Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life and Times at the Harrison's (plus a costume hint)

Aidan brought home a homework calendar yesterday.  It covers the entire month and tells us what he should be doing each day.  So, now we check his reading packet and have him read that, then initial that he's done it;check his star report (this is like the old citizenship report: listening, sitting still, being courteous, etc. ) and initial it; then check what he is reading in his reading group and have him read that; then he picks something to read to us for 10 minutes; and finally he does his daily homework which can be working on sight words or doing a sheet from the math packet.  I actually like this system.  Although there is something every day, they are small somethings and the total only takes about 1/2 hour.  We don't rush through it and Aidan appears to be doing really well. 

So far, the only really bad week on the star reports has been the first week.  Since then, Aidan has not had less than 3 stars in a day.  In fact, last week he had a total of 19 stars!!  I was sooo proud of him!  So, this week he is shooting for 20, the max possible.  He got 4 yesterday, so we're on our way!!

I'll be going out of town tomorrow and Thursday for my company's Annual Meeting.  It's a nice get away, although my agents are very needy and tend to want my undivided attention alllll the time.  I'm usually pretty tired when we get back.  But the setting, Wintergreen Resort, is absolutely beautiful.  I plan to take a hike tomorrow afternoon before the big dinner to try an be out with some quiet and fresh air before the madness ensues.  ; )

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, I have written out lists for Pat to check things off on what he needs to do for Aidan.  When to pick him up at the bus stop (no Winwood and Aidan is thrilled!!!), what to initial for homework, etc.  What homework will need to be done.  When football practice is, when to take Aidan to the bus stop in the morning, etc. . .Pat actually asked me if I woud have a copy of the list to go over with him when I call Wednesday night!  Really, Moms keep these lists in their heads!!  Lol!!!

Aidan's hockey team won last Sunday  17-11!!  Go Wolves!!!  Aidan is so lovng that team!!  He had two assists and almost got a goal.  When he makes his first goal in Mites, I know it will open things up for him.  He'll be a scoring machine then!

In his Skills Class, I noticed that, because he skates better than most and is scoring during the scrimmages, the coaches tend to kick the puck away from him to see what he'll do.  He just goes right after it!  And last Saturday, I told him to pass it to on of his team mates:  Aidan made a beautiful pass setting it up in front of the goal and his team mate scored!  Coach Bucky praised the scorer briefly and then turned to Aidan and said, "Beuatiful pass Aidan!!!  Way to go!!!"  Aidan was beaming.  He's so got this thing.

I keep trying to upload videos, so hopefully this worked.  Blogger does not make that easy!  I'll keep trying because I have a couple of cool videos of Aidan on the ice.

In other news, although Pat hasn't been able to work due to his ankle (still really really painful for him!) he did win a contest at work an on the 14th, Aidan and Pat will head down to FedEx field for the Redskins game!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

I promise Aidan won't be wearing a Black Hawks jersey to the Redskin game!!!  : )
And finally, a costume hint:  Aidan got the idea while we were at Ocracoke this summer. . .it is a he and he is historical!  Happy guessing!!


Anonymous said...

Blackbeard the Pirate.

Shelly said...

Meanwhile back at the ranch...been reading Hank the Cowdog???

Anonymous said...

I quite like the Blackhawks jersey:)

Joy said...

Hope Pat's ankle feels better soon. I am impressed with the home work system. Aidan way to go with getting 4 stars!

Jenna said...

Hi My name is Jenna
Aidan is a handsome prince, cute blessing, special earthly angel, and precious gift and miracle. I love hockey! What leauge is the Redskins in AHL? Is it an NHL's farm team, cause that usually men they are in the ahl.
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