Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weather in Krasnoyarsk

It's 39 degrees ABOVE zero today in Krasnoyarsk! Fahrenheit! Wow! It's actually warmer than it is here. . . .February thaw in Siberia?

I don't know if it's because it is in a very snowy and cold place or what but the Russians keep their buildings about 80 degrees. It is so hot inside that I found that if I wore a sweater I was over dressed. When we were there in November, we had taken so many of our extreme cold weather clothes and most were more than we needed. At night, I got so hot I was sleeping without the blankets. And I couldn't even open a window. It was awful! We keep our house 68 degrees, taking the position that if you are cold, put on a sweater. When we got to Moscow, we delightedly opened our hotel window a crack and relished in the cool air that came into our stifling room.

All of the rooms have raised threasolds at the doorways. Ostensibly this is to keep the arm air inside and each room can be heated seperately. However, not being used to this raised area of about two inches in the doorways, we made wonderful entrances each time we would enter a room! What a great impressions we made flying into the middle of the room and nearly landing on our faces!

Easter for us in the Western part of the world is very early this year. Some genius, a couple thousand years ago determined that Easter would be a moveable feast and would fall on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon following the Spring Equinox. Really. So, this year it falls on March 23rd. That is really early! So early, we'll likely have a fire in the fireplace that day. However, the Russian Orthodox Easter is on April 27th. Maybe we'll be there! How cool would that be to go to a Russian Orthodox Church for Easter services????

The Russians have a few other interesting holidays: On April 1st, they celebrate the Russian Day of Laughter. This is similar in concept to April Fool's Day. Then, of course, there is Labor Day, which is celebrated May 1st and runs though May 3rd. This is the one that we all grew up seeing with the parades in Red Square. . .and the one that made it so we no longer celebrate May Day. . .Then there is Victory Day, which falls on May 9th, but is celebrated through the 11th. Hopefully, our Court Date won't be delayed because of these holidays!

I don't think God gets tired of my same prayer everyday: Please God, please let us hear about our Court Date soon. Please pray this with me.


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Joy said...

Thank you for posting to my blog. I have to say I think this is one of the things that has kept me so san during this process.

Please come to my blog as often as you like. I was just thinking the other day I wonder if there are people who just look at this blog and are afraid to post something to me.

I will put your little one in to my daily prayers for a fast trip home to his Mommy and Daddy. I am sure it will not be too long.