Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, September 2, 2013

The End of Summer and The Beginning of New Things!

So this is it.  The last day of summer break for Aidan.  We've had a lot of lasts this past week. 

This was Aidan's last week at Cold Rush. His last early early Wednesday morning.   I know it won't be his last time with Cold Rush--I want to do it again, Mama!!  could be heard the rest of the week.  But, Aidan wasn't last in anything at Cold Rush this Wednesday.  He was first in all of the foot races and in all of the jumps.  He did so well, I could tell all of the instructors were very pleased with his progress.  And progress he did indeed! I was a very very proud mama sitting in the stands watching my little man.  Here's a little taste of what they did.

It started really fun.  Game time with these really large balls that looked like giant tennis balls.  What Maggie would do if she saw these!!  : )

And then they had to do a couple of skills with the balls:
The second one was hilarious!

And then they had some races.  Over and over.  So many times, I could see the skaters were tired.  And yet my Aidan kept coming in first!  He has gotten so fast with the Push Position work. . .

And then they did some fast skating with small turns and jumps.
And backwards too. . .

This was also the last week of Hockey Camp.  I have to say, I was amazed and surprised at how Aidan was skating and shooting when I picked him up on Friday.  He has really improved a lot this summer. 

Hockey Camp was funny.  They said they could provide Before Care, which we did need, but only for two days.  But, then when I checked him in on Monday, the story was different.  It seems that the Figure Skating Camp does all of the Before Care but they don't have camp the last week of summer.  But, the Director of the Hockey program stepped up and found someone to be there for Aidan. The thing about this is that you really never know who these people are going to be.  And I have to say, I was a little nervous about it.  So, it was a very happy surprise to find out on Tuesday morning that the boy watching Aidan was Tyler!!!  Whom Aidan has been skating with all Summer at Cold Rush.  Yeah Tyler!!

And, another added surprise, was that Aidan was also with Coach Joe.  Coach Joe worked with Aidan two years ago when he was in Mini Mites.  He told me he was absolutely amazed at Aidan's progress.  I worked it out and Aidan was able to do a Free Skate and a Stick and Shoot on Sunday with Coach Joe. . .and Daddy!!!

Another really cool thing that happened was on Monday.  I had put Aidan in the wrong locker room by accident, but it turned out to be a happy accident.  Jeff Halpern (NHL player!!) was there, on the ice.  When I was leaving, I saw Aidan watching him skate and do all of the same drills he has been doing at Cold Rush.  Including the Metronome drill.  I also saw Mr. Halpern skate by and smile at Aidan a couple of times.  Smiling, I went on my way to work.  Later, I listened to my starry eyed son chitter chatter nonstop about Jeff Halpern this and that!  Apparently, Aidan had gone back in the locker room and Mr. Halpern came in and sat next to him and they talked hockey for a bit.  My boy was hero worhiping Mr. Halpern all week!!  He really is a nice guy.  Wish I had thought to get a picture of Aidan watching him. . .it was soooo cute!

On Thursday, I went to Aidan's school, found his new room and met his new teacher.  Mrs. Fuller seems very nice.  If she is even half as good as Ms. Jenkins, we will be very blessed indeed. 

Our new cleaners started on Friday.  There is a slight learning curve for the way I like the floors done.  But, other than that, they were great!  I think our shower is cleaner than it's been in a long while.

And the porch is coming along.  The roof is done!!  I'm hoping the next couple of weeks will finish it off. . .then we can move on to the patio!!  Woo Hoo!

And so, with that, we turn to some new beginnings: 

School starts tomorrow with the fresh new promise of all kinds of new things to learn; new friends to make; and new shoes and clothes to wear.

And a new season of hockey begins on Friday.

It's going to be a great new year!!

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