Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Last Day!

So this is it.  The last day of Kindergarten.  In a few hours, I will drop off my son for the last day.  He has done extremely well this year.  He can now read us a bed time story of Hop on Pop!  He can do simple math, both in his head and on paper.  He's learned some history and science and talks about  the Indians that the Americans fought out west. . .in the fires. . .  (??)  He came home yesterday with two pictures that he had drawn of himself:  one was done on September 7th and he had arms, legs, head, fingers but no body.  The second picutre was also of himself drawn on June 6th.  I'm happy to say he now has a body and has included his adorable freckles on the picture!  : )

I took him to the pediatrician the other day for his 6 year old well check up.  He is now in the 91st percentile for height (what does that really mean???) at 49 inches tall.  That's 4 feet 1 inch.  He is barely in the 50th percentile for weight at 52 pounds.  The boy needs to put in a couple of pounds.  In fact, the pediatrician said 5 wouldn't hurt him.  He does eat, he's just very very active. 

Everything about him is advanced for his age.  However, one thing we have to do is to take him to an Audiologist.  He missed two beeps at different levels, both on the left side.  That is the ear that always gets fluid in it too.  I joked that maybe that was why he doesn't listen too well sometimes.  The doctor just laughed and said it was more like he is a 6 year old boy!  : )

This past week has been pretty funny with the deconstruction of the classroom.  So may papers, artwork and journals!!!  Cute to look through it all and I'm hoping for a rainy day--later in the summer--where I can sit down and sort through it all to create a little notebook for Aidan.  But, the really hilarious part has been that we have gotten it from the Elementary School AND from Winwood, the after school care!  Really.  Didn't I already get 20 pounds of artwork a week during the year???  I may have to toughen myself up and not keep everything Aidan creates. . .  : (

Today I have scheduled a half day off for myself and will pick Aidan up at noon.  We will have lunch at Chik-fil-a, his favorite.  Then I will take him to see Madagascar 3 at the Cobb Theatre--where I did the good Mommy thing and pre-purchased our tickets!!!  We'll get home by 4:00ish and will then just play play play and cook out our dinner!!!  And for this weekend?  Nothing major planned. . .just pool tomorrow and the Upperville Horse and Colt show on Sunday. 

Aidan does seem to be excited to be finishing with Kindergarten.  But, the other day he said, in a slightly down voice, that he would be a Rising First Grader ( a new term, I guess) as of Friday afternoon. . .Are you looking forward to First Grade?  Yes, but there will be a lot more homework and it will be harder!!!  Don't worry, buddy.  Mommy will help you learn it all.

And, just in ase you weren't clear. . .NO HOMEWORK FOR 11 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Summer Vacation!!!  We're glad to see you!!


MtnGirl said...

Some parents will take photos of their kids' artwork instead of saving everything! Just a suggestion....

Melissa said...

Good work this year Aidan! The year just seemed to fly by. Now on to the tough stuff!