Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Weekend Happenings

What a great weekend we've been having!  It's been busy, but not overly so.  Just about right on activity and rest time level.

On Friday, we went to Shenanigan's, a place we frequent on Monday's usually,and ordered the Steamed Spiced Shrimp.  I was a little hesitant about it.  The place has good food, but not awesome food.  And Steamed Spiced Shrimp is one of our favorites.  We have heard that it is really good so we decided to do it.  We ordered two pounds and shared it among us, a little less for Aidan who also had some Mac and Cheese.  And I am here to tell you that we will be going back there for this wonderful Shrimp!  It was perfect!  Just spicy enough and not a one was over or under cooked.  Perfect!  We do seafood on Fridays during Lent so this will be a great standby for us over the coming weeks.

On Saturday, I got the laundry caught up--you would think I didn't do any during the week with the amount that I have to do on Saturdays!!!  I changed the sheets and got everything cleaned up and put away.  The house was nice again.  In the afternoon, I got caught up with my Mom by phone while the boys went over to Ida Lee and swam for a couple of hours --indoor pool.  That evening we had dinner with friends.  Good times!  We discussed going to Europe, going on a Wine Tour and our desire to add a Screened in Porch.  Looks like we'll be having some fine times in the future with these friends. . .I think I need to start a Go to Europe/Screened in Porch Savings account though!

Speaking of the Screened in Porch, Maggie won't be able to do this once we build it!

That is a squirrel on the deck railing. . .Pat keeps feeding it and it comes around all the time!!  Drives Maggie nuts!!  : )

Sunday, we made it to church--woo hoo!!  Which reminds me that I ordered a couple of books to read with Aidan about Bible stories and Prayers which I hope will help him since we don't get to church as often as I'd like.  Anyway, I took Aidan to see "Escape From Planet Earth" in the afternoon.  Fun and very cute!!  I discovered that they sell a Kids Pack (probably not a big secret) with a smaller bag of popcorm and very small drink.  There are also some gummies attached to the popcorn bag.  Truthfully, it is really enough popcorn and drink for an adult so I now get it for myself as well as for Aidan!  It's a lot less expensive too.

Aidan discovered Angry Birds ths weekend on Pat's Kindle.  I think he is addicted.  I just love how he sits when he is playing it!

I have updated my books lately and now have printed my blog through the end of 2012.  Caught up!!  The most recent two are now on the coffee table.

It's simple to do this:  There are several options on how to order.  I like the hard bound, but it comes in soft bound too.  If you want to edit, you need to do so prior to going on the blog2print website.

Aidan has been working hard on his homework.  Thankfully, because this week is a short week, the hardest part of his homework--Word Study--will not be done. . .Praise the Lord and all of the Saints!!!!  Here he is hard at work last week on the Word Study homework:
I am telling you, this is the time consuming part.  There are anywhere between 10 and 20 words that have similarities.  They have to be sorted and then Aidan has to do three activites (he has a choice of 3 out of 9 activities each day) using the words and then on Thursdays he does a practice quiz on the words with a test in class on Fridays.  It's a good tool, but it takes about 45 minutes just for this part.  Then we usually have some Math, Reading and we have to study our Sight Words--read and write them--too. 

He does fun things in school, too, though.  He came home on Thursday with this beautiful piece! 
Isn't it gorgeous?  I love it.

On Friday, we received the Parks and Rec book of all activities for Spring and Summer Camps.  Pat and I had to laugh.  We had not even thought about this as an option for Summer Camp for Aidan even though he is currently in CASA, which is run by the same people!  So, we are going to sign him up for Summer Camp.  It is offered in two week sessions and we will sign him up for two sessions.  The cost is phenominally low--so much less than Winwood!!!  So, once that is done, we will have Aidan set up and paid for 8 of his 12 weeks of Summer Vacation: 3 weeks of Hockey Camp, 4 weeks at Ida Lee Camp and 1 week of vacation at the beach.  Ida Lee Summer Camp includes pool time, Art activities, reading activities, games, exploring and then a feild trip to the outdoor Water Park here in Leesburg.  So much fun for him!!  And I am really excited that all but four weeks, which will be at Winwood, will now be paid for.  That's going to make the Summer Budget stretch even farther than usual. . .hmmmm, perhaps that Europe/Screened In Porch account is doable afterall!

A little update on my Weight Watchers progress:  As of last Monday, I was down 6.6 pounds and had 5.2 to go to goal.  I'm not going tonight, but believe I would be down about another pound.  I am amazed it has continued to go so well.  Was I really eating that badly before???  Probably.  Anyways, tonight I'm not going becuase we're going to take Aidan skating up at Reston and then have an early dinner at the Mexican Restuarant up there.  So not going to weigh in after Mexican Food--no matter how good I am!!  : )  Anyway, it will be fine and I'll still be down next week.  I hope!

And so, now I need to get going to get these boys fed and clothed so we can get our day going.  Going to be a bright sunshiny day. . .but cold still.  What weird weather we have had this winter!

Have a great President's Day and coming week!


Joy said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend. Like you I am so excited about the summer. I LOVE his heart. It is so sweet.

sonflowerjax said...

Such a cute heart project! And we do word study too. I spare the parents and make it daily morning work. Im a nice teacher like that. ;) ...sidenote. ..I got the Embassy party invite. We are a go! ...well if Greg can get off that is. We are going to make it an overnight trip any maybe do the zoo in the morning. Are you going?