell's passport so I'm thrilled with that - thanks for your help!

Enjoy your business trip - I know its hard leaving Aidan, but you need to relax for you! Troy and I went away together for the first time ever this past weekend too and t was hard, but wow - I feel like a new mom (and not in the overwhelmed, sleep deprived way)!!

Barb said...

Try to enjoy your business trip and don't feel guilty about being away . . . it's good for both of you!

He sounds like such a cutie pie!