Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, October 28, 2012

So Much To Say!

Where do I begin!  So much going on. . .

Aidan went to the dentist a week or so ago.  Clean check up!  He still hasn't lost any teeth, but the dentist assured him that within the next six months it will begin to happen.  Maybe sooner.  He also said his middle bottom right tooth is a little loose. . .I can't tell, but okay.  We'll go with that!  It made Aidan happier.  He is about the last one of his friends to lose any teeth.  AND, his jaw has definitely grown so his little tiny teeth look little and tiny!  (Personally, I can wait.  I'm not looking forward to losing another little piece of my baby!)

Aidan is finishing up his first quarter of school.  He has been doing really good.  He is settling in and becoming rather helpful with his fellow students.  That's the Aidan I know!!!  : )  The homework is a little crazy, though.  We have something to do every night.  The thing about that is that if we have an sporting event to go to, we get a little behind which means we have to double up the next day.  For example, today we have three days of reading to do.  So NOT going to let that happen again! 

We went to Pumpkinville last weekend finally.  The best part of that was that we got our final pumpkins for Halloween.  It was a little muddy and I guess I've had blinders on before because it just seemed really cheesy this year.  But, Aidan loved it!

Aidan and I have both gotten our flu shots.  I should have signed Pat up to come to my office for his, but I didn't think of it.  His office always does it for them but he's been out for over a month now due to his ankle.  The ankle is doing better.  The cast is off and therapy is helping tremendously.  We're hoping for a release to return to work around November 9th--boy is he happy he is off right now with that storm coming!

Speaking of the storm: whoa.  I think we're about to get hammered.  Could get really ugly.  We're expecting lots of wind and lots of rain and we're not far from the rain snow line.  It is expected to be only a high temperature of 42 on Tuesday in D. C.  That could mean lower temps and possibly freezing precipitation here in Leesburg.  Fun.  We took our witches, ghost, haunted hedge monster and spiders down from outside and stored them, along with Aidans goal, in the garage to be brought out again after the storm passes.  I'm already tired of hearing about it and it hasn't even hit yet!!  Going to be a fun week. . .

Aidan had his end of season celebration for football at Chuck E. Cheese Thusday night (thus why we are now three days behind on homework).  Fun times for the boys!  They each got a medal shaped like a football with the team name and year engraved on the back.  I'll put it together for him with his team picture.  I can see these replacing the remaining stuffed animals on his top bookshelf. . .

Aidan continues to progress in hockey.  He has now scored in the last three games!  And today, he, along with his teammates, were passing to each other really well!  Way to go Wolves!!!  I took the camera with me today to take pictures only to find out that the battery needed to be charged. . .boo!  However, I did take some video with my phone. . .  : ).. . And here is it!  Please ignore my annoying voice in the background. . .

Well, that's it for now.  I have GOT to get Aidan in to do some of that homework and then we're off to a birthday party.  The more we do now, the less we'll have to do later! 

See you on the flip side of this storm.  Stay safe and warm especially if you are in the path of this thing.  God Bless.

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sonflowerjax said...

I didn't realize we were both "out of husbands" due to strange injuries lately! :) I love hearing your hockey mama voice in the background! How fun to root on your son! I've been wondering if you guys got hit yet! Hoping it's not as bad as they are making it out to be! PS- we are going to stay over the night before the Russian Embassy Easter Celebration this coming year- yes, we are alreayd talking about it! Do you know if it is the same weekend as the Russian Orthodox Easter? If so, May 4th? Didn't know if you would know... :)