Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

As usual, it's been a very busy week--or so.  This weekend is dedicated to just us three and doing things around the house. . .as much as possible--although a trip or two to the ice house may happen, too.

But, let's go back and review what we've been doing, shall we?

First, the week before last, I went in to work a little late so I could attend a class function in Aidan's class.  They were making butter and had invited the parents to join them.  I arrived a little early and had to wait with all the other parents outside the classroom until they were ready for us.  While there, I looked at the artwork--cute stuff--hanging on the wall and quickly found my Aidan's Christmas Duck that was hiding his Tom Turkey.  : )  Then, I spied this giant turkey that had writing on all of it's feathers. 

I had to chuckle because Aidan had written:  I am thankful for helpen my mom clen the hows.  : )  uh huh. . .we have a lady who comes to clean every Friday and it is like pulling teeth to get our Aidan to pick up his toys!!  Cute anyways, though.

Once inside the classroom, we went through the instructions of making butter with Ms. Jenkins and the rest of the class:  put some cream in a bottle or jar, add a little salt for flavor and then shake!  Shake it high, shake it low, don't let it go!!!  and Voila!!  Butter!!!  Who knew?  And it was really tasty, too.

Then we helped the children write the instructions down:  First this, then that, and last this. . .

Aidan made a cutie patootie Pilgrim!!

After Aidan's hockey game last Sunday, he needed an outlet for something to do while Pat changed the brake pads on the Tahoe.  So, Aidan and I decided to rake the front yard.  Truthfully, it did not seem like there were that many leaves. . .boy was I wrong!!!
That pile is huge.  Aidan was jumping into it for a while and then it was time to get ready to celebrate Grandma's birthday!!

We had an enjoyable dinner at Blue Ridge Grill--love that place!  And then came home for cake and presents at our house.

It was a very nice evening.

Sunday night, very late, my dad came to town.  His plane arrived about two hours after Aidan and I went to bed so Pat went to pick him up.  Pat was off Monday and Tuesday and then I was off Tuesday onward.  Aidan didn't get off school until Wednesday, but that gave us some time to hang out without having to entertain him!

Tuesday, Dad and I went to see Lincoln.  VERY GOOD!!  It was one of those movies that was 2 1/2 hours but was so good I wasn't ready for it to be over when it ended.  I wanted more.  The issues aren't the same as now, but the kind of dithering in Congress is.  Boy if they could just figure out how to work with eachother!!!!  Seriously, though.  I have always felt that Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest Presidents.  The issues he had to contend with and the way that he went about doing so. . .He was truly a brilliant man.  My high regard for him has been reinvigorated by this movie.

Wednesday, Aidan, Dad and I walked into town and browsed a bit and then had lunch at the Chinese restaurant.  Then we did some prep work for Thanksgiving dinner and then met friends for dinner for our annual Night Before Thanksgiving gathering. . .

Thursday was crazy busy getting dinner on the table, but it did happen.  Dad and Aidan both helped before hand: Aidan made the pie!  And then Dad helped by taking Aidan for a walk to get some of his energy out. 

Everyone arrived, Pat got home from work, and we finally sat down to a magnificent meal of turkey with all the trimmings:

Pat was a huge help after dinner by helping to clear and then getting a lot of the dishes done. . .four loads of dishes later, we were finished!!

After dinner, we sat down to watch the Redskins v. Cowboys game. . .Go 'Skins!!!!  My friend Allison has given Aidan Cowboys shirts over the years.  Aidan knows we are Redskins fans so he likes to tease us by rooting for the Cowboys and wearing his shirts from Auntie Allison.  So he ran up to his room and put on the current Cowboys shirt. . .

And the Redskins scored!!!!

So, then, he ran up and put on his Redskins jersey, and the Redskins scored again!!!

I couldn't resist sending both pictures to Auntie Allison. . .we taunt eachother during these games every season. . .this time I am the winner!!!  : )

Friday came early and Dad was packed and ready to go on to his next destination:  Amy's house in Chicago.  But, first, one last picture of Aidan with his Grandpa Dave:
We made a quick visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house after dropping Dad off at the airport and then headed off to the theatre to see The Rising of the Guardians.  Another good movie and really fun for the kids!!

Today we are making some chili in the crockpot, doing a little Christmas decorating and then maybe going to the ice house for some free skate.  I think we'll probably do the same tomorrow. . .after making it to church for the first time in a while!!  (Aidan's hockey makes it impossible to go right now, but we go when we can.)

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't make note of a special anniversary.  Thursday, Thanksgiving, was exactly 5 years since we met and held Aidan for the first time.  It had been a Thanksgiving day that day, too.  Friday we saw him again for another two hour visit and then signed the forms indicating that yes, we wanted to adopt Aidan.  We did have a Thanksgiving meal of caviar, beef tongue, blini's and raw fish.  Very fun and very interesting and a Thankgsgiving meal I will never forget.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


Joy said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all. I love the picture of everyone at the table. Aidan is the only one looking at the camera...LOL. It sounds like you had a nice visit with your Dad too.
Yes I do think we need to plan something for June.

Shelly said...

Love the leaves!! We have for the first time leaves in our yard. There is a huge maple tree bordering our property it rained falling leaves. Usually, the wind just rips them off the trees and they end up somewhere in Kentucky!