Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Party, Russian Embassy Style

The party at the Russian embassy was yesterday.  We met up with our old friends Joy, Gerard and Anna and met some new/old friends (new in person but old in blog time!) Jolynn, Rich and Jacob.  They were staying at a Marriott in Herndon so we were able to meet up before the party and let the kids run and jump and play.  When the time came, we were off to D. C. to head into the Embassy for the party.  It was really a lot of fun, with the only fly in the ointment being the torrential downpours that happened all day. 

And so, without too many more words, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Yes, I did get a few of Mr. Wilson, but out of respect, he will not be shown!  : )

Aidan and Ann always find something to move around the room together!  We had been there about one minute when they found the drink cooler!!

Jolynn, Rich and Jacob

Aidan started out with an airplane balloon.  Then we had a hat!

Just being my goofy self, Mama!

Waiting for a balloon

This child loves balloons!

And now he is holding his short lived airplane balloon. . .if he would just not pop them!  I think the Embassy folks would rather not hear that sound as well!!

Getting ready for the ring toss

Throwing the rings!

I won a prize medal!!!

Anna and her dog balloon

Aidan loved the Easter Bunny.  He went back for so many hugs!!1  The Easter Bunny was awesome about not turning him away, too.

Mama got to wear the balloon hat for a while. . .

Three little Russians. . .

The program was actually better than last year.  There were a lot of skits and songs and the Embassy children had really thought it all through.  There was one skit about wanting to be something more or better and then realizing that being what you are is pretty darn good.  And another skit based on teh Wizard of Oz's message "There's no place like home."  Of course at that point I realized that the overall message was that being a Russian is not a bad thing and that Russia is still home no matter how long you are away.  Okay.    Here is a video of one of the songs we recorded:

We left the party with many promises to get together this year.  And I really think we will this time! 

But we came home to a little bit of a mess.  For some reason our cat Cleo hates Yellow Tulips!  No idea why.


sonflowerjax said...

OH, what a bittersweet post for me to read! So happy you got to all meet up and have a great day, and so sad we couldn't join you! :( Next year! I am already looking forward to it, and will make it a point to try to find out the date before we buy Phillies tickets! I can't wait to blog about our first Phillies game together...hopefully tomorrow night!

Joy said...

What great pictures! I just love the one of Aidan with the Easter bunny.

Melissa said...

Great pics. Sorry I wasn't there too. Hopefully next year when my sister-in-law will be stationed there. Looks like lots of fun.

Troy and Rachel said...

I'm sorry we couldn't make it this year. Things have been nuts here with pre-school issues, kindergarten issues, tax season, the list goes on and on. It loks like loads of fun! Maybe next year!!! Glad you all got to enjoy it and hang out with other bloggy families!

Rich and Jolynn said...

We had so much fun - loved meeting yall! I also love the pic of Aidan with the Easter Bunny :) Happy Easter!!