Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Skating with Friends

What follows are several pictures of Aidan and his friend Jack skating at the outdoor rink in Reston last Monday.  They had a blast and skated for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours!  And actually, Pat and I were not bored at all watching them the entire time.  It was fun to watch them have fun together. 
Aidan is in black and starts out wearing his helmet--which he took off, with misgivings from Mama and then later wanted back--and Jack is wearing the grey jersey from their hockey team.  Jack will be 9 in June and Aidan will be 7 in May. . .you be the judge. . .is Aidan really big for his age or what?   : ) 

 What's with the tongue?  They both did it, too!!

Really working the turns and corners with crossovers.

We had a little competition for a while to see who could stop and spray snow higher up the boards!  They were both really impressive!

Getting some speed skating in. . .they only got talked to once by the rink employees.  We just told them to not knock anyone down.

You can see Jack with Aidan right next to him trying to get on the ice first after the zamboni cleaned it.  They wanted some fresh ice!!  And they got it!!  First on for some more speed skating!

These two had so much fun together.  And we just really enjoyed watching how happy they were.  We took a break about half way through for drinks at Clydes--hot chocolate and Sprite for the boys and then had dinner at Uncle Julios Mexican Cantina when they were tired and done with skating. . .for the moment.

But, seeing Aidan up close to one of his friends who is two years older prompted me to check and see about where he stacks up on the growth chart.  Aidan is 6, almost 7 (in May).  An average 6 year old boy is 45 inches tall and an average 7 year old boy is 48 inches tall.  Aidan is 50 inches tall as of December 31st.  An average 6 year old boy weighs 45 pounds and an average 7 year old boy weighs 50 pounds.  Aidan weighs 57 pounds as of the end of January.  I would say, this boy is off the charts.  And looking at that chart, Aidan is the height and weight of an average 8 year old boy.  Yep.  I would say he is going to be a very big boy!  It will be interesting to hear what the pediatrician says at his 7 year old check up.

And finally, I am very seriously considering taking myself off all of the Russian Adoption Facebook sites.  Unfriending myself, so to speak.  I keep getting caught up in all of the fear mongering that I read on these sites and I am tired to my core of that fear.  I don't want it to take root.  I will just skate away. . .

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