Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Body of Christ. . .

Bread of Heaven.  Blood of Christ, the Cup of Salvation.

Mama, did we just drink Jesus' blood?????   Note to self:  Must schedule Aidan for an Instructed Eucharist as soon as it is offered. . .

I promised Aidan that if our warm weather holds, he could begin wearing shorts to school in April.  Well, it's not only holding but has begun to feel a bit like early Summer.  I think we're skiiping winter and Spring and heading straight from Fall to Summer!  The lowest high temperature predicted for the next 10 days is 72 degrees on Sunday.  So, Aidan is wearing shorts to school today.  Crazy because just a week ago it was long sleeve shirt and long pants and a coat.  Now we're already going for shorts and short sleeves!  I may even wear some sandles today. 

We're getting ready for a big home improvement project.  We finally bought the wood for our flooring in the family room and extended hallway.  We also bought paint for the family room.  And then this last Sunday we went to the Tile Shop and bought some really nice tile for the foyer and some slate to go around the hearth of the fireplace.  The wood flooring will be installed professionally this time--all we have to do is move the furniture--and is scheduled to be done April 2nd and 3rd.  I'm really excited because it is one step closer to getting rid of the carpet in this house!!  We'll just have three of the four bedrooms, the upper hall and both sets of stairs left.  We're hoping to do our bedroom next year.

I also want to shorten the valances I had already made so I took them down to start that process and then we're thinking we'll replace the shutters we have with some nicer Plantation Shutters.  Should be a nice room when we're done.

Aidan has been complaining of headaches lately.  It's been a bit concerning.  At first we were thinking it was because of the pollen. . .which it may still be in part.  But, Pat comented last night that Aidan hasn't been wearing his glasses at all lately but has been doing a LOT of reading.  He's only supposed to wear them for reading or when he is on the computer for 15 minutes or more.  So, they are getting cleaned up and will go to school with him today.  I'll also be making an appointment to have those beautiful eyes checked out, probably around his birthday.

I do have some great pictures and promise to upload them by the weekend.  We're a bit exhausted around here with the time change and with the Caps continuing to win!  It's exciting stuff this later sunlight, warmer weather, cherry blossoms and flowers blooming and the Caps winnng, but boy are we tired!! 

Enjoy your Spring!!

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