Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Discovered Photos and Travel Plans

I discovered some photos on the big camera that I hadn't downloaded. . .some cool pictures of Aidan's really big Large Mouth Bass that Pat had mounted and some nice pictures of the horse show that Pat must have taken.  So, here they are:

That is really one big fish!!  Imagine this little guy reeling that in!

I got suckered into going on this ride with Aidan. . .yes, I had sunscreen on.

And then Aidan went by himself.

The kid looks like a natural on a horse!!  But, no!  We are not paying for riding lessons!!  We have enough going out with hockey!!

If there is a big blow up slide or bouncy thing, Aidan is soooo there!

And yes, the horse show did have some horses!!!  We love the Jumper Classic.  The skill involved is truly awesome to watch.

These horses are really so beautiful.

In other news, Aidan and I will be getting on a plane early on Thursday morning and jetting off to my Mom's in Las Vegas.  Then, on Friday, the three of us, Mom, Aidan, and I will hop in the car and drive the 3 1/2 to 4 hours south to Southern California where we will meet up with my sisters and their kids and grandkids in Newport Beach. 

On Saturday, all of us and our cousins will gather at the Memorial Gardens in Newport Beach to say our good byes to my grandfather who passed the day after Easter.  My sisters and I also plan to leave some flowers at the niches where our other grandparents are interred.

Then, we wll all head over to my great aunts house, Aunty Babe.  She is the younger sister of my grandmother (also already gone) who was married to the grandfather that we are saying goodbye to.  She is hosting a luncheon buffet for us all.  I haven't seen Aunty Babe since I was out there in 2002 for my Aunty Wrea's funeral. . .she's never met Aidan.

On Sunday, Mom, Aidan and I will get back in the car and drive the 3 1/2 to 4 hours back to Mom's house in Las Vegas where we plan to crash from exhaustion, order in and watch a movie. 

On Monday morning, Aidan and I will get back on the big plane and fly east and will be home in time to have dinner with Daddy. . .then we get to do laundry and pack back up for our beach trip!!!  Which, thankfully won't start for a few days after that.

Whew!!!  I'm looking forward to sitting on the beach with my book, hat, sunscreen and just relaxing. . .
But, first, we have hockey tomorrow night where Aidan is king on the ice. . .

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sonflowerjax said...

Love that catch1! Amazing!! I showed Landon and he said, Big fish, mom!! :-) Enjoy your trip! I bet your extended family will be so thrilled to finally have a chamce to meet your boy!!