Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy St. Aidan's Day!

Yes, there really is an Irish saint named St. Aidan.  Although he is not who we named our Aidan after, he did play a part in our final selection of the name--definitely our spelling of Aidan!!  He was Irish, and is thought to be the Apostle of the English.  He lived in the 650's and is known for his kindness and patience in teaching Christianity to the pagan people in and around Lindesfarne.  Kind of a neat guy. . .Our Aidan received a St. Aidan medalian from my sisters in-laws when he was baptised.  Such a nice gift!  And he actually wears it to church.

This is our last weekend of summer break.  It's back to school as of Tuesday.  So, on this St. Aidan's Day,I thought I'd share some recent things and conversations about our Aidan that keep me smiling.
After practice last Monday, Aidan and I were driving home and talking about this and that.  Somehow, the conversation turned to who was President when Leesburg (our town) started.  Aidan was very curious.  Well, bub, actually it was King George II of England.  "Who?"  The King of England.  We didn't have a President yet because the Revolutionary War hadn't happened yet.  We were English subjects then and our town was called Georgetown.  That, of course, changed with the war and we decided we didn't like the King (yes, an over simplification.  He's eight.)

Then we drove by our Courthouse--which is actually the third Courthouse, on the same spot.  "So, mama, when was that built (pointing at the Courthouse)."  Well, that's the third one and was built in the early 1890's.  The first was built in the 1750's and then the next was built in the 1820's or so and then this one.  "Ok.  So who was President when that was built?" That particular one, buddy?  "Yes, that one."  Hmmmm. .  .I think it would have been Benjamin Harrison.


then there's me chuckling. . .


Last Wednesday night, there was entirely too much activity going on in our house during the dark hours of night.

I had been putting Aidan to bed about 8:30 when I apparently fell asleep with him.  I woke up at about 9:45 and went on to my own bed, where I fell asleep immediately.

About 1:00 or so, I woke up and immediately thought that the body next to me was entirely too small to be Pat.  Realizing it was Aidan and not having any idea of when he had gotten in bed with me, I went in search of Pat.  He was not in the guest room so I went downstairs.  I found his lunch pail on the kitchen counter so I knew he was somewhere in the house and decided he must be sleeping in the basement.  Okay then.  Back to bed.

About 3:00, Aidan sat upright and said, "Mama, where's Daddy???"  I don't know sweetie.  Do you have to go potty?  (That is a must question if he wakes up in the middle of the night)  So, off to the bathroom we went.  In the process, I stopped by Aidan's room and turned on the light where Pat sat up in Aidan's bed bleary eyed.  Oh!!!  There you are!!

After Aidan went potty, the three of us went back to our bed (notice singular bed) and went back to sleep.

My alarm went off too soon after that and I got up for the day, leaving my two boys to enjoy more sleep. . .

When I went upstairs to quietly say goodbye, I found Aidan happy and sitting up.  He had put Tigger on top of Pat and told me that Daddy and Tigger were having a staring contest.  I was pretty certain Pat would much rather be having a staring contest with the backs of his eyelids!  But, he was good natured about it. . .

Much too busy of a night!!!

On Thursday, I went to meet Aidan's new teacher at the Open House our school has each year.  Ms. Barbee seems very very nice--very similar to Mrs. Fuller from last year.  I wrote down some names of the other students and was surprised to find that there are only 18 children in Aidan's class this year!!  Whoa!  That's awesome!!!

There were a few familiar names, but, alas, no Stella.

When we got home that evening, Aidan was anxious to go out and play.  I had already told him who I knew would be in his class.  He was upset that Stella wasn't in it, but seemed happier when I told him that Ms. Barbee had said all of Third Grade has recess together.

Pat had come by so I was surprised when Aidan came in and laid down on the couch.  He seemed a little upset, but said he was just tired.  But, then Pat came in and started getting mad at Aidan for being rude and just walking away from the kids outside playing.  He told him that being rude is not good and that Aidan needs to stop doing that.  Okay. . . .

After Pat left, I went over to Aidan, who looked very upset by now, and asked him what was going on.  I told him he could tell me anything and then pulled him onto my lap, in spite of his size.  I just kept patting his back and talking soothingly to him and finally, he shifted off my lap, looked at me with ginormous tears in his eyes and said, "Zach told me Stella is in his class!!  I'm sooo jealous!!!"

Oh!!!   My poor sweet sensitive baby!!  So, I hugged and patted him some more and again reminded him about the all third grade recess. . .and then told him I would call and see if Stella and Vivian would like to come for a play date.  I did call and left a message and then told him I had to finish some work in the basement.  He could lay there and rest for a bit and when he was ready he should go on out and play some more.  Ok. . . .

I discreetly called Pat and told him what was up, and he felt terrible.  He said he had heard Zach say that and that Aidan immediately walked away.  He said he should have realized it was something like that.  I told him my plan and all is good now.

Stella's mom did call back and the kids had a play date yesterday afternoon, with Zach joining in for some kick ball at the end.  But, first, Aidan had the girls to himself while they made some chewing gum--which wasn't too bad!!

And some green snot slime. . .which was really gross.
 Aidan was very in to it.  At first, the girls looked on amused. . .

 Then the girls were looking a little less amused because the slime was looking pretty gross. . .

And finally, Aidan was all in for touching and feeling the slime, Vivian was game for trying a little on her hands, but Stella said No Way!!!  Frankly, I didn't blame her!  It was pretty gross. . .

I think the kids had fun, though.  And it will be something they remember as a fun end of summer afternoon.


And now, today, we just have a little grocery shopping to do and then we're off to see another friend with whom we're going on a short hike on the Appalachian Trail!!!  We also have a phone call to make to my sister Amy to wish her a happy birthday. . .Aidan plans to sing a rap version of Happy Birthday:

To the B to the i to the r to the t to the h to the d  a   y!  It's your birthday!  It's your birthday!  Hap hap happy birthday yo!

(Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the card that continues!!!  : )  )

And so, with that, I bid you adieu.  Have a great St. Aidan's Day!!

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