Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, December 30, 2013

End of 2013

Well, here we are ending another year and getting ready to begin a new one.  This has been a fun, crazy, hectic year for the Harrison family.  We've done a lot of running around because of Aidan's hockey.  We've loved it and know that we're going to be stepping it up each year from here on out.  The good news is that Aidan absolutely loves it.  He can't get enough of it. . .

We had a lovely and wonderful Christmas with family.  I feel a little hazy on some things because we were so crazy during December.  But, it all came together nicely.

On the 23rd, I took Aidan and one of his hockey buddies to see the new Hobbit movie.  Oh my.  So not like the first one!  This one was definitely PG13.  Aidan got so scared about half way through we had to leave early.  I was sad about that because he had love the first one so much! 

So, I took the two boys with me to Wegman's to do our final Christmas dinner shopping.  Once inside and working on getting what I needed, I suddenly realized I was at the grocery store on one of the busiest shopping days with two 7 year old boys!!!  What was I thinking???

We survived. . .barely.

On Christmas Eve, I took Aidan to a Stick and Shoot at the Ice House.  He had fun, of course.  But, then we came home where I scrambled around finishing up the remainder of everything I needed to do to get ready for Christmas.  It all got done, of course!  And Aidan and I were still able to have some quiet Mommy and Aidan time, too!

Although Pat had to work the 3-11 shift, he was able to come home for dinner and he also came back for the traditional reading of Twas the Night before Christmas, hanging of the stockings and putting out of the goodies for Santa.  After the Baby Jesus was brought out, it was off to bed.


Every year, Aidan has slept in on Christmas morning.  To the point where Pat and I have asked each other if we should go and wake him up!  Not this year!  6:45. . .Aidan was up and ready to find out what was under the tree!!  I had barely had enough time to brew some coffee and get a fire going!

But we were ready. . .

As you can see, the big gift this year was a new bike!!!  Which Aidan loves. . .

But, he got a new stick, too.  Of course.

And I gave the boys a new Duck Dynasty video. . .which they also loved!!
And, as you can see, the hockey gear was not confined to the stick!!

Family arrived later in the day and all was chaos and fun. . .we had some great company, good food and then we retired to the Man Cave to pretend we were still awake.  : )

We had a day off on the 26th and then we headed out for Aidan's three day hockey tournament.  It was called the Crabtown Showdown and was so much fun!!!  The boys won games 1 and 2 and did really well in the Olympics portion of the tournament.  Then game 3 they lost. . .the team they played, played down a division.  It wasn't a blow out and the boys could have probably played better.  But, they were tired and sluggish.  Lesson learned for this mama is to make sure Aidan gets plenty of rest and better food to eat on a more regular basis!! 
The kids were all given these goofy Crab hats after the Olympic portion of the tournament.  So much fun was had with these hats!! 

The amazing part was that game 3 was played at the Brigade Sports Center at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.  How cool!!!  These boys played the Verizon Center on Saturday and the very next Saturday they played at the Naval Academy!!!

Game 4 ended in a tie and was an exciting game as it went back and forth the entire time. 

We finally headed home and are now just hanging out for a couple more days.  Thank goodness!!  Aidan and I go back to work and school on the 2nd and Pat heads back to work the evening before. 

And so, we end 2013 with a little rest coming our way.  Yeah!!!  But, not for long. . .hockey games are booked for both days this coming weekend. . .and I have projects planned to start up soon.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that your New Year will be bright, healthy and good to you.

Happy New Year!!

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