Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year a New Routine

Here we are at the start of a new year.  We've completed 12 days off from work and school and are now heading back today.  I have mixed feelings about that:  I'm glad to get back to a routine, but I am very sad to not be spending all day with Aidan.  He and I had some fun!!!

I felt a little sorry for him, though, because everyone had family plans for much of our time off.  We don't have much family in our area and definitely no children his age.  We did get him out a few times playing with the neighbor children, but we don't know too many yet.  That will change next year when he starts 1st grade and meets more of the children in our actual neighborhood (because we had to have him in morning Kindergarten due to Day Care, he isn't with our neighborhood kids yet). 

I did make some plans: the museum, ice skating, watching the Caps practice.  And we played a lot of games, watched movies and when for a bike ride/jog around the block a few times.  Yesterday, our last day off, Daddy was also home so we had a family breakfast and then headed to Kettler to watch the Caps practice again.  Daddy hadn't done that before and so he has a new appreciation for why we were so excited about that the other day!  He confessed last night that he really really liked that and is now determined to get to an actual game!  : )

Aida was hilarious this time while watching the Caps. . .he asked who everyone was and, of course, became extremely excited every time Alex Ovechkin got anywhere close to where we were sitting.  At one point, though, he actually said he wanted to get on the ice to show them how to skate!!!  Too cute what a 5 year old thinks!!

Afterward, we went to Chik-fil-A for lunch where I discovered that the medium chicken soup and salad with fat free Italien dressing is only 6 points so I was good on my new weight loss plan. . .then we dropped off a few things at Grandma and Grandpas and headed to Home Depot to see about getting a Storm Door. . .which we will order this weekend once we add some brick molding around the current frame. 

Dinner was a homemade and just the three of us affair followed by some TV and then we headed to bed early. 

Today we get back to our usual routine which will include ice skating on Thursday and then Aidan will be back on the ice on Saturday for Hockey Skills and Mini Mites.  But, the routine will also include Mama being much more careful and watchful on the diet.  After going back to Weight Watchers on Saturday and discovering that I am now 11.6 pounds above my goal, I am determined to be good and stay on track. 

More of our routine will include the annual clean out and organization of the file cabinet to which I'd love to add the Office Closet to that. . .and I need to clean out Aidan's closet and trunk.  That's where I will start on this years organization.  There are so many other areas that need organizing, but that's where I will start.

And so, with that, I bid you a Happy New Year and may your coming days be filled with joy, blessings, good health and all your dreams come true.

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