Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Bye February!!! Come on Spring!!!

This is it!  It's the last day of February!!!  Spring is almost here!!!

Okay, so it's cold outside.  Really cold.  Like 10 degrees.  So what?  It's really almost over!!

Since it's this cold, does that mean March is coming in like a Lion?  I'm alright with that as long as it goes out like a Lamb. . .

Anyway, back at the ranch.

Okay, our humble home here in Leesburg. . .

We've been busy this week--a week that the kids actually went to school every day and on time, too!!--but I digress. . .we've also completed our plans for summer.  Yeah!!!  Aidan is all scheduled for the whole summer now and all but two weeks are paid for.  So, now I can relax and think about something else.

But, before I shift my focus, let me tell you what he'll be up to!

He will go to Ida Lee camp for three weeks.  This is really fun.  They play a lot of basketball, tennis, run around, do crafts and go swimming every day.  And they will go to the AV Symington outdoor water park once each week!!  So fun!!He'll have a blast just like he did last year.

Then he will also go to three weeks of all day hockey camp and one week of half day camp where they will concentrate on Shooting to Score.  Two of those weeks, he'll be hanging out with his buddy Jake before camp.  He's so excited about that!

We will go to the beach for a week and Pat and Aidan will have a week off by themselves.  I think they are planning to go fishing or something.

That will leave two weeks.  These two weeks will be at Winwood.  Although he won't be thrilled, he'll still have fun.  They do a field trip once a week and they will have fun playing games and stuff.

And there you have it.  He's going to have a great summer!

But, meanwhile back here again. . .we're still dealing with winter.  But there was one more piece of hopeful news.  The same catalog that listed the summer camps for Ida Lee, had this beautiful reminder on the back:
Yes, my friends.  That is the announcement for the annual Flower & Garden Festival!  I love that Festival!!  I can't wait to go!!

Tonight is Aidan's final House League practice.  We're not doing House League this Spring and I'm pretty sure we won't be next Fall either.  He will be trying out for Power Play Selects for the Spring and will be on the Elite Team too.  And hopefully, he'll make Xtreme, which he is signed up for try outs at the end of May/Beginning of June.  So, this could be it for House League.  He has his Championship Game on Sunday--they will play #1 Black for first or second (They are currently #2.)  Should be a fun and exciting game.  He'll get a trophy or something.  I think.

But, the medal he loves most is the one he got after his last Select Travel Jamboree last Saturday.  They worked hard and played well.  And he had to do what he saw the Olympians doing:
Funny kiddo!!

It's going to be strange tomorrow to not be rushing off to a hockey game!  I might actually get some things done around here!

That's about it.  Have a great weekend.  Think Spring!

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