Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, November 22, 2013


Everywhere in the news, on the radio and even on peoples lips, people will be talking about what happened 50 years ago today: the assassination of President Kennedy.  Some will talk about where they were when they heard the news, although this is becoming less because, well, it was 50 years ago. 

I was around when this tragedy occurred (yes, I am 50) but I don't have any idea where I was.  I was just shy of 5 months old.  So, it could have been in my crib, in a playpen, or even in my moms arms.  I have bigger memories of when Bobby was killed. . .

So, I'm going to focus on something joyful.  Something wonderful.  Something so fantastic, it changed mine and Pat's lives forever!  And it still is an anniversary that coincides with this, otherwise tragic, date!!!

Six years ago today, Pat and I landed in Krasnoyarsk, Russia for the very first time.  We had been travelling for nearly 2 days, had maybe six hours of sleep, one cup of coffee (yikes!!), some horrible California Pizza (really!  In the middle of Siberia!!), and got all gussied up, went before the Ministry of Education and somehow, bleary eyed, got approval to go a meet a little baby boy in a baby home an hour drive away. . .and then we were taken there!

After donning the protective covers on our shoes, and sitting in a strange room in the middle of a small (nuclear) town of Sosnovoborsk, for what seemed like a woman came in carrying a small boy.  Who took one look at me and burst into tears!!!  But I went over anyway and he was handed to me.  And my arms and heart felt like they had been filled and completed. 

I had fallen in love with Aidan when were first heard about him.  He melted my heart and took firm control of me when I saw pictures of him for the first time.  And he completed our little family so firmly (there was an audible click!) that I knew he was ours.

And it was that much more bittersweet when he was taken back out of my arms the next day and he said, "Paca Mama" and smiled a heartbreakingly lovely smile at me.  That moment is still etched in my heart and still fully indescribable.  My arms never felt so empty.

What I loved about him then:
I picked him up and he didn't know me from anyone and he would cry and cry. . .and yet lay his cheek against mine.  (he still does that!)

He warmed up quickly and began calling us Mama and Papa (the look on Pat's face when he heard Papa the first time is also indescribable!  Oh the joy!!)

His first English word was "Bubbles!"  He loved the bubbles we brought him.
Thanksgiving Day 2007
And today, I still love all those things.  But, I also love how he is so loving, caring and kind. . .

So incredibly goofy!!

He insists on wearing this hoody over another jacket because he doesn't want to cover up the Xtreme logo!!!  : )  Such pride. . .

And I love how smart he is!!
I went to his fall program the other day at school where he and the other children told us parents all about the Powhatans and made arrows and quivers.  So much fun knowledge!!!

And I love that there are toys all over the Rec Room, that the garage is a disaster, that I have loads and loads of laundry to do everyday and that my schedule is not my own!!  It is such a blessing being his mom. . .

And so, I leave you with this wonderful, joyful, and most incredible child who changed our lives forever on this day six years ago.  It was the. best. Thanksgiving. Day. ever.

God bless!


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Sherry said...

Goodness those cheeks are delicious!!

Such a lovely thing to remember and the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving!

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