Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Report Cards and Day Care Woes

Aidan brought home his report card yesterday.  As I was opening it, he said to me, in a worried voice, "Mama, will you be mad at me if I don't have good grades?"  NEVER!!  No way, jose, I said.  I told him that if he didn't have good grades, I would love and hug him like always and then we would sit down and figure out where he needed help and then get it for him.  All said with a big smile on my face.  My little freckle faced boy relaxed and said, "Okay."  And then went to work on his homework.

When I pulled out his report card, after the above dialog I was a little nervous, I found that he had done quite well.  He isn't exceeding on anything (with the exception of his PALS score--Phonological Awaremens Literacy Screening (normal is 39 and Aidan got a 59!)) but he is meeting requirements in every category.  His teacher says he has grown a lot in making good choices and following directions and that he is really an enjoyable student. 

Aidan's reading is really improving, noticable almost daily, and he is really doing extremely well in Math and Science (two of his favorite subjects).  I expect that Math and Science will be exceeding by the end of 2nd Quarter.

Areas we need to work on are his Capitalization and Punctuation.  Aidan likes to take his time and be neat with his handwriting.  However, if he is rushed, it is really really really bad.  So, we need to find a compromise:  show him how to be neat and write correctly with what are called Two Thumbs Up Sentences and not worry about the being rushed part! 

I am really proud of my Aidan and how well he is doing in school.  However, this homework thing is hard!  And we're only in First Grade, too!!

About the Day Care.  Well, since the beginning of the school year, I have noticed several of the older boys have been, shall we say, a bit more rambunctious than I would like.  I have noticed over time that the little boys (and girls, too) tend to hang around the teacher as close as they can and not venture out into the room too much.  However, last week was really bad.

The kids had been off school for two days and had been at Winwood.  Things seemed fine on those two days.  Then, on Wednesday, I arrived to pick up Aidan and found the room in total chaos.  Aidan and his friends were hanging back by one of the teachers and the older boys were running wild in the rest of the room.  It was like a scene out of Lord of the Flies!  The Director, Missy, was in there trying to gain control of the room and it was not really working very well.  I ushered Aidan out of there as quick as possible.

On the way home, I found out some of these boys are 11!!!  I thought the age cut off at Winwood was 10. . . hmmmmmmmm. . . .

The next day, I called Winwood to talk to Missy about it.  At first, one of the teachers said to me that the older boys haven't been at Winwood forever like Aidan and his friends, so haven't grown up in that kind of atmosphere.  Okay.  I guess.  But what does that have to do with keeping my child safe from these boys???  Missy did assure me that they were working on a new plan on how to contain these boys.  Okay.  I'll give it a chance.

Tuesday, I picked up Aidan and he told me he hadn't been able to do any of his homework because they had been going over new rules.  What?  Well, the boys were still at it and the teachers had to implement some new "Citizenship-type" rules.  Okay.. . .  Still not too happy here.

Then, I picked up Aidan yesterday and found that there was a sheet on the door to say whether or not Aidan would be at Winwood the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Monday after.  Well, no on the Wednesday before, but there is school on the Monday after. . .really?  the teacher asked.  Um. . .you will be picking my kid up as usual at his school, right????

I guess I'm calling Winwood again today. . .We are soooooo doing something different next year. . . .

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