Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Really Enjoying Life. . .

I fix corned beef and cabbage every year for dinner for St. Patrick's Day.  It's not the greatest meal in the world, but we love it.  And I've done it every since I left home and got married. . .every year, that is except one.  In 2008, on St. Patrick's Day, we went out for Mexican food with some friends of ours.  We didn't know for sure when we might have Mexican food again because we left for our Court Trip to Russia the very next day. . .four years ago today!  Wow.  Time flies.

I did, however, fix Corned beef and Cabbage, and potatoes and carrots yesterday.  We enjoyed it and will have Rueben sandwiches and fried potatoes today.  Aidan even ate his fair share, in spite of having hamburgers over at the neighbors a little earlier!

We all wore our green. . .I had on a green striped hoodie, Aidan was in camoflage--he picked it out, and Pat wore his Moscow Harley Davidson shirt--there's green in St. Basil's cathedral!

Aidan had worn green to school on Friday, too.  The kids did all kinds of St. Patrick's Day activities, having to do with Leprachauns, pots of gold and green stuff. . .nothing about St. Patrick himself, though.  Kinda sad as he was a great man.  Anyways, it was also sad because when I dropped Aidan off, and just before I really noticed that the shirt and shorts were perhaps a touch too small for Aidan, I had to remind Aidan to not do the face painting at Winwood, if that was done.  They've changed the paint they use and the last two times he has gotten it, his face has been swollen and irritated in the spots that the paint was.  In fact, last time it was just a little too close to one of his eyes and the edge of his eye was irritated.  It goes away within a day, but I don't like it!  So no more face painting!!--poor kiddo.

The boys went fishing yesterday morning while I changed sheets, did laundry and ran a couple of errands.  They went to a friends farm and fished in his pond.  They caught a lot of Crappie and Bass--all catch and release, and had a great time.

They had a lot of fun. 

When they got home, we had a quick lunch and then headed off to the Ice House for Aidan's skills class.  While there, I also set up his Birthday party.  What a relief to have that scheduled!  15 little boys will gather to eat pizza and cake and then have a 1/2 hour lesson and then skate for an an hour and a half.  Fun times!!  Now to order the invitations. . .

After the skills class, we came home and Aidan played with the neighbor kids, Daddy worked on the garden--it might be too late for lettuce and peas, the way this weather is going, though!, and I just hung out with my book on the deck. . .ahhhhhhh!!!!  I love these kind of days!

Our Cherry Tree is about to just bust out into total bloom. . .about a month early!!

We finished off our St. Patrick's Day by watching Hugo on the laptop while sitting outside.  It was too beautiful to be inside. . .What a great day and evening!

One quick note about school:  Aidan only has two weeks left in the 3rd quarter--crazy!! Most of the time, he whines about not liking school and how much he doesn't want to go and when can he have a full day at Winwood???? 

So on Friday, about the time I was noticing that Aidan's shirt and shorts were a touch too small, while he was getting out of the car, I was shocked and happily surprised when Aidan excitedly announced that he gets to see Mrs. Yates today. . .I didn't have a chance to ask who Mrs. Yates was because he was gone and I had to pull forward in the drop off line.  However, I remembered yesterday on the way home from the Ice Rink and Aidan told us that Mrs Yates is someone the kids see a couple times a week.  While with her, they read two books, draw a picture about the books and then see a short film about the books.  He loves this time, he said!  How awesome is that!?!?!?  So, you ask, why didn't we know about this before?  Well, Aidan doesn't tell us much about school, although we ask daily.  We are, however, occasionally rewarded with little nuggets every so often such as this information about Mrs. Yates.  We are always rewarded happily with these little tidbits, too, because it is always happily shared and is always good stuff.

So, today we start the Spring league for Mini Mites.  Other than church, that is all we have on our agenda for the day. . .oh, right, and picking up our tile for the Foyer floor and watching the Blackhawks/Caps game tonight.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh  May your days be sunny and bright and your crops be plentiful.

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