Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little Tidbits of our Lives

The intensity of this Travel Hockey team is amazing. . .and a bit overwhelming.  I have to admit that I was pretty stunned to see how the practice stepped WAY up from the House League.  And Aidan, truth be known, has been feeling a bit intimidated. 

To put it into perspective for you, kind reader, have you see the movie "The Mighty Ducks"?  Okay, so imagine the Hawks. . .skating in a circle with the sticks toward the center of the circle. . .or skating crossovers with every one perfectly evenly spaced and going at great speeds, but the same speed as each other.  Everyone is dressed the same and they are saying things.  Only, and thankfully, it's not "Win! Win! Win! Win!"  It's things like, "Put the puck in the Money Box!" or "Stay out of the Danger Zone!"  You'll have to ask Aidan what that all means.  I'm clueless.

There isn't anything at all malicious, like with the Hawks in "The Mighty Ducks" but the coach can be heard saying over and over again "This is Travel Hockey!  This is not the House League!"  Whew!  As if we hadn't figured that one out yet!

About half way through the last practice, just when I was feeling terrible for putting Aidan into this situation, something happened and his confidence level soared!!  He put the puck in the net "deking out the goalie, mama!!"  Okay then.  And then, during the practice scrimmage during the last 25 minutes, the coach kept stopping the play and asking players "Where's my Left Winger?" or "Where's my Defenseman?" and a little boy would skate across the ice from where he was to where he was supposed to be.  But, then, the coach would call out "Good Job!" to every boy who was in the right place. . .Aidan always was and I could see his shoulders lift a little higher with each "Good Job!"  And actually, the third time, the coach made a big point of saying Aidan was playing very very good and that he is awesome at staying where he is supposed to and being ready for the puck.  Big grin on my kiddos face after that one!  And big sigh of relief from his Mama. 

Maybe this will be okay afterall.

I'll try to get film at the next practice. . .if I can relax enough to film it, that is!  As you can see from this picture, I'm a bit nervous watching these practices.  Can you say blurry???

Meanwhile, I bought Aidan some new sneakers.  I need sunglasses when he wears them!  Even on cloudy days!

Aidan is doing some household chores now, too.  He has decided he wants to do the dishes and volunteers to do them most nights.  He is so insistent about it that he gets upset if I say I need to do them (good china days).  He is meticulous and spends a great deal of time organizing the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. 
Hilarious kiddo!!

And now that we have gone from snow and winter coats last week to everything is blooming and we're wearing shorts and flip flops because it is 90 degrees outside, Aidan has been spending more and more time outside.  Which means he is looking for new and more fun adventures. . .like riding his bike at break neck speeds and then falling off and getting the worst road rash I've seen since I was a kid!! 
I know he's a little boy, but this was his first experience with road rash.  It hurts me to look at it.  : (  He'll be fine.  In fact, he already is.  I guess I can't pad him up for everything. . .I guess that's why I like the hockey thing. . .pads all over his little body! 

And that's it.  Hope you have a great rest of the week.  Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather!!  Especially the Cherry Blossoms. . .which will be gone before you know it!


Shelly said...

So awesome to know that Aidan is getting his confidence about playing with the "big" boys! I say train those boys up to do domestic duties without them giving it a second thought! His wife will LOVE you! LOL

sonflowerjax said...

I was thinking the same thing! You are raising a wonderful future husband! :) And, love the new picture at the top! ...Landon asks to see Aidan skate. :)