Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, February 23, 2014


February is a transitional month to me.  First, and I'm sure I've said this before, it is the longest short month in the history of the world.  Spring is so close.  And yet still so far away!  February comes in second to August as my least favorite month of the year.  I'm ready to move on already!!

But, one February, six years ago, ended with the biggest high note ever.  Of course it would land on February 29th, so I only get to recognize that date once every four years, but I will remember it forever as it is seared upon my heart.

That was the day we got THE call.  We were headed back to Russia to complete the process of our lives.  To become parents.  To bring home the most beautiful and special little baby boy ever.  In our eyes, of course.   And maybe in the eyes of a few other people as well.

That February I also started this blog.  I can't believe I have been blogging here for six years!  And some of you are still reading along with us about our lives. . .I hope I haven't bored you too much.  Truly.

Six years.  Such a short number of years, and yet what a change in our lives for the better!!

And here were are, another February coming to an end (finally!!!) and Spring and March are in the offing.  March 1 is my father-in-laws birthday.  I have always loved his birthday.  It signals the end of February and the beginning of the freshness to come.  Yeah Dad!!!  : )

Speaking of Spring. . .

We're completing our Summer plans today.  Aidan will be going to three Total Skills hockey camps plus a half day Shoot to Score camp.  So excited for him on that!!  And then he'll go to Ida Lee for three weeks, we'll head to Kitty Hawk for a week and he'll spend a week with Daddy.  That leaves two weeks where he'll likely go to Winwood. . .one less than last year!!

Aidan will also do Cold Rush one morning a week like last year.  He loved it!!  I'll sign him up for the ten pack and he'll get his speed back up there above and beyond anything you can imagine.  (He is still the fastest in Mites right now, but he can be faster.)

Other transitions are that the Select Travel Team has ended.  We'll still do an end of season party, but we are basically done.  The boys had a final Jamboree this weekend and did really really well.  I was so proud of Aidan.  He scored AND he played defensively even though he is a Winger.  He helped cover the goalie on several occasions.  So fun to watch!  And here are the Three Amigos.  So cute. . .

Today was the last regular House League game.  The boys have one more game next Sunday and then the season is over for them.  Aidan played Goalie today.  It's likely the last time he'll get to be Goalie as he is a Winger on his Travel Teams, and unless something happens, he will be on Travel teams from now on.

The Power Place Select tryouts are four weeks from Tuesday with practices beginning the following Tuesday.  And the Elite Team he will be on begins on April 12th.  So, we'll have three weeks without official team practices or games.  I'm not sure we'll know what to do with ourselves!!  Maybe we'll actually get some projects done. . .we have been pricing out the new countertops for the kitchen. . .

The sofas were finally delivered on Tuesday.  It was postponed due to the snow the week before.  But, they are here now and we LOVE them!  So glad we did this!!

And one final really really funny note.  Remember me telling you about the two little girls who have crushes on Aidan?  Well, turns out they are sisters.  But, wait there's more!  They are twins!!  OMG!!!  How hilarious is that????  Only Aidan. . . .

And that's it for our recent transitions. . .those in process and those to come.  And now I'll mosey into the kitchen to try making a cool recipe I found on Pioneer Woman's blog:  Queso Fundido!  Can't wait to try it!!

Have a great week!  Think Spring. . .even though the Arctic Vortex is coming back.  : /

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