Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Doldrums

Not much happening these days.  We are working and going to school; going to hockey practice and going to hockey games.  Really, nothing is going on.  I think we have hit the Winter Doldrums.

Except that I feel incredibly tired.  I think it's in part because Pat has been on the 3 to 11 shift so all household and kid duties have fallen to me.  It's not a bad thing, just that it's so much nicer when they are shared.  And I think it's in part because I haven't recovered yet from Pat having the flu. . .that took a lot out of me!  : )  And I think it's just the blahness of winter. . .

Aidan's homework schedule has remained very busy and has actually even increased.  It now takes us about forty five minutes to an hour a day to do his homework.  He has to study his Quarterly Sight Words--read and write them and because I have noticed that he doesn't spell them correctly in his writing, even though he knows them, I have had him write two sentences each time using the Sight Words.  He also has a Math Sheet two times per week and then has to do this Quick Math Facts (sort of like a race: we deal out two numbers that he had to add and then subtract) for 5 minutes three times per week.  And then there is the Word Study activities:  3 sort and write and learn activities four times per week.  And he has to read two books to us every day, Sunday through Saturday which we then have to initial that it's been done.  It's crazy.  And I hear that each year gets progressively worse.  By third grade, they are telling the kids to do as much as they can each night.  But, if you don't complete it, you are then behind and have to do it on the weekend. . .sheesh!

I have been worried about the books he checks out at the library.  They aren't bad books and he is definitely interested in the subject: Firemen, Extreme Weather, Halloween, and Hockey--his favorite all time subjects!  :)  But, the level of reading is way above his level.  So, I had a talk with the School Librarian, whose daughter is in Aidan's class and is a Figure Skater so we see them all the time at the Ice House.  I told her of my concerns and asked for some suggestions.  And she sent home a stack of books for Aidan yesterday for him to read along with a wonderful note saying to let her know when he's ready for some new books.  How awesome is that???  I just love our community. . .

All in all, I think Aidan is doing really well in school.  I will see for sure in about a week when his report card comes.  I don't think there are any huge concerns other than the amount of homework and the desire to work hard at it on Aidan's part. . .totally normal for a boy his age, though.

We've begun talking lately about our summer plans.  I will be scheduling Aidan for three weeks of Hockey Camp on Friday.  Pat and I have been going back and forth about what we would like to do:  go to the beach, go to King's Dominion, go somewhere. . .or stay home and do a big home project instead.  I would LOVE to add a nice Screened Porch on the back of our house where our deck is now.  But, because of the cost, we wouldn't be able to do that and go away. . .I'm willing to sacrifice this year!  We COULD go to Virginia Beach for a long weekend. . .and possibly still go to King's Dominion, too. . . .we'll continue to discuss it, but we do need to make a decision soon.

Aidan is continuing to do really really well with hockey.  I have signed him up for the Spring House League.  Unfortunately, most of his little friends are moving up to the next level.  Aidan won't do that for two more years because of his age.  So, now we're actually thinking about letting try out for the Select Team where he would see more of his friends.  If he makes it, good.  If not, no big deal.  I'll need to decide that one soon although the try out is not until March 19th.  His coaches have said he is definitely ready for it.  We'll see.

And so, that's it.  Other than it is really really cold outside.  I mean like 10 degrees this morning. . .no fun!  Especially since we don't have any snow!!

Like I said:  We are in the Winter Doldrums. . .

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