Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ch. .ch. .ch. .changes

Well, here we are.  It's the last week of summer break.  One final week of Hockey Camp.  One final week of coordinating our crazy "where is Aidan going?"  "who is watching Aidan this week?"  "what clothes are appropriate?"  "what do I need to send for snack and lunch?"

Next week, he will be back to school and our schedule will be set.  So much easier!!  Love summer, but. .  .

But, meanwhile, we still have this final glorious week.  As I indicated, Aidan is at Hockey Camp this week.  He loves Hockey Camp.  Last week he had a blast at Shoot to Score Camp.  It was a half day camp, which meant a whole new level of planning and coordination.  I was exhausted by the end of the week, but not as much as Aidan!!

Yes, that's my kid with his head inside his lunch box!!  Sound asleep. . .poor kiddo. . .

And this was another day after daddy carried him in from the car and laid him down on the couch. . .two hour nap!!!  Note to self: if you want to go to bed at a decent time, don't let Aidan have a two hour nap!!!

This week is Total Skills.  And he has one final Pre-Season hockey practice tonight.  Next week we start the regular practice schedule.  Tuesday and Thursdays with a couple of Wednesdays each month thrown in for good measure!  And we get to pick up his new uniform and bag. . .he's very excited about that!!!

So, with the crazy schedule coming up, I decided to do some planning ahead.  I spent this past weekend doing a lot of cooking and freezing. . .I made some


Taco Meat
Sloppy Joes

Shredded chicken for Enchiladas

And some Cilantro Lime Chicken ready for 8 hours on low in the crock pot.

And I did more!!
Some canned Bread and Butter pickles

And chopped up the jalepeno peppers which Pat later pickled and then put up in pints. . .: )

Next weekend, I'm planning to make Spaghetti Sauce, Taco soup, and a couple of casseroles.  It's all a part of my plan to NOT eat out all the time in spite of the crazy hockey schedule coming up!  With a roast here and there and a pot of chili, this should work.  I'm hoping to be able to do a cooking weekend every couple of months.  I'll let you know how this works out!

The pickles and peppers being canned remind me that this really is the end of summer.  The harvest of our garden continues and things are starting to look mellow outside.  In fact the view from our office window shows things are bit overgrown, and filling in with the late summer flowers.

And we've brought a little bit inside as well. . .

Aidan has also started to think and plan beyond summer and into the fall.  This year, we won't be home for Halloween. . .so we won't be going to our Halloween parade.  But, we'll still be having fun!!  His team has a tournament in Hershey, so the boys will trick or treat at Hershey Park!!  And Aidan has found his costume. . .
He'll be an Evil Jester!!  All we have to do is get some black gloves and he'll wear his black and white vans.  So fun!!

Mom continues to do poorly.  She has been in so much pain and is very depressed.  She hasn't been happy about her move, which adds to her depression.  So, we've decided to start some Palliative Care--it's a step below Hospice.  She'll likely need Hospice in the next couple of months, but this will help with the transition and may help her handle her current pain level a little more.

There are a few other changes in the offing, but that will have to wait for another day.

Have a great week!

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