Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can You Read Russian???

A quick funny side note about our trip to the Air and Space Museum--a place I got NO pictures of and Aidan absolutely loved it, too!. . .the place was filled with the rockets and space ships for the US and Soviet Union.  I was trying to explain to Aidan how the US and USSR first competed and then tried to work together in our space travels.  In fact the Space Station, a model of which is also at the museum, is a combination of US and Russian ingenuity. 

Many of the Russian rockets and Spaceships had the names of each, in Russian, printed on them.  While wandering around, I was quite proud of myself that I could remember how to read so much Russian, but that pride came after I was absolutely goofy about it:

I came across a Proton Rocket with Прото́н written on it. . .of course I stood there puzzing the word out: П  P. . . р  R. . . о  O. . . т  T. . . о  Ó. . .н  N!!  Proton!!! (huge grin full of ME pride) and then noticed the sign right next to this that said Proton Rocket in big bold block letters (chagrin now sets in). . .Well, I didn't read the sign first!!  : )


Melissa said...

Oh I wish I could read Russian. I only really learned a couple words before we went to Russia the first time. But I do have the program so maybe I'll take time to learn it one of these days!

Doug and Shelly said...

Good for you!!!!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Stacy,
Happy New Year to you and your family!!!
Best wishes...