Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some random thoughts

So, most of you know that Pat and I have been married now for 21 years. Essentially, that means that we are now working on our third decade of marriage. Kind of strange sounding when it is put that way! Anyway, we were talking the other day and realized how interesting and different our three decades are thus far. . .The first decade we were so focused on having a family that all we really did was look at calendars and measure shots I had to take. We had fun, but when I think of it now, it's all a blur. That decade ended with our final IVF attempt (not really sure how many of those we did!)

Our second decade was all about us. We had fun, we upgraded our home, I finished school, we were focused on church work. Throughout the entire time I really wasn't interested in discussing having a family. Why? We were fine. I was interested in being able to do what I wanted when I wanted! That decade ended with the surprise of a lifetime: at the inspiration of a dear family friend, we decided to adopt!

Our third decade started with the paperwork and quickly escalated to our current building excitement. I can't wait to see how the rest of this decade goes! I just know it will end with soccer/hockey/football carpools! I can't wait!

The blog I have been following with the couple in Russia right now was updated this morning. They had their court hearing this morning and they received a "Da" from the judge! Does anyone receive a "Nyet?" Please God, don't let it be us! The couple was given a study guide yesterday after they saw their boys in order to prepare for meeting with the judge. Apparantly, they asked some questions like "How many teeth does your child have?" Good lord, poor Aidan. His mama is going to see him and immediately pry his mouth open so I can count his teeth! Hopefully he'll forgive me. . .

So, how loyal are dogs to us humans anyway? We have our two mangy mutts that pass for Golden Retrievers. . .we love them to pieces and they are spoiled rotten. Mosby, Pat's two year old dog, dotes on Pat and worships the air around Pat along with the ground he walks on. Maggie, my 8 month old dog, worships me as well, however, I have noticed that when there are children around, I become nothing more than a speck. She does run up to me and say: "Look! Look! Look! There are kids in the house!" She gets very excited by it. Last month, she was this way with my niece and nephew. And then, this weekend, we had a friend come to stay the night with his son. At bedtime, Mosby followed us up, like the loyal dog he is. Maggie, not so much. She wanted to sleep with our friends son! We were specks! I have a feeling her loyalty will pass to Aidan immediately upon our return from Russia. Ah well, the loyalty of dogs.! She is a good puppy and very loving. Aidan will be lucky to have her. Maybe I will get to pet her and walk her and feed her and pay her vet bills occassionally. . .

So, I've also noticed that I seem to carry the same stigma as a 9 month pregnant woman. . .I keep hearing these comments, " You're still here?" Pretty funny!

Krasnoyarsk weather for Wednesday: High of 3 degrees Fahrenheit and low of -14 degrees Fahrenheit. But. . .Friday will be up to 28 degrees with the low being 21 degrees! Ah, but then it goes back down again. . .Surely April will be warmer!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful Aidan's life will be with 2 dogs in his life. He is going to be one lucky boy with slobber all over him. I love the days when Kendall and Tyler were little following after Keesha. She just adored them and vice versa! Can't wait to see how much fun he will have with your two adorable puppies! LOVE YOU!