Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, April 22, 2013

Keep On Keeping On

Aidan's schedule has been keeping me incredibly busy lately.  He has hockey practice twice a week every other week and then once a week every other week.  His House League games are every Saturday afternoon and he has swimming lessons on Saturday mornings.  So, we are pretty much on the go non-stop on Saturdays.  Even with a 1:50 game time, we don't get home until almost 4:00.  Aidan pretty much just plays outside after that, except during dinner time.  Of course, he plays hockey in the driveway.  The boy would play hockey 24 hours a day if he could.

This week was supposed to be a one practice week.  However, we found out on Saturday that the Travel Team will have another tournament, in addition to the Memorial Day weekend tournament in Philly.  This one will be local--Laurel, Maryland and will be the first weekend of May.  So, the coach has scheduled a second practice for Wednesday evening.  He wants to practice in actual positions.  Alright then.

The Travel jerseys have been ordered and we should be getting them soon.  One red one and one white.  Add two more jerseys to find home for in Aidan's dresser!  Sheesh!!  The number of jerseys and socks we have!

His House League team is undefeated and in first place!  Aidan had his rotation as goalie this past weekend and he stopped more pucks than anyone else!  I'm glad that stint is over, though.  Makes me nervous when he is goalie!

 He shoots!  He scores!  And then he comes over to his Mama to smile for the camera!!  : )

Aidan in net. . .blocking pucks with ease.  And being protected by one of his friends who is also on the Travel Team.

This weekend was the Flower and Garden Festival.  Aidan and I walked down for a couple of hours yesterday and walked around for a bit.  We saw several neat ideas for the yard and bought some herbs for my herb garden.  I did discover that Aidan absolutely can not stand Lavender.  I love it, but he made the most hilarious gagging noises when I had him smell some soap.  It was a total and complete boy reaction!  So funny.

My dad leaves tomorrow for his trip to China.  He is going on a guided tour around the country and will be over there for three weeks.  This is really not a place I would like to go, but I guess it's on his bucket list.  I just wish the tensions in that part o the world were a little calmer.  He doesn't seem to have a back up plan on how to get out of there if things go south with North Korea.  But, he is excited to see things like the Great Wall and the Yangzte River.  Ok then!

My mom is going in today for a biopsy.  Her cancer is back.  She had had some pre-cancer cells a couple of years ago and we thought they had all been removed.  Maybe so.  I don't know.  She went last month for a check up and this time has actual lesions.  I had thought it was in the same area as before, but she was describing some preparations she had to do that don't really add up to the same area.  So, I'm not really sure what's going on.  My sisters and I are very worried, though.  We really really wish she was still seeing the Oncologist in Chicago that she had had previously.  We trusted him.  All we can do is pray right now. 

Finally, Aidan's teacher has been so wonderful with him this year.  He is doing well in school and continues to progress with his reading.  She agreed to send his weekly Word Sort homework home on Fridays so we can start it on Sunday afternoons because of hockey practice.  I didn't want him getting behind.  This has been great!  We get  couple of days of his homework done on Sundays and the stress and tension is almost completely removed.  We still do daily reading and work on his Quarterly Sight Words each day, but those are quick.  The Word Sort homework is the time consuming part.  I just love his teacher.  We're going to miss her next year!

That's about it.  Not much else going on.  We just keep on keeping on!

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Shelly said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news about your mom. I will be praying that her doctor has wisdom to find a solution. 1Peter 2:24!! So, your dad is going to China by himself?? And I can't believe how those "little" hockey players look like exact images of "big" hockey players! Hockey isn't a big thing around here (maybe because we don't have ice! LOL), so I've never seen little guys all dressed up in their uniforms! Sounds like Aidan is quite a player!