Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, March 19, 2012

Second Guessing and On the Fence

So Aidan is now on the Orange team for Mini Mites. . .I was second guessing myself yesterday as I watched my son, who is about a head taller than 90% of the other children, skated circles aound about 90% of the other children and scored 9 goals. . .should I have gone ahead with Mites for him now?  Ah well.  There's only 9 more Mini Mite Sundays.  Mites will be there next Fall when he is 6. . .

Oh, and, who needs a gate when you know how to climb???

Yes, that is my boy climbing over the gate rather than go through it. . .

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Laura said...

Wow...he's looking so much older in his Mini Mites gear ~ great photos. I'd watch out if I saw Aidan coming my way dressed like that! he,he

Are you guys thinking of doing the Reunion Cruise? I think that average age of all the kids is going to be around 6 -- Aidan's age. We still have 16 months - seems like forever but look how time has flown over the last few years!


P.S. I also know a little one who prefers to climb over fences, walls, etc. vs walking in through doors, gates, etc!