Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, December 23, 2013

Never a Dull Moment!

Oh my goodness!!  We have not stopped this entire week!!  And now I'm hoping for a quiet day. . .hope. . .hope. . .hope. . .

What have we been up to, you ask?  Well, in addition to the last week of school and work before break, finishing up shopping for Christmas, wrapping, shipping, laundry and constantly tidying up, we have also had our nights filled with hockey and more hockey!

Sunday, Aidan had practice for his travel team followed by his House League team game, which they won.  Monday was his usual lesson with Coach Troy.  Tuesday was a free day, relatively speaking!  I used it to wrap gifts, catch up on laundry and do some ironing. . .

Wednesday we headed back to the Ice House for a surprise visit from a Caps player!  So much fun!  The kids did stations and a scrimmage with Casey Wellman (#48).  He was so good with the boys, too.  He laughed and played with the boys the whole time.  Really nice. 

And then, afterward, he signed autographs for the boys.  That was cute, too.  Aidan brought his hat that has several Caps signatures on it and Casey took one look and said, "Wow!  You have a lot of signatures here.  Wow!  You have his signature?  and his?  and his?"  And then he signed the hat, too.  But, the cute thing was that he was in awe of the signatures that his was joining!    : )

Thursday, we were back at the Ice House for a game.  Our A1 boys played our A2 boys for a league sponsored game.  Aidan's team won, 15-2.  And Aidan scored and made some really good plays.  He has some work to do, though.  It seems like he has lost some of what he had gained over the summer.  But, it will come back, I'm sure.  The important thing is, he's having a lot of fun!

Friday was Aidan's normal House League practice.  But, because there are no games this weekend and the boys will now be off until the beginning of January for the House League, the coaches set up two scrimmages on the ice and split the teams up to just play and have fun.  And they did have a lot of fun!  I could hear them chattering and laughing the entire time!  So cute!!
Daddy didn't make this one, though.  He joined several friends and went out to Winchester to pay his respects to a friend of ours who passed last week.  It was quite sudden.  He and his wife went to bed Friday night and when she woke up in the morning, he was gone.  They think it was either a heart attack or an aneurysm.  He was 49. 
And that has caused Pat and I to think again about getting our will done.  I can't believe we have put it off for so long!
The funeral was yesterday.  But, we didn't go to that.  Aidan had one more big hockey day for the week. . .
His two travel teams played a scrimmage at the Verizon Center!!!!  So cool!!!!  The coach split and mixed the teams up (it's supposed to be a fun day. . .see above score. . .that would not make it fun for a group of boys. . .)  So, Aidan was on the Red team and the boys were all announced as they came on the ice.  Then, Aidan made the first goal. . .So cool to hear the announcer say, Score for the Red Team. . .#5. . .Aidan. . .Harrison!!!  : )  Mama was proud. . .
And Slapshot was there, too!!

After the scrimmage, we went to Carmine's for a team dinner and gift exchange.  The boys were given numbers and then they went up to the table where the gifts were to pick one.  Aidan's is a Tshirt that has a hockey stick on it and says "Fear the Stick".  He loves it!!
After dinner, we went back to Verizon Center for the Caps game where we sat in the nosebleeds. . .still very fun, though!  But, Aidan scored huge as a friend of his had an extra ticket down low--4 rows off the ice!!  He was down there front and center watching his favorite boys play his favorite game.  So fun!!!
And now, I need to get to work power wrapping and preparing my grocery list for our Christmas dinner. . .yikes!!!!  I'm sooooo behind!  : )  But it will all get done. . .
Merry Christmas, y'all!!

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