Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aidan the Smarty Pants and Other Trivial Trivia

Years ago, when we had only home a few months with Aidan, we began the process of thinking about his education.  He was only 2 1/2 when we started thinking about this, but really, in todays society, a lot of parents starts thinking abut this while the child is still in utero.  We didn't have that luxury.  But, we began as soon as we felt it was appropriate for him.

Our first year home, we had him in a home daycare.  I stayed home with him for two months to help with the adjustment and bonding--although in retrospect this was ongoing for a couple of years.  But once I went back to work, I didn't want to put him in a daycare center.  I wanted him in a home environment to help "de-institutionalize" him.  He needed the social aspect of daycare, but I wanted a home setting.  We were lucky to have a friend from church with an opening.  She did a wonderful job with him during that first year home--helping with potty training and was there for us during his little boy surgery (I was home with him for that, but it took a week to heal!) and during his very long bout with RSV.  She was fantastic. 

But, once he turned three, we realized he was going to need a daycare with preschool learning time.  We searched and searched.  Initially, we had thought it would be at our church 2 to 3 half days per week and that he would then stay with the friends home daycare.  But, then we started hearing about other kids from our church daycare needing tutors to catch up!!  We weren't sure what Aidan was going to need, but we thought he might have some learning issues because of his history.  So, we opted for a larger center.  But, again, we knew one of the teachers there personally and she was able to keep an eye on him for us (plus the added bonus that she ended up as his Pre-K teacher!!). 

Aidan started at Winwood at three years old and I really think it has paid off.  It was hard to pay that huge fee every week, but we did it and now his educational foundation is really solid. 

All that to tell you about his report card for the First Quarter of Second grade!!!  My baby is a smarty pants. . .  Loudoun County does E for exceeds guidelines, M for Meets and P for Progressing toward standards. 

In Reading, Aidan got 3 E's!!!  for develops and expands vocabulary, applies phonetic principles and Comprehends fiction.  The other three categories were M's! 

In Language Arts, he got an E for learns assigned spelling patterns and M's in all other categories.

In Math, he got 2 E's for Number and number sense, place value and fractions and in patterns and algebraic thinking (uh oh. . .good thing Pat is good in Math!) and M's in all other categories.

In Art an E!!  And all M's in Social Science, Science, Health, Music and PE. 

There is one other category that they grade: O for Outstanding, S for Satisfactory and N for Needs Improvement.  This is for Characteristics that Affect Learning.  I guess it's like a conduct grade.  Aidan got 2 O's- Works independently and Completes Homework.  All others were S's.

I was so proud of Aidan.  He worked very hard this first semester and is still excited by school.  I wrote his teacher about this and thanked her for keeping it fun enough to keep him excited. 
Way to go buddy!!!  Keep up the good work!!!!

In other news, Aidan's hockey is continuing although we still don't have the game schedule from the CBHL.  That is frustrating, but it will come.  We do know about two tournaments, one in Annapolis  right after Christmas and one in Philadelphia during Presidents day weekend.  The boys also get to play a scrimmage at Verizon Center right before Christmas and use the Capitals dressing room too!!  We will then stay and watch the Caps play. How exciting!!!

Pat's mom's birthday is Monday so were all going out tomorrow for a celebration at Blue Ridge Grill!!  Can't wait!

And we're preparing for Thanksgiving. . .and Christmas!!  I still have some food to shop for for Thanksgiving, but that will be completed this week.  Meanwhile, Advent starts the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I am shopping and preparing for Christmas as well.  Yikes this year is going fast!!!  I'm hoping to order my Christmas cards by that weekend after Thanksgiving. . .hopefully.

And finally, we were remiss in replacing the remaining batteries that needed to be replaced in our smoke detectors.  Bad us!! (it's been done now)  So, one started beeping every few minutes the other morning.  Pat was typically not around when things like this happen but the dogs made sure I was aware.  In fact, Maggie became glued to my side.  I couldn't figure out which one was beeping so I went on to take my shower.  Maggie sat outside the bathroom door growling at me but she was gone by the time I finished.  In fact, I wasn't sure where she ended up.  I didn't hear the smoke detector anymore either.  But, I eventually found Mags. . .in bed with Aidan!!!  I don't know how she got up there without waking him up, but she did!

And then she glared at me when we left as if to say, Aren't you going to do something about that thing that's beeping????  Such a funny dog!!!

Today, we have no hockey.  That's right!!  So, Aidan and I are going to rake leaves and winterize the yard.  Finally!!!  And tomorrow, I will have pictures of the porch!!!

Have a great weekend!

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