Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, April 25, 2011

Аллилуйя! Христос Повышен! Он Повышен действительно!

Аллилуйя! Христос Повышен! Он Повышен действительно.

Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

Whew!  What a weekend!!!  After church on Friday, I picked Aidan up  a little early (in the usual torrential downpouring rain!).  The teachers had turned the children into Easter Bunnies complete with ears and face painting. . .adorable!!

I would hazard a guess that you haven't seen too many Easter Bunnies wearing camoflage hoodies!!

We decided to go out to dinner, so after I cleaned the upstairs, back out into the chilly rain we went.  Really, folks, it was maybe 45 degress!  It was so cold that we all got super chilled on the way back to the car after dinner and promptly came home and turned the heater back on in the house!  Brr!!!!

Saturday was better.  After finishing the housework and doing the Easter dinner prep work, we were able to play outside a bit. . .until the Caps game. . .which they won!!!!  Now on to round 2!!!

Our Easter tradition is to placed the dyed eggs in the empty Easter basket and place it outside on the deck along with a bowl of carrots (for the Bunny, of course!)  After Aidan goes to bed, the basket is retrieved and the eggs hidden in the basement frig.  The basket is then filled and left on the kitchen table to be found in the morning along with the remains of the carrots.  This year, it had started to sprinkle when I retrieved the basket.  When I came back upstairs from taking the eggs down there was a deluge of rain happening outside!  5 minutes later and the basket and eggs would have been floating away!!!

Sunday dawned beautifully.  It was a wonderful and warm day.  Perfect for celebrating the resurrection!!  Aidan came downstairs to find a huge basket full of goodies.  He and I headed off to church in our Sunday finery and then came home to hang out outside.  Daddy got home about 3:00 and then Grandma and Grandpa came over with Aunt B and UB for dinner.  Of course, their travels to our house ended up being a bit perilous due to the immense summer like thunderstorm that came through!  Seriously, that sky was looking a bit green!  But, it cooled the air from the crazy 87 degrees (remember it was 45 on Friday???) back down to a more seasonal 70 degrees.  But, we'll be back up there again today!  Weird weather. 

And so, I will leave you with a Happy Easter wish and some pictures of our day.


Barb said...

Looks like you finally got some better weather! Happy Easter, Harrison family!

Anonymous said...

What a cute Easter tradition you have. Love the carrots part ;). By the way, just wanted to let you know that the correct translation of Christ is Risen! Truly He's Risen! would be Христос воскресе!Воистину воскресе!