Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 times in 36 hours

Well.  2013 is shaping up to be just as busy as 2012 was! 

This past weekend, Aidan's hockey practice got back underway on Friday night after a two week break.  I think the boys were happy to be back together and on the ice.  They all looked happy and the coach kept them together as a team rather than doing stations with the other two teams practicing. 

Saturday, Aidan had his Skills class.  It was soooo crowded!!!  I don't think we will put him in the Spring Session but will again this Summer.  I saw him standing around for a good 15 minutes at the end of the class waiting his turn.  I just don't think he's getting what he needs out of that.  Next Fall we'll likely put him in a private lesson instead.  Or something.

Saturday evening, Aidan's school had a skating party at the ice house.  He had a blast skating with his friends, teachers and even the Principle was there!  There was an older girl who kept following Aidan, though.  Siren!!!! Of course, I think Aidan was teasing her a bit and trying to get her to follow him. . .little tease!!

And then Sunday morning found us back at the Ice House for Aidan's game. . .where he had some amazing passes an a couple of awesome assists!  He keeps getting closer to scoring again. . .it's hard right now because they are playing only the best of the best.  He has been practicing his top shelf and getting better at it all the time

So, if you were doing any mental calculations, yes, that was four times at the Ice House in 36 hours!

And we still found time to go to Costco on Saturday morning AND host a football party on Sunday afternoon! 


At Costco, we found the sectional we want for the Basement Rec Room.  I am pretty sure we're going back this weekend to buy it!  We're pretty excited about it. . .SO excited to get rid of the horrible stuff we have down there, too!!!  I'll post pictures when it's in. . .

Sunday's Redskin game started out good but, as I'm sure you all are aware, turne into a fiasco.  We are all hoping and praying the ridiculous decisions the two Shanahans made did not ruin RGIII's career.  We had such hope for him and our team!  But, I do have to say, that is the most football we have watched in years!  We have gotten into the habit of turning it off sometime in early October, so that was fun to stay in there until January.

Speaking of football, I had the Ravens game on Sunday and Aidan saw Michael Orr and said, Mama, is that Michael Orr?  Yes.  Wow!!  He's real???  Yes, he is.  So, that is a real story??  (Meaning the movie, which he has seen most of, but not the scary stuff.)  Yes, Aidan, that is a real story.  Huh.  Do you think his Mama is there watching him?  I am sure of it, especially since this is a playoff game.  Yeah.  She probably still goes to all his games like you come to all mine.  : )  I love that kid!!  Aidan loves the story of Michael Orr but never quite understands when they go looking forMichael's Mama.  He always points to Sandra Bullock and says, "But THERE is Michael's Mama!"  Isn't he great????

Well, that's it for now. 

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