Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Forever a Family

Incredibly, it was five years ago today that we became a family of three. 

It was a very cold day in Krasnoyarsk.  There were some flurries and clouds scudding across the sky.  We went out to breakfast and stopped at the store for our daily rations on the way back to the hotel.  Except this time, we added baby food and some juices.  When we got back, we packed up our little room with it's two single beds and moved down the hall to a two room suite with a bigger bed and a crib.  We unpacked into our new home where we would bring our baby and then live for a few days.  It was nice to have more space and actually sit on a couch again to watch TV.  AND there was a separate desk area where we could set up the laptop.  Luxury. 

Late in the afternoon, we met up with our traveling partners, the Jergers, and waited in the lobby to be picked up by Yelena and Serge for our final drive to Sosnovoborsk.  We brought along clothes for the children and gifts for the workers at the Baby Home.  Aidan's outfit consisted of jeans, a thick shirt, socks, snow pants, jacket, boots, hat and gloves. 

When we arrived, the clothes were taken from us and we were taken on a tour of the rooms where our children had been living.  We were shown the play area (so this is the real play area!  Not the Music Room!) and Aidan's locker where his meager possessions were stored.  His possessions consisted of Tigger and a book with pictures of us in it.  That was it.  All we had brought him on Trip #1.

Then we were taken into the crib room.  30 cribs lined up in rows.  I was shown Aidan's crib and my heart just melted thinking about my baby boy laying in this place.  I was assured that he had not been left crying.  I try to believe that.

Then we were walked up the stairs and to the Music Room.  Down the hall and through the door and I saw my little man. 

 I could see immediately that he was confused and a bit bewildered.  I know he had absolutely no idea of what was going on.  So I went over to help him put on his coat and he backed up to me as he usually did to sit down. 
 Once we were ready, we headed outside and got a picture of the three of us and Galina, the Director at the Baby Home, by the door we always went in and out of.  Aidan was none too pleased. 
 And then we were off.  We left Sosnovoborsk for the last time, probably never to return.  And we headed off to Krasnoyarsk and to the rest of our lives together as a family of three.

And now we have this beautiful boy who is confident, smart, athletic and the most kind and loving creature.  Thanks be to God he has filled my arms and my heart with joy and love.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what LOVE can do... look at he light in his eyes!!

sonflowerjax said...

5!!! Ah!! Congratulations!!! Held back happy tears. :) such an amazing change!!

Shelly said...

What a milestone!! It's amazing how it seems like just yesterday we were there too!

Melissa said...

Great story. He has changed so much. I love the new photo of him skating. He looks so happy and carefree!

Sherry said...

Happy 5th family-versary!!