Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to School Night, Hard Hats and Lost Teeth

Back to School night for Aidan's grade at his school was last Tuesday.  I went and was so pleasantly surprised!  Aidan is doing great.  His teacher loves him, and I think the feeling is mutual.  He is doing wonderfully all around with his studies.  He is working hard and he is progressing.  But, the biggest surprise was on the behavior incentives.  Aidan is doing the best in his class on behavior and citizenship.  In fact, he is becoming a leader among his classmates, helping them out and being someone they can look to.  I was, and am, soooo proud of my little man! 

Outside of school, Aidan is continuing to do well in football.  However, he continues to be reluctant at best about it.  His coach doesn't help much.  He awards stickers to the kids who have big plays.  Last Saturday, Aidan caused a fumble which resulted in a touchdown for his team.  He did not get a Big Play sticker.  And he was not happy about it.  Neither was his Mama.  Not liking that at all!

But, in hockey, Aidan had his turn as Goalie last weekend.  He loves being Goalie!  Me, not so much.  But, he I really good at it.  There were 38 shots on goal by the other team.   Sheesh.  Aidan's team lost by 4, but the coach made a big deal about saying it would have been a blow out if not for Aidan's skill.  He may be called upon to do it again.  Oh man. . .I guess I should be happy that Aidan is a good all around hockey player!

At this game, the coach also implemented a reward system.  Each week, the player who has the biggest game will be award a Hard Hat and the players number will be put on the hat.  All the numbers will stay on the hat through out the season, too.  So, Aidan got awarded the hat first.  He was so proud!  So, was I.  : )

The mouthguard in that picture brings me to his teeth. . .

On Sunday night, Aidan was trying to tighten a little rope bracelet thing he has and was using his teeth.  We were in his bathroom getting ready to brush teeth an prepare for bed.  All of a sudden I heard a ping ping ping!  And I looked at Aidan.  His mouth was open, and there was a little bit of blood where his lower middle tooth had been and he had the look of surprise mixed with a little bit of tears on his face.  He had the tooth in his hand and I just laughed and said, Well, I guess the tooth fairy is coming back tonight!  That little tooth was coming out--there was no root left-it was just hanging on by the skin!

And so, now he has lost two teeth in two weeks!  The upper two are next I guess!  : /

Aidan's lessons are going really well, too.  Coach Troy has been using Aidan as an example for the other boys, which is cool and he is challenging him as well.  And the best part is, Aidan is loving it. 

That's it for now.

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Joy said...

I love the toothless picture. I am glad to hear that hockey is still his number one sport...GO CAPS!