Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Giving Thanks

We are now winding up a nice long weekend. . .Aidan and I are on our fifth day off from school and work.  We have been busy and have been having some fun! 

The weather this week turned more wintry than late fall.  It was nice in some ways, especially since we got lucky and didn't get a bunch of snow.  We had some very cold weather and some flurries and cold rain. Just right to make it feel holidayish. . .is that a word???

Anyway. . .

Aidan and I were off starting on Wednesday.  We spent the day doing some prep work and some cooking for the big meal to come.  We made our pie and our dressing and we got the bird into the brine.  We set the table and double checked the silver to be sure it wasn't tarnished (yeah me who cleaned it all last Spring--the last time we used it!!)  We had a blast getting things done.  Daddy had to work, so we put on some holiday (not yet Christmas, though) music and bopped around preparing!

Aidan was incredibly helpful with everything.  In fact, I think I'll be having him help more and more for these big holiday meals.  It was really a lot of fun cooking with him and just talking about whatever came to mind while we worked. 

That evening, we went out to dinner with friends--a nearly thirty year tradition of going out with these friends the night before Thanksgiving!! and then came home and went into the basement to rest up and relax.  Aidan has been given the Goalie pads for his House League team so he wanted to practice some.  We did the leg pads and a mini practice while we watched TV. ..


If you look closely, the movie that is on is Miracle. . .I think it's Aidan's favorite!  : )

Thanksgiving dawned very, very cold.  In fact, it was only about 30 degrees for a high.  Pat had to work again so I got the bird into the oven on my own (really big bird this year!)  and then Aidan helped me get things finalized before heading outside to play. 

Of course, even though we were about to have a ginormous meal, Aidan and his buddy Zach still wanted lunch. . .hot dogs, of course!!
 But we survived and managed to make it until Daddy got home.  Our guests arrived, everyone snacked a bit on some cheese and fruit while sipping drinks by the fire.  And then it was time to carve the bird and sit down to our dinner. . .
Mosby wanted some, but he didn't get any. . .this time!

It was a thoroughly wonderful meal and perfect day spent with our family: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt B and UB and us three.  Perfect!!!

Somehow, as careful as I was, I still did about 4 loads in the dishwasher and a couple sink loads of glasses.  But, it all got done: eaten, packed up and sent to various homes or our frig, cleaned up, and put back away until next time. 

What a wonderful day!!

On Friday, after doing a few loads of laundry, some online Christmas shopping and making sure the house was ready for our housecleaner (yes, I said that), Aidan and I headed out to the theatre to meet up with friends for a movie.  We saw Frozen.  Oh my!  It was so good!!  We really enjoyed it.  It will likely be one we add to our permanent library of movies. . .

Yesterday, we did some more laundry (ever notice how the amount increases with the colder weather AND when you are home???  Yikes.)  And we also started bringing out some of our Christmas things. . .there are fewer weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year so it's time to turn our attention to the next holiday.  In fact, today is the first Sunday of Advent!  Oh my. . .

Anyway, in the afternoon, Aidan and I met some more friends up at Reston Town Center where the boys went skating at the outdoor rink.  Such fun!!  They were ready to go on the ice by 12:30. . .
And once out there, off they went!!

After about an hour, we took a break for some lunch and hot chocolate at Clyde's. . .
And then we headed back out to the ice. . .where Aidan waited for a bit for the Zam to come on and clean the ice so he could skate on clean ice. . .which he loves to do!
We headed home late in the afternoon and then spent about another hour visiting with our friends. . . and Aidan and Ian played with the hockey stuff. . .
I know you're jealous about the goal in my Rec Room. . .it's okay.  I understand your jealousy. . .

The boys gave new meaning to Hat Trick!!!
After dinner, we just hung out watching a Christmas movie and catching up on ironing (me) or shooting our nerf gun (Aidan).  And then realizing (belatedly) that the Caps were playing, watched the last two periods of that game where they pulled off a bit of a miracle win!!
And now, it's Sunday.  Steopa the elf has arrived (Aidan's not up yet, though) and our Advent Calendar has been filled and put up.  We're going to go to the late church service (no hockey today!) and then go see some old friends for drinks after.  Later today is Aidan's House League Christmas party at King Pinz and then we'll come home and put up our tree. . .we won't decorate it until later in the week, but it will be put together today.
And so, my friends, that's what we have been up to.  And I am thankful for it all.  In the midst of all this crazy busy activity, I pause to smile and be thankful for all of the wonderful things going on in our lives.  We are so very blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Joy said...

Oh how I have missed reading your blog. I can not wait to take Anna and Hans to see Frozen. It does look like a pretty good movie. We have to make plans to get together this spring/summer.