Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ice Works Tournament and Tryouts

Well!  We're back from tournament number 2, which was also the last one for the Spring Ashburn Power Play Selects.  Our boys played really really well.  Each game was better than the last.

They won the first three games, hands down.  Although Game #3 was really a blow out as that team had played up a division.  With our boys being at the very top of their age group, it was not really fair to the other team. . .or our boys. . .but they didn't taunt.  They tried to be respectful.  It's hard not to score though when you're eight years old.

Our boys are in white.  Aidan is mid ice on the top picture and the far side on the bottom picture.

The final game was sooooo exciting!  Our boys played one of our home rivals--yes, the irony of driving to Philadelphia to play a local team for a championship game did not escape us--and both teams were in it to win.  Both goalies were absolutely on their game.  The final ended up being 2-1 Piedmont, but I was sooooo proud of Ashburn!!  They were not expected to have such a good showing but these little guys hung in there and really showed that they have what it takes.

The really hard part of the game against Piedmont was that half of that team and half of the Ashburn team are on the DC Elite team together.  So, in part, the boys felt like they were playing their own team mates.  That's hard.  But, like I said, they all played soooo good.  It was really like watching the pros!!

 We finally got to wear the cool looking black jerseys for the last game. . .Watching our '07's play. . .
Goofing around while waiting. . .

Coach Sean awarded the medals and had something fun to say about each one of the boys.  
Aidan kept being switched from left wing to right wing. . .he played both well and covered on defense when he needed to.  I did find it interesting that he actually played a little better on left wing although he is right handed.  I think it goes back to the left eye dominant thing that Pat discovered over Spring Break. . .cool!

And now for Xtreme tryouts. . .which start tonight.

Never a break. . .

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