Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun Summer Weekends

As much as last weekend was about the pool, this weekend has not been. 

For starters, Friday we had some big weather.  Some big scary weather.  I mean really scary!  There were thunderstorms and very heavy rain all afternoon and even a tornado in Sterling--about 15 miles from where we are.  I even saw Aidan's after school class evacuate the upstairs room they were in order to take cover downstairs. . .Eastern Loudoun was under a Tornado Warning and the school, thanks be to God!, takes that very seriously!

So, in spite of the weather, the boys met me in Purcellville in order to drop off my car for the annual inspection and then we drove back to Leesburg to meet friends for dinner at a really good Mexican restaurant. . .the flooding, heavy rain and scary lightening caused me to have a big Margarita. . .okay, I might have anyway, but this time I had a really good excuse!

Saturday, we headed over to the Mall and bought a car top carrier to put our luggage in for when we go to the beach.  Love it!!  It's going to make it so much easier to cart our stuff, us and a dog down there this year. 

Then, after a quick lunch, we got in line to meet Braden Holtby--Phenom Goalie for the Caps this past Playoffs!!  We brought a shirt and got his autograph and pictures.

Waiting in line can be hard, but not when you can spy on the one your there to meet it makes it more fun!!  Aidan was really excited!  As my friend Joy quipped, this was better than meeting Mickey Mouse!!  Or at least a close second!!  : )

And then it was our turn. . .

And finally, Aidan and Braden!

Braden was really cool about it all and seemed to be really enjoying himself.  He gave me a really big smile when I quipped "Braden and Aidan" while shooting the picture.  Cute!

But, it wasn't over yet!  After a quick stop to see Mr. Rob and Aunty Allison--who is here visiting from the West Coast, Aidan and Daddy got the Corvette all cleaned up and ready to go and show at the Classic Car Show in Leesburg!

While downtown, we decided to eat dinner at Olde Town Grill, a newly renovated restuarant.  We'd been a bit hesitant about it due to the owner not doing such  great job with the group of restaurants he has down there.  But I am here to tell you, it was AWESOME!!  We will soooo be going back!

Today has been a bit calmer:  Church for Mama this morning while the boys slept in late.  Then, I took Aidan to a birthday party for one of his school buddies.  We have hockey in an hour--gotta get going in a bit and then some friends will come for a dinner of hamburgers! 

So, although we still have a week of school left, I'm beginning to wonder if we will really slow down for summe after all!

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Joy said...

That was an action packed weekend. I toy with the idea of a car top carrier but I am too short to get the stuff out. Especially because Gerard is usually not with me...sigh. The car looks pretty cool. Tell Pat I will drop off Anna and you and I will take a spin.
PS She keeps talking about the fire pit and Pat in the ocean (picture from you living room). She does not forget a thing.