Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

Today, we went up to Williams Gap and met some friends at Snickersville Gap Tree Farm.  We were hunting.  Hunting for a Christmas tree.

Wait, you might be saying.  Didn't you all do your tree last week?  Well, yes.  But, and this is a big but, we really wanted Aidan to have the whole Christmas experience.  The real Christmas tree way.  And boy did we have fun!  I think it's safe to say that Pat and I had forgotten how fun it actually is to go tromping around in the country, breathing in the cold air (whew! was it ever cold!!), with the noses and toeses turning to ice, looking for just the perfect tree.  So, here's a pictorial of our outing today:

Here we are hunting the big tree!

I can't wait to find the perfect tree!  Is this it???

No, dear boy.  We need to walk up the hill and look for a while.  We don't want the first one we find. . .right by the truck!  What fun is that?

Is this the one?

Nope.  Gotta keep looking.

Is this the one??


We're still looking!

What about this one?

Is this the one?

Could it be???

Okay!  This is it!

Now we just gotta cut it down without hitting anyone else. . .Cut right there, Dad.

Look good?  Okay, let's attach the rope and drag it back to the shed.

But, first, let's get a picture of this hunting party team in front of the bagged tree.

I can drag this back. 

Really, I can.!

Okay, Daddy can help me.

But, me and Catherine will take over on the downhill.

Silly Mommy.  She gave me the camera to hold!

And I got Daddy, too!

What a fun day!  Pat and I decided that next year we might not put up the fake tree. . .in fact, we might set that aside for a time when Aidan is in college and has to come home to set up Mom and Dad's tree for them. . .  : )

What a great day!!!  Cold, but great!!!


Joy said...

What great pictures. You guys looked like you had somuch fun. Maybe next we will be able to do that too.

Troy and Rachel said...

Glad you had so much fun picking out the Christmas tree!!!