Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, May 16, 2014

Eight is Great!

I can't believe my baby turned eight. . .It's bittersweet.  I love that he is growing up and becoming his own person.  He is kind and gentle, yet no pushover.  But, he's not a baby anymore!!!  : (

The booster came out of the car. . .now that he's eight, he doesn't have to use it anymore. . .I'm kind of sad about that!  I can't see him in the rearview mirror anymore because he is lower!!

Aidan has grown a lot since his last birthday.  He weighed in at 61.4 pounds and measured 53 1/2".  That translates to 4' 5 1/2" tall!!  Yikes!!  That was an increase in height of 1 1/2" just since January 1st and 2 3/4" since his seventh birthday.  Whoa.  AND he is up 4 pounds since his seventh birthday.

He's growing in so many other ways as well.  His interest in music has developed to a healthy point of wanting to listen to "his" music while in the car or even heading to his room to hang out and listen to the radio!  This prompted his dad and I to get him an iPod Shuffle for his birthday.  I think he's going to enjoy it.
I'm so very proud of my little man.  He is super smart and is friends with everyone.  He is really now and becoming even more, a wonderful human being.

He requested a fun hockey cake so I made him one.

The card Grandma and Grandpa got him was old 5 minutes after opening because we heard it a zillion times!!!  : )

The big gift from Grandma and Grandpa. . . .

New Skates!!!!

This was a card I found that had a picture of a Golden Retriever on it that looked just like Maggie. . .so the dogs signed it:  Love, licks and lots of slobber!!  Maggie and Mosby. . .(Mosby slobbers a lot, thus Aidan's face).

Happy Birthday Aidan, my lovie!!  I hope your coming year is a spectacular as this past one and that you continue to grow as this gorgeous boy that you are!!

Next up:  Birthday Party with friends!!!

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